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For registration of old-age pensions require the following documents :

  • statement (Fill form, the form of which is established at the legislative level);

Offer Download the finished blank for the purpose of the pension and also familiarize yourself with the rules for design.

  • identification ;
  • Help on labor benefit (salary) 5 years before the onset 01/01/2002;
  • Insurance certificate ;
  • employment history ;
  • additional documents (For example, a certificate of a disability group).

In case of changing the surname, it is important to submit the necessary confirmation documents.

When making a statement through the site of the PFR Should:

  1. Jump by reference "Submit an appointment of a pension" (only for registered users of the Public Services portal).
  2. Fill out mandatory fields with information about the nearest branch of the FIU.
  3. Specify the following information in the Applicant data tab:
  • sexuality;
  • date of birth;
  • Insurance certificate (SNILS);
  • Place of Birth;
  • address of the actual residence;
  • citizenship;
  • Passport details

For the possible communication of the staff of the FIU must be specified. Telephone number , and Email .

You can track the status of consideration of the application in the section " History of appeals "

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Just waiting for retirement it will not be enough, it is also necessary to properly approach the registration of a pension, because the list of documents is quite wide.

For those who are preparing to retire, there are certain requirements, this is age, as well as insurance experience and pension points.

Pension documents

In general, the documents are recommended for three months before the expected retirement date.

The first is, of course, the passport Simply because without a passport, in fact, it is impossible to make any legally significant thing.

The second significant document - employment history , in fact, reflecting all the labor activity of a citizen, information about employers, about periods of work and about the positions occupied. Moreover, all entries in labor must be confirmed by the relevant orders of the employer.

If the Pension Fund has any discrepancies or suspicion, he has the right to request copies of these orders.

The third document is SNILS . Previously, he looked like a green card with an individual number of the personal account, where contributions from the employer for the employee were listed.

Another document is statement With personal contact with the Pension Fund. The application form will give you an employee of the FIU, but the application can be submitted and without leaving the house.

This is a basic set of documents, but more often are required and additional, they include:

Military ID which will confirm the period of military service. It requires for those who are in the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Certificate In the event that the medical and social expertise recognized a person with a disabled person of a group.

Documents on the presence of dependents In the event that the future pensioner on dependency has, for example, minor children. In this case, a person relies an increased pension.

Often required Child birth certificate . He is provided with women who took care of child care.

Sometimes there is a need to provide Document confirming the change of personal data For example, a marriage certificate, when a woman after the marriage marriage took the surname of her husband.

Where and how to submit documents for pensions

Documents can be submitted directly into the territorial separation of the Pension Fund of your settlement.

It is also a very convenient way to submit documents via MFC, but still there is a third way to apply through a personal account on the Pension Fund website - link

It should be understood that after filing an electronic statement, you will receive an invitation to visit the Pension Fund, that is, it will still have to come in person with the originals of documents.

Enter the Personal Cabinet of the Pension Fund, you can account for the public services.

The pension fund has 10 days for consideration of your application. Sometimes, if not all documents are provided, or there are some inaccuracies, the application can be returned. In this case, you have three months to provide missing documents.

If you put in a three-month period, then the date of submission of documents will be considered the date of your initial appeal, this is important because the pension is appointed from the date of application.

Consultation of the pension lawyer by phone

In Moscow and the Moscow region.

8 (499) 938-69-44

St. Petersburg and region

8 (812) 467-31-78

Ask a question a lawyer

Having achieved a retirement age, each person is asked for a number of issues related to the design of the pension: where to contact and what documents are required. In our article, we will tell you in detail about all this!

Where to start registration of pensions in old age

What documents are needed for pension

First of all, a pension fund should be visited to confirm the achievement of retirement age or driving years. After presenting all the required documents, an application is issued, which is considered within 10 days. To save time, it is recommended to start collecting references in advance (a few months before retirement).

Where to apply for pension

To make a pension to make a pension to the subdivision of the Pension Fund at the place of residence or in case of impossibility, at the address of the actual residence. Recently, the most popular place, thanks to time saving and simplicity, is a multifunctional center, through which you can also apply for a pension.

The application may be submitted both by the citizen himself and the personal appeal of a representative who has confirming the powers of documents. In addition, the decoration of the pension can be made through the employer either using the Internet system by visiting the PFR website by clicking on the link to the personal account.

