How to attract buyers to the store: Top 25 methods for different types of outlets

What do you know:

High competition makes business owners come up with new promotions to attract Buyers in the store . In the article, consider not only the ideas of the audience of the audience in the traditional and online store, but also the principles of the preparation of the store to the population of buyers.

How to prepare store to the population of buyers

Thinking on the organization of shares that will be able to attract buyers to the store, you need to consider not only the share itself, but also the reaction of the store on a large stream of buyers.

  1. It is necessary to determine how the store will control the stream of buyers.
  2. Prepare.
  3. Think out job duties and mobilization of sellers while working within the framework of the action.

Store policy

Before launching a promotion to attract buyers to the store it is worth considering the policies of interaction with buyers.

The store policy is a plan for targeted actions, principles of trade, compliance with which will help improve economic indicators.

Ways to attract buyers to the store must comply with the type of trade and expectations of buyers from the service.

For example, in a boutique or a small highly specialized store, it is undesirable to appear a large number of buyers at the same time. Since it is expensive to save the quality of service.

Thus, for similar stores, shares should be prepared, deleting the flow of buyers. For example, a discount in the morning clock, if the main flow of buyers comes in the evening.

Shares aimed at the simultaneous large stream of buyers are suitable for large supermarkets with the possibility of simultaneous work of three or more CASS.

In the CRM system for the store from class365 you can conduct a detailed customer database with different notes to them. This will allow you to track conflict buyers and orient them on more competent employees. Try the entire functionality of the CRM system class365 right now >>

Room and Interior Store

Effective location of racks, shelves, cash regulations will send customers to where you want.

Let's look in numbers, why it is more profitable to use effective methods of deduction:

Therefore, it follows:

  • spend time studying the location of goods in competitors' stores, having understood how people move along the trading room;
  • Explore buying traffic in your store.

Answer answers to questions:

  • where to place goods so that customers when searching by the whole store;
  • Can you draw schemes of the main streams of clients in the store;
  • whether there is a certain pattern, as buyers go to your store;
  • Are there rarely visited store zones or those places where customers do not delay?

Your customers will pay more attention to the goods if you post them as follows:

  • High female goods - in the zone of intensive movement;
  • Low organizal, but popular - in low-move zones.

Do not place many promotional materials directly at the entrance to the store. Clients need an adaptation zone to the environment, and only a quarter of them will pay attention to advertising posted at the entrance.

It is better to use the entrance to the store for the "Stroy Zone" - place here are widely attractive, affordable goods so that customers are not disappointed with high prices.

Pulse goods should be located near cash or passes with intensive movement. Some high demand goods should be placed on shop windows, others in the far store zone. So you will attract customers to the store.

Other Store Design Principles for Customer Management:

  • Place the Cass zone so that it is not the first to see customers (the cash desk reminds that people spend money, and it makes them nervous earlier than they will feel pleasure from shopping);
  • Use lighting and navigation so that customers easily seen the path to the cash desks and did not feel in a trap;
  • Passages must be sufficient in length - quite narrow to slow down the stream, but wide enough for convenience and safety during stocks and sales working on Attracting buyers .

Consider access to customers with disabilities and young mothers. For example, passages must be free and wide enough to accommodate wheelchair and non-standard baby strollers.

Work of sellers

During the large stream of customer buyers can disappoint the service. According to polls, customers annoy most when:

  • You can not find the seller in the trading floor;
  • many sellers, but they cannot advise on the product;
  • With a large stream of buyers, it is impossible to open another cashier, as the cashiers were sent to work in the trading room.

Therefore, at the beginning of the action, personnel should be prepared:

  • optimize the schedule of sellers so that they can work in the most passing places;
  • Motivate consultants to organize high-quality service;
  • In advance to instruct in all goods in the department, as well as "project" sellers for the main goods in the store.

25 best shares and ways to attract customers to the store

We have collected for you the top-25 best options for helping to create or strengthen the client demand for your product.