Terms of submission of the application

Submit paper to receive a pension permissible to achieve a certain age category, however, there is a limit - no earlier than one month before retirement (regulated by law). The application is seen from the moment of filing for 10 days in the case when there is a complete list of the required references. In the case of any missing paper is required in the next 3 months.

Kdokuments are needed for pension

The following documents are required for retirement:

  • application (the established form is filled);

It is recommended to fill in advance in order to prevent errors or blots.

  • Passport details;
  • certificate of labor benefit (salary) 5 years before the occurrence of 01/01/2002;
  • Reduss;
  • employment history;
  • Additional documents (for example, a certificate of disability group).

In case of changing the surname, it is important to submit the necessary confirmation documents.

Download documents

Pensions of pension

Pension payments are carried out from the moment of circulation of a citizen for their receipt. If the appeal was committed within 30 days From the moment of dismissal, the enrollment occurs from the next day after the termination of the employment contract.

Registration of pension online: Step-by-step instructions

Most convenient option for greater Parts The population is an electronic submission of the application (via the Internet), namely "Personal Account".

Step 1

Come on the link "Submit an appointment of a pension."

Access services have registered on the website of public services.

Step 2.

Fill out a mandatory field with information about the nearest (convenient) FIU.

This is necessary to automatically send an application to the specified authority.

Step 3.

In the Applicant Data tab, specify:

  • sexuality;
  • date of birth;
  • Insurance certificate (SNILS);
  • Place of Birth;
  • address of the actual residence;
  • citizenship;
  • Passport details

For the possible connection of the staff of the FIU, you must specify the mobile phone number (or stationary), as well as email.

With a relatively recently, the electronic feeding service appeared through an authorized trustee in the event of a citizen's incapacity or minority. In this case, choose the section "Territorial FIU Body".

  1. It should be selected a pension that should be accrued.
  2. We prescribe additional information (for example, there are dependents).
  3. We put the mark, confirming the completed data.
  4. Complete the decoration with the "Share Application" button.

To track the status of consideration of the application can be transferred to the section " History of appeals "

If the document package was assembled in advance, then a notification of the beginning of processing will come to the personal account, which means you will not have to visit the FIU.

If you found a mistake Please highlight the text fragment and click Ctrl + ENTER

Ctrl + ENTER

Hello, friends!

Sooner or later, for each of us, the time will come when we will be eligible for a deserved rest after many years of work. We can use this right, and we can continue to work further. But the fact that when performing certain requirements, a person has the right to cash payments is guaranteed by the state. There are different types of pensions. In the article we will analyze how to make a retirement by age, as it is the most common option.

It would be correct to write a "old-age pension." That is what it is called pension legislation. But my dad, for example, is offended by this term. He is 66 years old, he continues to work, go to a well-deserved rest is not going to, there are still many unrealized projects ahead. I am sure that such people have a lot. With respect to them, he replaced at the beginning of the article "Old age" on the "age." But then you still have to use the term accepted at the state level, so as not to confuse readers.

Consider what documents are needed to receive a pension, who should collect them, and where to apply for the purpose of payments.

Conditions for the accrual of pension

Pension appointment is applicable in our country. This means that while the person does not turn to the FIU, no payments will not be accrued. Therefore, it is important to find out the conditions in advance where you will receive the right to write an application for a state pension.

To whom and when the old-age pension is laid:

  1. Men 65 years old and women are 60 years old. This requirement will fully earn only after 4 years, i.e. since 2023. Until that time, age will increase gradually. There are categories of working, in which the numbers have a different meaning. For example, civil servants learned about retirement reform before others. For them, age increases to 65 (men) and 63 years old (women) since 2017. Or some citizens eligible for an early exit.
  2. Labor experience, which is differently called "insurance", in 2024 there must be at least 15 years. Today, it is still 10 years old, but every year will increase.
  3. Individual score - 30 for 2025. This is a special pension coefficient, which is calculated by the formula and depends on many factors: the experience, the amount of deductions, the dates for the pension. Today, its minimum is equal to 16.2 and it will gradually increase to 30.

I already mentioned that some categories of citizens retire early. The list of professions and industries that give such a right is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Where and when to start registration of a pension? A month before the alleged date, when you can already receive payments, your statement will be accessed in the Pension Fund. About how to file it and what to enable in the list of necessary documents, we will talk just below.

But I recommend starting the process earlier than 1 month before the planned pension. It may take time to receive confirmation references: requests to other cities, enterprises, archives.

You can independently see the correctness of the reflection of your work in your personal account in the FIU. If you have not yet started, then you must do it. You can use the data to enter the Public Services portal. In the office you will find all the information you are interested in: about the years, places of work occupied by posts. There is also calculated insurance experience and pension coefficient, there is information about the accumulative pension, if you were issued.

After reading, you will understand how to stop working for a penny on the unloved work and start living truly freely and with pleasure!

Already at this stage, you can identify inconsistencies or the absence of some periods of work in the work experience. Employees of the Pension Fund advise all citizens regardless of age on the documentary issues of the future pension. Contact them to help make up requests to correct existing records. If this is not done, then payments will be assigned on the basis of available information.

Required documents for registration

To submit an application for an old age pension, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents:

  1. Passport, residence permit and any other document that certifies your age, citizenship, place of residence.
  2. Documents confirming the fact of your work activities at specific enterprises, posts. In most cases, this is a labor book, as well as contracts, contracts, certificates, military ID, statements, etc. Special attention is paid to the correctness of their design. Documents should contain the number and date of issue, F. I. O. and the date of birth of the employee, information about the place, work period, position. The presence of printing and signature of the official is necessary.
  3. Information about the average monthly earnings until 2002. You can choose any option. Either take information from the personal account in the FIU for 2 years (2000-2001). If the incomes were small, or the work is unofficial, then you can request a wage certificate for any 60 months to 2002, but the following in a row.
  4. Documents confirming non-trap periods. This is the time that the worker has not deducted contributions to the FIU, but it is equal to the employment experience. For example, care for a small child, disabled person, older than 80 years old, service in the army, finding on the hospital and receiving unemployment benefits.
  5. Additional documents. For example, about the change in F. I. O. (certificate of marriage or its termination), about disabled family members on dependency, about work in harmful conditions, areas of the Far North, etc.

In most cases, all the information needed to accrual a pension is already contained on the personal account of the fee of contributions to the FIU. Therefore, a complete set of documents may be needed only if the future pensioner disagrees with the information available and wants to correct them, supplement. Therefore, it is necessary to start checking the entered data a few months before the expected pension.

Options for submission of documents

If you need a consultation of a specialist in collecting and paperwork for receiving a pension, the optimal submission site will be the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. It can be a territorial office at the place of registration, staying or actual residence.

Please note that for citizens who left abroad for permanent residence, the submission site is the main management of the FIU in Moscow.

If everything is clear with the documents, it is not necessary to personally visit the Fund's Department. You can use other ways:

  1. Personal account on the site of the FIU. There you are applying in electronic form. Originals of documents for presentation still have to be attributed directly to the department.
  2. MFC. Geographically, it can be convenient, but in the center may not advise on the sufficiency of the set of documents and the correctness of their design. Therefore, it may take more time.
  3. Through a trustee. For example, the future pensioner is located in a long passing business trip or treatment in the hospital. In this case, he should arrange a power of attorney for someone and be sure to assure it from a notary.

You can send documents by mail or through the employer.

Terms of consideration

After receiving the application from the applicant and all the necessary documents, the pension fund is given 10 days for their consideration. If any information is missing, then the future pensioner has 3 months to convey the missing reference. The date of the feed will be considered the date of granting the last document.

What the date will be considered the date of appeal to pension payments:

  • If they apply to the PFR office, then the day of reception by the employee of the statement of the statement;
  • If the application was sent by mail, then the date of the stamp on the envelope in the sender's separation;
  • if applied via MFC, then the date of acceptance of the application in the center;
  • If e-mail, the date of submission of an electronic statement.

Pension will be appointed from the date of acceptance of the application.


The procedure for registration of pension payments is simple. If you get acquainted with this question in advance at least 2 to 3 months, then the whole set of documents will already be assembled. It will be left to wait only 10 days that the Pension Fund appoints a pension.

If you are still far from reaching a well-deserved rest, then you get a habit once a year to look into your personal account on the FIU website and check the information made there. So you can avoid possible problems in the future. And even better to periodically evaluate your assets and consider how much you have already accumulated on your own pension. How many blog readers do it?

I started investing, unfortunately, only 40 years old. I hope everything will work out. Until one thought warms me. Even if I do not have time to accumulate retirement capital for the remaining 15 - 20 years, then I will have something to leave my children. And you?