  1. Let's start with the appearance of your outlet. The first thing that always attracts the attention of customers is a shop sign. No client will notice the inscription on the building faded with a small font. The signboard should be large enough in size with a large-scale readable font, with a moderate amount of text on the canvas. There are no whole essays with the slogan, enough shopping name and brief description, which is concrete the client will see inward. If you have allocated a big marketing budget, you can create a night light illumination, especially if your shopping point works in the late evening hours;
  2. Get rid of customers from the need to use such services as: 2gis, Yandex.Maps, Google Cards to find the location of your store. On the perimeter of the adjacent territory, apply the corresponding marks on the pavement, it can be both graffiti paint and stickers of dense waterproof and sun-resistant materials that will help the client to freely pave the path to your store. You can also install peculiar pointers: "To the store ... 300 meters left";
  3. Many customers have their own vehicles, both cars and bicycles, scooters. Consider at least a small parking area for cars and install racks for bicycles.
  4. The assortment store is quite characteristic of regular updates and replenishment with new products, but buyers often do not know about it. It is time to notify them with an advertising banner, a luminous block on a window or a pillar, which will contain information about a new favorable and exclusive arrival.
  5. Carefully select the working personnel, enter the dress code, think over the ethical code for your team, in which recommendations will be given and communicate with the store customers. Follow the strict observance of the above rules - the tidy, unobtrusive employee will become another advantage of your store.
  6. Like the sign, the outdoor showcase is the face of your store, so try to regularly update its design, make a calendar plan (schedule) of the exposure change and follow it. You can update the seasons, you can update after each new collection (goods receipts). It all depends primarily on your financial capabilities.
  7. Think out the convenience of shopping in your store, enter the installment, credit system. Provide product probes and free access to Wi-Fi network without registration.
  8. The internal design of the store should not be imposed by external. Watch out for cleanliness, consider the individual interior of the room, buy comfortable, high-quality furniture, consider a single form for sellers of consultants, then your trading point will be able to qualify for the luxury store's title, which will allow you to sell goods on a higher price tag, but is quite justified.
  9. Many buyers attend stores with children who are often uninteresting to participate in the process of choosing a product. And if the children intervene and actively participate, then most likely, unsuccessful. Each fifth unusual kid will entail a definite loss in the form of broken dishes, broken jewelry, etc. In order to avoid such inconvenience, think over the children's zone, equip it with a table, paper and pencils for drawing, add a few toys. There the child will be happy, and you do not miss the client.
  10. Recreation area is needed not only for small shop visitors, but also for adults. Create a lounge zone with convenient seats, a small coffee zone (you can limit the cooler with cold and hot water), put a small coffee table with probes, catalogs and advertising distribution of the store.
  11. Be sure to consider the program of events. Spend the official opening of the store, regularly spend master classes, exhibitions, tastings, modes. Select and adapt to yourself the format of the action that will present the range of your store from the most profitable side.
  12. Customer attraction can be made not only in offline mode, do not forget about the great power of the Internet. Drive the page on all available social networks, create your own website.
  13. On the media shop stores regularly spend draws, contests. Provide discount coupons for the following purchases when you make your store in the client's publication. In the Rules of the Promotion, the Competition should always be present item "Visit of the store", for what purpose do you think for yourself. For example, you can buy a purchase from 2 thousand rubles and get a happy number to participate in the draw or post a publication against the background of the showcase of your store and celebrate you, and for it get a 3% discount on the next purchase. Options Weight, the main thing - to carry out similar interactions with buyers.
  14. Interact with other entrepreneurs. Think up a partnership system. Remember that the partner company has its client base, which can also be interested in your products.
  15. Do not neglect the services of a promoter. Position it in place with high passability, you can contact several promoters simultaneously and arrange them close to the store, by major areas and in the city center. Leaflets must be bright, contain basic information in a readable format.
  16. Use advertising on media sites. The most effective on Facebook, Instagram, Yandex.Direct.
  17. Perform business optimization for search engines. Before running this process, check the relevance of information on the following items:
  • Contact phone numbers;
  • Shop work schedule;
  • Store Address;
  • Work links to the store website and pages on social networks;
  • Make a list of keywords that use your customers when looking for goods;
  • Load professional photos of your store, range, etc.
  1. Enter gift certificates for sale with a certain amount of validity and amount. When using such a certificate is high, the likelihood that the client will spend more than planned.
  2. If your site suggests purchases with payment by an advance payment card, then consider the delivery system. Preferably besides the courier delivery to use self-delivery from the store. When visiting the outlet, the client can consider and purchase several more goods along the way. As an online store to organize delivery: instruction and service selection >>
  3. Think up the purchase refund system. Set the list of goods that are not subject to return and exchange, for all other positions, return only in the store, then it will be possible to conduct a client dialogue, instead of returning the exchange for another product (sometimes with a surcharge).
  4. Declarant on favorable terms:
  • high percentage of discount;
  • discount not on the entire range, but on certain product items;
  • three things at a price of two;
  • When buying in the amount of five thousand rubles, a brand scarf as a gift.
  1. Think up the loyalty program - bonuses that can be paid for a certain part of the total purchase amount. Remind it regularly using an e-mail or SMS-newsletter. The loyalty system is easy to configure the program to automate the store from Class365. Create your own client base, track work with customers, congratulate them on holidays and notify about new promotions. Try all the features of the Class365 store automation program right now >>
  2. Regularly monitor the relevance of the strategy promotion of your store;
  3. Collaborate with bloggers, leaders-opinions to promote your product. Pay for services of only reliable advertisers with a lively audience;
  4. Use the maximum client database. Congratulations on the official home holidays and your birthday. Give a discount a few days before and after the client's birthday. Key Retail Store Efficiency Indicators >>

Workers phrases to attract customers to the store

Profit from permanent users is about 65%;

A large impact on attracting customers has the first interaction with the seller. We are not only about clothes, posture and facial expressions of the seller, but about its first phrases of greetings.

Mentality, culture and communication norms differ in the cities of Russia. Therefore, we will present phrases that can say sellers to attract customers. But whether they are suitable for mentality and the nature of the relationship between sellers and buyers in your city, solve only you.

  1. Welcome to the most welcoming store! I will answer any question about the product.
  2. How great that you went to us!
  3. Good day! Today we have a profitable action ....
  4. Hello! We have an exclusive offer only for store visitors to Morning (Evening - Choose a convenient time) Clock.
  5. Only today it is possible to save as much as possible, since we (tell about the promotion).

If at the meeting of the visitor, the emphasis is on a unique proposal, it is necessary to complete a messenger limit. That is, to say that the action is valid only today or the product is available to a limited number (the size remains only on the showcase).

How to create a slogan to attract customers to the store

A unique and creative slogan will help people remember your store and influence the choice of buyers. Because the slogan attracts attention in seconds and serves as a confirmation that your brand is popular.

Qualities good slogan:

  • Benefit oriented (the slogan must emphasize the main advantages associated with the brand; sell benefits, not a function!);
  • Simple (s How to attract buyers It's easier to understand the phrase, the slogan should not confuse people and distract from the main essence of things);
  • Thusted (in pursuit of simplicity you can make a slogan not memorable, but it should force people to pay attention; will help create a simple and catchy header verbal game);
  • unique (if the slogan is similar to the competitive, then this does not allow you to consider your store as a unique brand);
  • Significant (slogan must express the goal, vision or meaning of your brand, i.e. the essence of the company's work).

Examples of successful phrases for slogans:

  1. Beauty in simplicity.

Customers do not like complex things, and simplicity is viewed as a sign of good customer service. The tendency to minimalism will also be on your hand.

  1. Let you notice

Customers love when they make compliments (and making compliments, you increase your attractiveness). This phrase is an excellent way to tell the buyer that the use of the product will attract attention to it.

  1. Perfect choice

Again, customers love their decisions to be confirmed. This phrase says that if the visitor will buy your products, he will make an excellent choice.