In order to officially become a pensioner not enough to simply reach a certain age. It will take to collect a number of documents and confirmations for the appointment of state payments. In each case, the list may differ, but there is a specific list, without which no future pensioner will cost.

What documents are needed for registering a pension where they attribute them to and someone will tell Bobank.

To whom payments are prescribed

Pension - Monthly payments to citizens who have reached a certain, state-established age. In 2020, this period is 60.5 years old for men, and for women - 55.5 years. When the retirement time comes, the citizen is beginning to pay pension payments. At the same time, it can continue to work and receive wages from the employer. The requirements for retirement payments are:

  1. Every year there will be an increase in retirement, in 2020 it is 60.5 and 55.5 years.
  2. Insurance experience in pensioners by 2020 should not be less than 11 years. By 2024, this amount will rise to 15 years.
  3. Pension coefficient in 2020 - 18.6. Every year he grabs 2.4. By 2025, retirees should dial from 30 or more points.

Some citizens can retire early, conditions that differ from the main one have been developed for them.

Where design

You can make a pension at any convenient citizen time after it has arisen this right. But you can submit documents for accrual of payments no earlier than a month before the official entry into a well-deserved rest.

In 2020, for men, the deadline for submission of documents for pensions is 60.5 years, and for women - 55.5 years

Submit documents most convenient for you:

  1. In case of personal contact of the FIU office. The day of appeal is the day of accepting an application by the staff of the FIU.
  2. Sending documents by mail. In this case, the day of circulation is the date shown by mail when departure.
  3. Appeal to MFC. The Day of Appeals also consider the day of acceptance by the staff of the staff.
  4. Online in the Personal Account on the Pension Fund site or on the Public Services portal. The date of appeal to the pension corresponds to the day of submission of the application with documents through the system.

If a Russian left for another country to a permanent place of residence, then when reached the age and fulfillment of the terms of the FIU, he can contact the Pension Fund in Moscow. You can also arrange documents for the accrual of payments online in the Personal Account on the PFR website.

Submitting an application for pension payments can personally retiree or its representative. In addition, documents can be sent through the employer.

Set of documents for prescribing pension

To make a pension in Russia present the following list of documents:

Type of document Description
Identification Such a document can serve as citizenship of the Russian Federation. If a citizen moved to another country, he can provide a residence permit.
Confirmation periods of labor and non-persecutive terms in working activity All documents need to competently. They necessarily need to be indicated by the name, the date of the citizen, the number, date of issue. As well as grounds for issuing, signature authorized person and printing.
Average earnings document for 5 years until 2002 Take information on the highest income, even if for 2000-2001 the salary was below 1800 rubles.

Documents for pension accrual can be brought personally, and you can - through the employer

Additional pension securities may also be needed:

  • Certificates of the birth of children;
  • certificates of availability in the family of disabled members;
  • diploma of education;
  • certificates about changing the name;
  • military ID.

If you present not all the necessary documents, you will give a period of 3 months to provide missing securities. When submitting an application online on the website of the State Service or the FIU, it is not necessary to make an identity card, since for the passage of authorization you in any case will pass identification.

What time do you make accrual

In the department of the Pension Fund of Russia for consideration of the application and documents takes 10 days. After that, the citizen appoint pension payments. If a citizen not presented all references, then the pension is charged within 10 days from the moment the pensioner brought the missing document. At the same time, it must be submitted no later than in 3 months.

There are situations where some documents cannot give a pensioner into the hands. Then the FIU independently requests the necessary paper in organizations, and the pension is charged within 10 days from the date of receipt of the document.

In any case, the pension is charged not earlier than the day of appeal to payments. Only in one case can be charged earlier: if a citizen quit his job and appealed to the pension within 30 days.

What ways are paid

Pensioners receive monthly payments from the state in three ways:

  1. In Russian Post. Payments can be brought to the house or issue in the post office. Depending on the method of receiving money, a payment schedule is assigned. Given the delivery time can be increased. If a citizen was appointed a pension, he chose the receipt in the station at the place of residence and no longer comes for it for more than 6 months, payments suspend. To resume accrual, you need to contact the FIU and write a statement. Such a precautionary measure is observed so that in the event of the death of a pensioner or under other circumstances there was no abuse of government payments.
  2. Through the organization for the delivery of a pension. List of organizations that officially provide such services can be found in the FIU office.
  3. Through the bank. In a banking institution, retirement can be obtained in the department or on the card. Money will come to the account on the same day when the FIU lists funds to the bank. Cash money from the card at any time. Or you can use them for non-cash payments or when calculating the card. On our service you can choose a favorable offer of banks with interest accrual to the residue. If you often leave funds on the account, the bank will charge you the set percentage. You can also choose a map with large cachekom, free service and an Internet bank where you can pay utility services.