Online receiving clients in the online store

If you own an online store, sooner or later you have to run online advertising. We gradually understand the strategy.

To attract new customers, you need to know exactly what an advertising campaign is aimed at. This requires the development of images of buyers who will help deeper to understand the needs of people.

What exactly is included in the image of the buyer?

  • Standard socio-demographic characteristics;
  • Needs (needs and expectations);
  • Pain point (problems or main headache, disappointments that need to be corrected);
  • Goals (that customers want to achieve as a result of buying a product);
  • Features or qualities that cause a purchase or interest;
  • Empathy maps that will help understand the mentality of the Central Asia, cover the feelings and affairs of buyers before the purchase is completed.

Customer data is better to collect with the help of marketing research (conversations, polls, online surveys), data from Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics, social networks.

It is difficult to conduct a qualitative study of the target audience, but this is what will allow you to find your own niche that will help accumulate traffic. So how to attract buyers in the store It's easier when you understand the target audience, every month, marketing costs can be reduced without reducing sales indicators.

How to increase the conversion of visitors online store in buyers >>

  1. Find niche areas where your customers hang out on the Internet

Go to where your customers. Using the data received from buyers, you must be able to confidently identify social networking platforms and other websites that your target audience uses.

You can also take part in active discussions to further define online parties for your real and potential customers.

Find out the main keywords that people use to find product information.

Using actively social networks, go beyond the framework of platforms on regional sites, "Questions and Answers" services, etc.

Each site is unique, and therefore each of your marketing e-commerce marketing strategies should be changed and personalized, where possible. Keep in mind that it works for one platform may not work for another.

  1. Creating an incoming content marketing strategy

Currently, the most effective way to attract buyers is the strategy of incoming content marketing.

The search engine is an extremely powerful tool that is used by millions of people to search for information and answers to exciting questions. Texts dedicated to your goods and the online store in which the combination of relevant keywords will be used, will help increase the number of buyers month by month and generate free website traffic.

Content of the website should be focused on solving topical problems of potential customers. Solve those questions, the answers to which customers will search on the Internet.

For example, if you keep a garden and garden goods store, you can create a blog in which the tips on gardening, growing fruits and vegetables and agriculture are discussed. You can also single out products in articles to stimulate more sales.

  1. Use contextual and targeted advertising on social networks

Content advertising allows advertisers to show their ads on the first page of search engines, often in the first places in the search results.

This process works on the PAY-PER-Click (PPC) principle. In other words, you will pay only when someone presses on your advertising. This makes contextual advertising more profitable and more measurable than traditional forms of advertising.

Another way to do the way of commercial advertising is a targeted advertisement in social networks. As a rule, these ads are configured to a specific audience, based on selected demographic data, such as age, location, activity and interests.

Many advertisements on social networks work according to the Cost-Per-Click model (CPC), although there are other goals that you can achieve (for example, to increase your audience on social networks or increase coverage) with the help of various payment methods.

  1. Competitions

Spend a contest or distribution of gifts to increase your client base.

One of the most effective ways to attract the attention of new potential customers to your business is to conduct a competition or a prizes drawing on social networks.

Competitions are great for improving online engagement, inspiring your audience to come to contact and interact with your store.

It must be said that the contests themselves are unlikely to lead to the emergence of new customers for your business - the real work begins after its end.

Segment the participants of the competition within the framework of the marketing campaign by e-mail and send them personalized emails with gratitude for participation.

For example, offer a discount, free shipping or other incentive in the framework of the gift to participants in the gift.

  1. Attracting stakeholders - influential people

These people have power, they affect solutions to other purchases. They, as a rule, can be found on the platforms of social networks. According to statistics, 90% of shops have ever used this marketing tool to increase brand awareness.

You must navigate those who have a sufficiently large number of followers with good involvement that clearly demonstrate that they are great for your business and have like-minded people.

For example, if you sell ethnic decorations, then bloggers supporting various cultures are best suited. With the same values ​​as your business. Not influential fashion faces.

As soon as you fix a steady stream on the website, you will need to focus on such elements on the improvement of the service to encourage customers to tell about the successful experience of your friends.

How to promote the store: Recommendations for different types of outlets

The sale of a "cold" client takes place in 5-20% of cases, "heated" - 60-70%;

Any entrepreneur aimed at obtaining good turnover and a large client base, but with a present level of competition in any business niche accounts for not easy. It is necessary to invent special promotions.

The goal to put off buyers in the store can be divided into two solved tasks:

  • Attract buyers who have not yet been in this store;
  • Attracting loyal buyers (i.e. customers with the second and subsequent purchase).

We will analyze the main attractive ways by niches.

Product store: how to attract buyers

Grocery store, if we say about the store, not a supermarket, accumulates hiking traffic. Therefore for Attracting buyers You must choose a popular location. For example, on a big street, near bus stops, etc.

Other tips:

  1. Put pointers on the way to the store. Make it creatively - not just black printed letters on a beige sign.
  2. Make a big shop window that will tell potential customers with a story about your store, stimulate customers to go. Showcase should cause curiosity and impulse purchases.
  3. Make pointers under the feet of customers. If the city is forbidden to draw paint on asphalt, make a cute inscription with chalk. People notice this information and pay attention to the brand.
  4. Place the goods to the street. This is relevant during a pandemic when buyers prefer to consider goods outdoors. The only moment is worth considering the protection of products from theft. After all, it is not necessary to set a cheap product, but the one that is able to force the buyer to slow down.
  5. Rass leaflets. It is not true that no one reads them. In fact, according to marketers estimates, this is the most favorable advertising tool in terms of price - quality.
  6. Hang balls, new year light bulbs or flags. The chain from the neighboring post to your signboard will also pay attention. However, it is necessary to replace the decorations about once a month, as they quickly come into disrepair.
  7. If the city administration permits, it is worth making a fresco with a picture of food or scene from urban life on the wall of the store.
  8. Install pillars. If the authorities are forbidden to color buildings, then perhaps separate bilateral banners, called pillars, are allowed.
  9. Use of marketing actions for residents of neighboring houses. For example, leaflets in boxes that give everyone the opportunity to discount on popular high-day goods. For example, in winter - pickles or frozen vegetables, summer - carbonated drinks.
  10. Folding the territory around the store. If there is a flower bed next to the store, you should pay attention to the landscape design. The abundance of colors will attract the attention of customers. If there is only a pavement with tiles next to the store, suspend a few white pots with red geranium. Keep plants in good condition. In winter, the signboard can be decorated with garland.

Clothing store

Examined a detailed list of tips how to attract buyers in a grocery store , I will not repeat them further. Consider unique options suitable only to the clothing store.

Clothing store, as a rule, keeps on very loyal customers. As a rule, when the buyer finds "his store", it will walk there all the way. Only if there is nothing suitable, it will think to go to another store.

The problem is that there are too many stores that offer the same thing.

Therefore, attracting customers in the clothing store should begin with the search for your own style.

Next, you should use marketing techniques:

  1. Advertising in fashionable bloggers from your region. Leaders of opinions will confirm to people who only think to contact your store that you are fashionable and profitable. They seem to perform the guarantor of the quality of your brand and service.
  2. Discounts to active account users in your social networks. For example, they work to attract buyers contests for the best look in Instagram.
  3. Maps by the type "Bring a girlfriend", which pays clients to buy bonuses made by their recommendations.
  4. Promotion "Make an online order at a reduced price with the possibility of fitting in the store."
  5. Think over the distinguishing sign of your store. It can be a design or features of the calculation of goods.

Auto parts store

In the auto parts store, an important tool for attracting customers will be such platforms as:

  • Avito and other boards of free ads;
  • Forums and communities of residents of the area where your store is located;
  • Intermediaries in the form of employees of car services and tires that you recommend.

An effective tool to attract customers will be flyers in parking lots, and banners along the roads. But the most important will be a good and high-quality assortment.

That is, the guarantee to the client, that he will find in your store what is needed.

In addition, customer loyalty cards are well operating in the auto parts store, which allow you to save bonuses and spend them on goods or service in friendly services.

Flower shop

To bring customers to the colors store two main ways:

  • big and unusual choice;
  • Good florists and high-quality service.

Here are some tips, how to attract buyers in the color store :

  1. Show on the store window, what you are capable of. Stop there the most unusual and beautiful bouquets.
  2. Tell about your work on social networks, make small videos about collecting bouquets. Beauty is always nice to watch.
  3. The waiting area. In addition, it is desirable to create a waiting area where the client could wait until the florist prepares a bouquet. Also, the zone is important for friends of the client, who sometimes get tired of waiting, and the client feels uncomfortable from this.

Furniture store

Tools for tiping clients in the furniture store vary depending on the type of store, so how to attract buyers to the store Elite furniture need in other ways than in the mass market.

Therefore, it is worth choosing tips from the list, focusing on a certain, concrete situation.

  1. Content marketing. Furniture - Purchase is not cheap, so an effective tool will be working with an audience through blog articles or social networks.
  2. Very cheap furniture. Pay attention to major supermarkets - they stimulate demand and attract new customers, exposing information about the sale of very cheap goods on leaflets and flyers. Visiting the store, customers will see low quality and choose something more expensive.
  3. Cooperation with realtors and sales centers, developers. Having received a discount flyer, new people will be interested in your brand. And the high probability that they will buy something from the new furniture, even if earlier it was assumed to put old cabinets and sofas in a new apartment.
  4. Think out promotions for related products in the season. For example, arrange a mandatory sale of country furniture at the end of September or spread leaflets with interior decoration options for the new year.
  5. Use shares with clear limitations. For example, discounts on kitchen furniture from 1 to 15 December, not the day later. Thus, you will attract customers at a certain period of time and give them an incentive to order a product without informing.

Beer shop

Not all stocks will be suitable for the beer store, since Attracting buyers The beer store is tightly limited to Russian legislation and the federal antimonopoly service.

Best ways:

  1. Big and clear sign.
  2. Promotions with discounts (information should be placed in a prominent place in the store);
  3. Thematic events inside the store (or symbolic gifts dedicated to holidays and football matches);
  4. Cumulative scum or discounts to loyal customers;
  5. Instructing sellers aimed at improving communication between them and clients. It is necessary to motivate sellers to communicate with buyers in a friendly, pleasant manner. So the chance will increase that a person, once a chance that looked into the store, will come again.

From this article you will learn:

  • How to prepare a store for receiving customers not to disappoint them
  • What are the stocks and ways to attract customers to the store
  • What phrases are the best use to attract customers to the store
  • How to attract customers in the online store

"Customers - Sales - Profit" - a chain of success, familiar to every entrepreneur. No Buyers - Crying Business. "And what to do to attract them?" - asks marketing. The consumer is a central concept in the question of the success of any business, and the involvement of customers in the store is the most important system, which is directly dependent on the pace of development of the company. About how to build such a system, read in the article.

How to prepare a store for receiving customers not to disappoint them

Base saving costs 7 times cheaper than recruitment new;

Imagine the situation: Wanting toggle interest in your store, you decided to spend a share. Advertising worked, buyers crowds go to the trading point to acquire such a valuable product-locomotive for the price, to a funny low. But you did not provide the necessary stock product. Buyers who did not fulfill the dream of buying will be disappointed, and re-attracting will be very problematic, if not fail.

The amount of buying loyal consumers is 67% more than newcomers.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare for buyers in the store to be carefully prepared in all areas: ensure the stock of goods, spend a conversation with staff, to evaluate the convenience of the trading point, which is to miss a large amount of visitors. And be sure to make a portrait of a potential buyer:

  • who is he;
  • What is the order of his classes;
  • What enters the sphere of interests;
  • What barriers are facing the client on the way of acquiring goods.