Choose a suitable pensioner card →

When choosing a pension delivery method or, when changing, apply the appropriate application to the FIU. For example, you have long received money in Russian Post Offices, and now you want it to be translated from Sberbank Card or any other bank at your discretion.

In 2020, the amount of fixed payment of the insurance pension - 5686.25 rubles.

Who approve early payments

In 2020, conditions have changed to be retired early:

Women who have already worked for more than 37 years can submit documents on the accrual of pensions before the retirement age comes

  1. Women with three and more children. If a woman has three children, she has the right to make pension payments 3 years earlier than the official term. Women with 4 children can retire 4 years earlier. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account annual changes in retirement. Insurance experience in the case of women should be at least 15 years.
  2. Big experience. Women who worked for 37 years, and men who worked for 42 years also have the right to retire before, but only for 2 years.
  3. Unemployed faces. Those citizens who do not have the opportunity to make a job officially begin pension payments 2 years ahead of retirement. But this is due to the period of adaptation of the retirement age.

The conditions for early retirement retirement for residents of the Far North and regions equated to them were not changed. Employers who carried out their activities in hazardous working conditions can early receive retirement. Pedagogues and medicine workers in the presence of a certain experience in 25 and 30 years, respectively. A man and a woman who have a child with disabilities, retire 5 years earlier than the official term.

To realize your right to an early retirement, first consult with the employee from the FIU. If he confirms the possibility of implementing such a right, proceed to the collection of documents. Application and list of necessary documents Send to the Pension Fund. The FIU will receive documents, will give you a receipt and starts consideration. Check documents thoroughly, as it often happens that in papers confirming the right to early pension, make mistakes and typos in the name, writing position. In this case, ask documents from the archive of the organization.

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Photo 408_3.

An old-age pension is, in fact, insurance monetary compensation paid due to the impossibility of carrying out the work function due to the occurrence of the age of disability.

The overwhelming majority of citizens of the Russian Federation enjoys their right to go to a well-deserved rest, But at the same time, how to make pension payments, what documents are needed for this and where few people go to know. These nuances are discussed in detail in this article.

Stages of decoration of old age pension

To begin, it should be mentioned about the requirements for a citizen to accrual an old-age insurance pension. These include:

  1. Achieving an employee of a certain age retirement.

In 2019, men who have reached the age of 60.5 years and women are 55.5 years old can claim for old-age cash payments.

  1. The presence of a sufficient number of pension points.

Pension points are accumulated throughout the entire period of the citizen. Their number directly depends on the amount of insurance premiums. This year (2019) the minimum required number of points for the receipt of the insurance pension is 14.

  1. A sufficient period of employment.

To obtain the insurance part of the pension, it is important to have a total period of employment for at least 10 years.

Important! In connection with the reforms carried out, the conditions for the appointment of pensions in Russia will be tightened, and the above requirements vary in the direction of increasing.

What documents are needed

The list of documents necessary for registration of the pension is quite wide, therefore, to take care of their collection and design should be in advance, approximately 3 months before the expected date of release on a well-deserved rest.

The following papers are required for the provision:

  1. Applicant passport.

This is the main document certifying. Without a passport, it is impossible to make practically no legally significant effect.

  1. Employment history.

This document is the main confirmation of the work of a citizen. Labor book indicates all information about employers, work periods, employee positions. Sometimes it happens that all records do not fit in the same form. In this case, the liner is drawn up into the labor book.

All entries contained in this document should be confirmed in the orders published by the employer. Their details are indicated in the employment record. The pension fund has the right to request copies of these orders to confirm the relevant information. This happens when discrepancies between the information specified in the employment record and the Data of the FIU.

  1. SNILS.

Green "Card" with the personal account number in the FIU, where insurance contributions for the employee were listed.

  1. Application for the appointment of pension.

In case of personal contact, the form is issued by the staff of the FIU.