Only when you "get acquainted" with your purchasing venture, start developing a strategy to attract customers to the store. Note: It is the strategy! A chaotic set of action will not serve as your goals, and may even work from the opposite. Therefore, start with the plan of conducting activities to attract customers, where you must specify the time frame and the indicators that you need to be achieved by doing this or that action. Use different methods, including those described in the next paragraph.

16 best shares and ways to attract customers to the store

Let's look in numbers, why it is more profitable to use effective methods of deduction:

The system approach is the main characteristic of the attraction of the audience. At the same time, it is not necessary to reinvent the bike or plan a huge budget, because sometimes the greatest efficiency is demonstrated by the ways to ensure that much money is not required. In a word, experiment.

  1. Flyers.
  2. The leaflet should attract attention and "chain" a person: a bright leaf, interesting, lively text and, of course, a unique trading proposal, which is not passing. Be sure to specify contacts, location, convenient route. Does your store conduct an action? Place information in the leaflet - do not forget that people love to save.

    Distribute them on the street, in stores, place on advertising racks, separate the mailboxes.

    The way is unpaid, but very effective: a high-quality leaflet will become an "invitation ticket" to your store, which the buyer will certainly use.

  3. Media advertising.
  4. Important:

    Choose not only popular television programs, but also thematic, based on the preferences of your target audience. When creating banners, remember the importance of color and size: with proper use, they help to emphasize the advantages of the advertised object.

  5. Sarafan radio.
  6. Recommendations of acquaintances cause confidence in the goods and seller. The first "advertisers" will be relatives and relatives, then the satisfied customers will join them, and then the shedding radio will earn in their entirety and allow you to make sure that a more effective way to attract customers in the store has not yet come up with!

  7. Respect and attention to the client.
  8. This is not a commodity expression, but a method-filled method that helps to ensure the involvement of buyers. If you have a store, make a discount when purchasing a specific product, in the cafe - "compliment from the cook" in the form of a free cake in addition to the main order, in the car service of the client will appreciate the cup of coffee, which will screens its expectation. Not only are consumers will be pleasantly surprised, they will definitely return, may bring friends and relatives with them.

    And there is nothing surprising in this, because you did not just be the seller of the goods or service, but a welcoming owner, respecting your "guests", who wish to do everything for their convenience and budget savings. You are tuned to long-term relationships with the client, and he understands it.

  9. Demonstration of goods and its advantages.
  10. It is mistaken to assume that an excellent product or service will automatically hold customers. A person is looking for interaction, care and satisfaction of needs, in addition to a specific product provided.

    Recall people in trainers who show a real mini-show, demonstrating "miracle goods". The client sees the product in action and understands what needs it. A very effective way to attract.

  11. "Tasting" of goods or services.
  12. Why in quotes? Because you can "taste" not only cheese and mineral water in a grocery store or a new salad in a cafe, but also services (for example, nail coating with varnish or visiting the phyto-barrels in the pool). Practice shows that in the days of "tastings", the number of sales increases to a multiple: making a manicure, a woman often decides to "refresh" hairstyle.

    The ability to tasting can be found in any business if there is a desire. The first free lesson on courses or in the gym, free additional service in the cosmetic room or pet store and so on. Give the buyer the opportunity to personally make sure the quality and utility of the goods.

    A very effective way to transform customers from potential in valid, and then in constant.

  13. Discount coupons.
  14. For a purely symbolic price, the buyer acquires a preferential coupon, giving the right to a discount when buying.

  15. Discount cards and sales.
  16. What is customer retention coefficient?

    Very effective method. Customers appreciate the opportunity to save money, so sales are enjoying tremendous success. And discount cards are an opportunity to always buy goods with a discount, which makes the buyer again and come back to the store again.

  17. Lottery, gifts.
  18. Gifts like everyone. Get the product for free, not even too necessary, nice, because both money in your pocket, and the product in your hands. It is necessary to carry out lottery: people will get the opportunity to win the prize, and you will work on attracting customers to your store. By the way, you can use various sets from the assortment units of your trading point - this will make it possible to simultaneously advertise new products and implement those that are not in demand.

  19. Music.
  20. Before choosing a strategy, it is necessary to analyze the importance and value of the "retained user", as well as the conditions motivating to continue cooperation for a long period. To evaluate effectiveness calculated

    Music accompaniment - a strong marketing stroke to attract customers to the store. Marketers recommend to evaluate a tool that allows you to manage the emotional attitude of the potential client, and do not save on the purchase of appropriate equipment.

    The playlist is based on the topics of the store and the specifics of the target audience. If your customers are mostly middle and older people, do not "cut" club hits, they are more suitable for buyers up to 30 years. It is better to include quiet music that will relax and make the right choice among the variety of goods.

  21. Catalogs and magazines.
  22. In these free public buyers, you can put information about the product assortment so that people can study her house in detail, in a relaxed atmosphere, and then return to the name of the name.

    Suppose you have a furniture store - the question of creating catalog is especially relevant. You can not only publish photos of cabinets and sofas with a description, but also to bring expert advice in design: This chair is more suitable for a large bright room; how to choose a wallpaper for children; We make the interior practical and so on.

    Customer Retention Rate.

    The method is effective (customer loyalty increases), but also costly, because there are often quite serious amounts to the production of catalogs. In addition, the payback may occupy enough long time.

  23. Business cards.
  24. The required attribute is primarily for the starting business. If the Guitar Learning Class has been opened, decompose the business cards from the Cass of music stores, with the owners of which, of course, must be negotiated. Business cards are the first meeting of the client with you, and so that a person wanted to continue acquaintance, the design should be carefully thought out.

    There will be no instant effect, but the method works fine on the business development strategy.

  25. Billboards.
  26. - Customer holding coefficient. To do this, determine the time period and use the formula:

    A good method, but it will cost expensive, for example, if placing advertising on a huge shield.

    Large companies can afford to rent a shield of the appropriate size, and almost all will see the information: pedestrians and motorists.

    But not such a large advertising shield will be a good advertising platform where you will tell about discounts, promotions and invite buyers to visit the store.

  27. Transport as an advertising platform.
  28. Expensive, but very effective. Placing advertising by bus, you guarantee yourself thousands of views. The main thing - the announcement must be high-quality, stylish, original, so the creation will assign a specialist. Remember it should even be people who accidentally looked into the office window or cafe at the moment when the "Advertising" transport is passing down the street.

    It is possible to position yourself inside the transport. Now there are no longer uncommon monitors installed in trams and minibuses, where they constantly replace each other ads.

  29. Press.
  30. Despite the fact that familiar newspapers and magazines have long passed the past position, they still remain in demand. It is possible that your audience discharges a periodic or buys weekly editions, so it should not be noted an alternative to advertising a business in the press.

    An excellent option is a choice as a site of thematic logs. For example, an advertisement of an online store of goods for knitting will be quite to the place in the magazine for craftsmen.

  31. Other tricks.
  32. Each method is good in its own way, everyone helps to achieve the goals for attracting customers, often even without serious cash investments. It is important only to competently approach the use of methods, prepare for events within any of them.

Remember! Get ready for a meeting with the client, as a date with your loved one: Let there be surprises, gifts, marks, clearly giving to understand the buyer, as you value. It doesn't matter, the store or service office is the value of the client equally large.

Conduct it should also be your employees. Hamsk relationship is unacceptable a priori. Smile, politeness, attention, desire and willingness to help the client - here is the basic set of a good employee. If you need to train personnel, do not save, regard costs as an investment, the profit from which grateful (and constant!) Customers will be.

CRR = ((Number of clients at the end of the period - Number of new customers for the period) / Customers at the beginning of the period) x 100%

The surrounding space also plays an important role. As the theater begins with hangers, so the store begins with a signboard, so it must be encouraging and memorable to, deciding to return, customers did not spend time on trying to remember the "Capacity of that Cute Cafe."

Recommended articles on this topic:

Question of queues is a problem that threatens a catastrophe. Of course, it is possible to rejoice in a large number of visitors, but it is much more productive to think about avoiding the collision of the attachment or cash register. Sometimes people are so annoyed by a long expectation that they simply leave the full basket and leave the store, perhaps forever. Sometimes there is no flight queues, for example, on New Year's Eve. Motivate the cashiers on a quick job, as well as to work with pleasure and be welked to each client.

The atmosphere of the store is a complex multidimensional concept, one of the most important elements of which is the smell. But it is aware of this, unfortunately, not all business owners. Many of them remain only to break their heads, why customers in the literal breath fuse the nose at the entrance to the store or hairdresser. First, there are air fresheners. Secondly, it is possible to put a coffee machine in the room: the aroma of the drink is beverage, gives a good mood and positive. Thirdly, the prerequisite is the inadmissibility of lunches at the workplace: to highlight a special room where employees will be able to eat and relax.

Important nuances to attract customers belonging to the store building

Now let's talk directly about the placement of the store.

Availability, convenience of the transport scheme and the ability to park the car in close proximity is important for the characteristics of the trading point.

The higher the value, the greater the loyalty of buyers. This is the direct KPI indicator (key performance indicators), your user interaction, demonstrating loyalty and re-circulation.

Accounting Themes is another useful requirement. For example, the stationery store is worth looking for a place close to the educational institution. An excellent option is to rent a room in a large shopping center, which is visiting a large number of people every day.

Cleanliness and tidy - the main requirements for the appearance of the trading point.

The retention coefficient is different for different industries, but according to the results of the Harvard Business Review study, the decrease in the outflow of visitors by 10%, brings up to 75% of additional income.

Showcases are designed to interest the client, so the goods on them should be periodically updated, but always refer to the category of popular or most competitive. Interactive signs are always attracted.

Representing a specific brand, do not hide it. The buyer must understand in advance which store he enters.

  • Availability of competitors.

They are not? Okay. Buyers will immediately go to you.

Do they work nearby? Fine. This will allow customers to compare the level of service, the quality of goods, price policy and clearly choose you (because you, of course, are superior to competitors).

  • Furnishing inside the store.

The study of outflow should be observed in the dynamics, and not be a one-time event, even with very good indicators. Loyalty is formed on a regular basis.

All important:

  • entry registration;
  • trade assortment;
  • standing for goods, its location;
  • shop equipment;
  • Layout and scheme of the buyer's movement among showcases;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • personnel attitude to customers, the presence of a uniform;
  • service level and additional service;
  • Smells and so on.

If the sign attracts the client, the situation must hold it.

Workers phrases to attract customers to the store

Workers phrases to attract customers to the store

The word can work wonders - marketers are confident in this and convincingly prove their rightness with examples from reality, when only a few seconds the client is formed about the product about the product and there is a shopping.

Is it really magic? Quite possible. Or the result of long research of psychology. The main thing is that some words really magically affect buyers:

  • you;
  • intimate;
  • money;
  • free;
  • exceptional;
  • detected;
  • inside;
  • power;
  • opening;
  • master;
  • new;
  • force;
  • reliable;
  • incredible;
  • proven;
  • scientific;
  • private;
  • secret;
  • cash;
  • disclosed;
  • Open;
  • shocking;
  • hidden;
  • breakthrough;
  • sex.

Perhaps you are skeptical to the list of the list, but try to include these words into slogans, texts for mailing via e-mail - and in practice, make sure their magnetism.

10 best ways and customer retention tools

  • Free training.
  • New accessories.
  • Reliable way to quit smoking.
  • Shocking discoveries of psychologists.
  • Reveal the secret of a successful marriage.
  • Scientific breakthrough in the treatment of angina.

Try to make a palate of phrases and appreciate the emigration of sending messages in comparison with previous indicators. You will be surprised for sure, seeing a high-quality jump.