Sample application:

Photo 408_2.

The above documents are mandatory when contacting the insurance pension for all categories of applicants. However, in some cases, additional papers may be required:

  1. Military ID.

Document confirming the period of military service. Provided by persons who stay (stayed) in the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

  1. Help on the establishment of disability.

This document, issued on the basis of the decision of the ITU, is filed by citizens recognized as disabled.

  1. Documents confirming the availability of dependents.

If dependents are on the content of the pensioner (for example, minors), then he has a higher pension.

  1. Certificate of birth of a child.

For the most part, women who were on child care leave are provided.

  1. Documents confirming the change of personal data.

For example, this document refers to a marriage testimony when a woman after his conclusion takes the surname of her husband.

Attention! Based on concrete circumstances, the FIU of Russia can request other documents that are not specified in this list, including within the framework of the interdepartmental interaction of government agencies.

Where they draw up where to apply

There are several ways to appeal to the appointment of an old age pension.

  1. Personal visit to the FIU.

A citizen who has the right to receive an old age pension is entitled to contact the Department of the FIU at his place of residence.

You can submit an application to the FIU and before the retirement date is on the onset, but not more than one month.

  1. Through a personal account on the PFR website.

In this case, the personal turnout with the original documents will be all the same.

  1. Via MFC.

Multifunctional centers located in every municipality of Russia have good accessibility and convenient hours of work, which involves the opportunity to take advantage of public services (including on issues related to the appointment of pension) in one place without visiting the relevant government agencies.

  1. Through a representative.

Documents can also file a representative of the applicant, but its powers must be confirmed and certified properly.

Also provides for the possibility of submitting documents by mail.


In accordance with the law, the term for consideration of the application for the appointment of an old-age pension is no more than 10 days. However, it should be borne in mind that it can be extended if, for example, the applicant provided an incomplete package of documents.

Reference! The ten-day period begins to flow from the moment of receipt of the documents by the staff of the FIU. If the application is applied through the IFC or by mail, then approximately 3 days should be added to this period, during which it will be delivered to the Pension Fund.

If the application was returned due to inaccuracies in the documents, then the citizen has 3 months to correct the shortcomings and submitting the application again. Only subject to the date of the date of the paper will be considered the date of the initial circulation.

The pension is assigned to a citizen from the moment of applying.


Citizen presented documents on January 20. Accordingly, the status of a pensioner will be assigned no earlier than the 30th. However, the pension will be paid from January, but not for the full month, and from the 20th day - the date of application.

Subtleties for registration in men and women

Men and women retire not at the same age. Representatives of strong sex become pensioners later, in 60.5 years, and women in 55.5. As a result of pension transformations, there were plans to compose the age of exit to a well-deserved rest to all citizens, but in the final editorial office of the reform it was found that The retirement age for men will be installed in 65 years, women in 60 years.

Of meaningful differences between the procedure for making a pension in men and women, with the exception of the age of appeal, no.

Armor pension

In Russia, individual categories of workers can count on early retirement. The grounds for such benefits are harmful working conditions, work in the regions of the Far North, largestness, etc. Also right to early retirement, state employees - health workers and teachers can take advantage.

Such preferential categories of citizens more than 30 and each of them has its own characteristics related to the calculation of the experience and grounds for the purpose of the content. Pension payments also implements the FIU, for which its address should provide a standard package of documents confirming the identity of the applicant, work experience, grounds for benefits.

Registration by proxy

If the future pensioner does not have the ability to deal with the issues of registration of pension payments personally, he can delegate these powers to a third party. However, this fact must be certified in the manner prescribed by law, that is, notarial power of attorney.

Important! Power of attorney can be made on an absolutely any person. The main condition is its full capacity.

In the document itself, you should specify the authority that the principal provides a trusted person. For example, this is submitted to the Pension Fund. You can also register the ability to collect various papers for the FIU, if the available package of documents is deficient.

Sample power of attorney:

Photo 408_1.

And finally, there are cases when establishing a fact that has a value for the accrual of a future pension is possible only through court. In this case, power of attorney must be given the authority related to the entity of the trustee affairs in the interests of the principal in the courts.

Registration of a power of attorney does not imply the transition to the right of disposal of the proximal person received by the funds, which directly occupied this issue.

Useful video

An even more information about the design of a pension by proxy Watching video:

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