The person's subconscious reacts to magic words magnets, causing to read into the text. And if the phrase increases the verbs in the imperative ignition, the magic will manifest itself in all power:

  • pushing;
  • Save;
  • ruin;
  • Find;
  • create;
  • detect;
  • find out;
  • Save;
  • distribute;
  • ejection;
  • do;
  • pushing
  • Open;
  • blossom;
  • hit the;
  • come;
  • Dock;
  • Make

Remember which phrases are often found on the landing pages of sites? "Open and kill; Subscribe; Save not to lose; Create. " The hypnotic effect of verbs makes people do as well as: subscribe, open and so on.

Create from these designers your own advertising masterpiece!

Online receiving clients in the online store

Before introducing a new strategy, it is necessary to identify the causes of visitors' care, and to act according to this data, closing the needs for the protection. Regularly collect feedback, real feedback, analyze the situation in the market and offer of competitors.

Modern conditions dictate new rules to business. For example, this: the buyer is looking for in the online space, which is many times more efficiently than work on outdated methods. The network has both your target audience. In addition, the response of users is instant.

As for the required financial support, there is no single answer. It all depends on the selected reception, goals, specifics of the audience, etc. Sometimes only time and own forces are required, in other cases - certain cash investments. It happens that the amount turns out to be very solid.

1. Own Internet resource.

1. Gymification

The company's website is the first step towards the digital client. This is an online representation of the company online, customers who have seen advertising on other electronic sites will come here.

It is important not to just create a resource, but to make an excellent platform that only professionals guarantee. Yes, the guys-computerists who help you with the installation of software are ready to take up work and ask for inexpensive, only 20 thousand, and a friend will not take money at all ... But such savings will not bring anything good.

Website development - the pleasure is not cheap. About 100 thousand rubles will have to be given to those skilled in the art, but these investments are necessary. Design - simple, original, interface - competent and most convenient, navigation is logical. All this and still a lot of requirements for the qualitative resources of Professionals will take into account, and the guys-computerists - unlikely, otherwise they would not appreciate their work so cheap.

2. SEO-Promotion.

An innovative strategy is based on the involvement of the user in the game and regular remuneration for the passage of levels, especially relevant at the current level of computerization. Select actions (subscription for some period, purchase, special rate) and provide real remuneration for the perfect deed. The more man spends, the more weeding should be a reward that he does not feel the victim of manipulation. Public rating and achievements are well operating, taking into account the excitement and thrust to rivalry.

Competent search engine optimization will allow you to reach the first lines in the issuance of "Yandex" and "Google", which will simplify potential customers the task of finding your site on the Internet.

The effectiveness of SEO can only speak if the site is made qualitatively. Otherwise, search engine optimization will not make sense.

3. Contextual advertising.

2. Personalization

Wanting to choose the best winter tires on the car, you contact the appropriate search engine request. After reviewing the offers of stores and photographs by selecting the appropriate option, decide to explore the online booking of the cinema to visit with the family Saturday evening. And suddenly you offer to buy studded rubber. This is the contextual advertising corresponding to the requests entered earlier.

Effective tool, but requiring costs and experience with Yandex Direct sites or Google AdWords to competently manage your advertising campaigns.

4. Targeting.

Focused work with the audience is provided by managing rich targeted advertising settings. Knowing the main characteristics of customers, you choose the desired parameters and are guaranteed to demonstrate the advertisement only to the target segment. At the same time, it is not necessary to have a website, it is thus advertising an offline store.

Places for placement Mass: "VKontakte", "Odnoklassniki", Instagram, Mail.Ru, who have long been on "you" with your users, which makes it possible to ensure high accuracy of getting into the target client.

5. Tyzer advertising.

If the client feels special, and not part of the stream, it is more likely to choose your services with an equal or better competitor's offer. Personalize every step, from appeal to mailing, congratulations on your birthday and relevant offers based on his personal requests and tastes. This will help the travel map, contextual search and chat bots. The ability to create a list of wishes and Vish sheets on your service contributes to the return of the user and acts as advertising.

To ensure the effectiveness of teaser "teasers", you need to collect a large amount of statistical data and deal with their use. The spent time levels plus teasers in the form of a low cost. As a result, the costs will be very serious and at the same time do not guarantee the result in the form of a flow of new customers, because aiming to an audience is problematic.

6. Social networks.

VKontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and other social networks provide excellent opportunities to attract customers.

Pick up the community, advertising in which will be most effective. For example, the car service is better to advertise in a group for motorists, and the goods store for children will be interested in mothers consisting in their community. Install contact with the administrator, please advertise, get acquainted with rates. After payment, the announcement will appear in the community, and new customers will come to you.

7. Representation on social networks.

3. Loyalty program

Creating your own page on a social network is a great option that allows you to communicate with customers, talk about the upcoming promotions, publish useful and interesting materials. Users will share information by attracting new customers business.

Placed posts must be high quality. This also applies to content and appearance. Each message works on the company's image, one wrong step can hopelessly spoil reputation. And good and regular posts are multiple increase customer loyalty, as you not only advertise your products and services, but give subscribers a lot of useful information. By creating an account and not having the ability to hire an SMM specialist, get ready for serious work on keeping page.

8. Repost competition.

Subscribers can share information from your page. But with great pleasure, the majority involved in such activities on a competitive basis. To become a participant in a valuable prize draw, the user makes a special message repost, which, of course, will see his friends. It is possible that they will also have a desire to take part in the competition or become your subscribers.

9. Personal messages in social networks.

Enter a loyalty system with a cumulative effect. This motivates additional purchases. The referral programs in which you also provide advertising among friends have also been well proven.

Do not wait for the customer response, and take the first step and write a personal message with a suggestion of services or goods. For example, you have a recruitment agency whose service will be interested in business structures, selecting personnel through special thematic communities of social networks.

The method is effective, but it needs to be used carefully, remembering the risk to be blocked for spam, since this may regard your activity of the social network. Get the extra account (you do not need the main risk), and after establishing communication with the client, go to communication with another convenient way.

10. Thematic forums.

Yesterday, but nevertheless some of the audience, who did not leave completely in the social network continues to contact thematic forums, therefore it is worth a closer look at these sites.

Attracting clients through the forum is carried out in stages and tactfully. You do not need from the first minutes after registration to actively advertise yourself, inviting you to visit the store or use the services. Work "Portfolio". Let users imbued with confidence in your expert judgments and estimates, but also the advertisement should remain point. Otherwise, the risk of banning is rising.

11. YouTube.

4. Club customer

Young people turn away from the TV and rushes a look into the computer monitor, where YouTube offers to see all the most interesting without bills. Therefore, it is necessary to use it as an advertising channel.

Look for the most respected bloggers and agree with them about advertising:

  • Give a ready movie, which blogger will be placed in his video;
  • The second option is a blogger story about your business;
  • Blogger will make a video about the company (it is expensive, but very effective);
  • Order Google contextual advertising, which will provide a video demonstration in front of the blogger video.

12. Own channel on YouTube.

The method is complex (the video content must be high-quality), expensive (to create good rollers, appropriate equipment is required), but you can not buy advertising, but to do it yourself.

But the efforts do not always pay off: there are no so much views as much as I would like. The risk is high, but if it turns out to create really interesting videos, then advertising will work perfectly on attracting customers.

13. CPA network.

Paid subscriptions and the creation of the club provides benefits and allows you to get close to the person, opening its current pain and needs. Receiving membership, people feel special, valuable, important to the company. Useful and interesting subscription supports interest and allows you to build a long-term relationship, offering other products.

Affiliate programs to carry out activities to attract customers to the store not only personally, but also with the help of other CPA-network participants. Principle Next: The customer (he is the same advertiser) instructs to performers (webmasters) to conduct an advertising campaign for which a variety of methods and channels can be used. Remuneration is the fee for the target action of each attracted user.

The method is ideal for quickly attracting customers.

14. Purchase of Lida.

It is possible to implement it on special exchanges (, LEADIA.RU and others), in turn gaining Lida from webmasters. Fill out the application and purchase so many target customers as you need or how much can you afford.

Most often, services sell Lida in the field of the following services: jurisprudence, medicine, construction. You can not spend long months to search for customers, and work with the finished base.

15. Freilance.

Suitable for business specializing in services. On Freelance Exchange Customers are looking for performers and on the contrary: manifesting activity, you can get good orders. Competition among performers is high, so you need to constantly browse the tape of orders and strive to be among the first respondents.

16. Thematic sites.

5. Content Marketing

Find an interesting thematic website and contact the owner on advertising in the form:

  • banner;
  • advertising on the whole background of the site;
  • articles;
  • other formats.

The main thing - do not forget to request the statistics of the portal, so as not to spend the money invested: the resource must be visited!

17. Applications for smartphones.

Literally, every day the number of users who make purchases are increasing with a favorite gadget, so advertise yourself through mobile applications.

18. Own application.

From the desire to possess before the purchase of a person passes several stages, during which interest is heated or lost, there is a comparison of advantages and disadvantages, assessment of the offer of competitors. The user does not acquire a product that does not know anything, even with bright and obsessive advertising. The original content in blogs, interesting and useful information increases your brand awareness, can intelligibly talk about the advantages, and also form a trusting attitude.

Creating your own mobile application, business is working to achieve customer loyalty. People appreciate the simplicity and reliability of applications, their convenience in comparison even with an adapted version of the version of the Internet portal.

The main problem is the financial component. The development itself is expensive, so also regular updates will require investments, but without them it is not necessary, because you need to provide high-quality operation of the application on constantly updated operating systems and mobile devices.

19. E-mail mailing.

Popular and effective method of working with applicable or former customers. Get the buyer's email address is strictly necessary. This will help to form a high-quality base for further useful newsletters with information about updates, discounts and sales, as well as congratulate the client with the holidays and just unobtrusively remind themselves.

You can send messages and purchased addresses purchases, but in this case your letters will be regarded as spam. The user did not give consent to receive information, and therefore it is unlikely to open the sent message. The probability of entering the target client is extremely low, so you need to send letters in a huge amount. The result is very dubious.

20. Classifieds.

6. First interaction

Once all the newspaper strips were discharged under the announcements of citizens wishing to buy, sell, exchange. Today, similar services are on the Internet. Therefore, in search of a buyer, use the services of Avito, Yandex Market, Yula, "from hand to hand" and others.

The demand for such electronic platforms by users makes them an excellent option to attract new customers. In addition, frequently advertising places are provided free of charge. Of course, there are also paid services. To ensure the promotion of the announcement in the first position positions, you need to pay a certain amount, but your offer will be ahead of competitors.

How to create a slogan to attract customers to the store and become a famous brand

Improve the quality of the product and the path to its acquisition. Reliable, simple, intuitive service will not rebuild the potential consumer, causing to wander in the depths of unnecessary information. Simplify registration, make payment simple and secure. Special attention is paid to the first interaction, because it forms the main impression of service and quality. If the first step requires a variety of actions and time, the user will select the option easier by a competitor, even if the price is higher. Convenience of the client - the concern of the entrepreneur.

one. History of concept.

The mottos that become covered phrases exist since ancient times. So, the Apostle Paul said: "Who does not work, he does not eat." The phrase borrowed in Soviet times and made the slogan of the builder of the new world, even including him in the 1936 Constitution.

And the expression "taking the sword, from the sword and perished", attributed to the authorship of Alexander Nevsky, in fact, first recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.

The famous Musketeer slogan "One - for everyone, and all - for one" is the translation of the Latin expression, which is located on the coat of arms of the Swiss Republic.

The term "Slogan" for the first time applied Americans for the first time, in modern conditions, replacing it on Tagline. The British call him endline, Germans - Claims, French - Signatures.

2. Can business not have slogan?

Can. Because today used in most advertising messages "motto" are simply a meaningless set of words that do not bear the semantic load, and the business lives at the same time. But sometimes such slogans, not distinguished by a special brevity, become the embodiment of the genius of advertiser and are permanently included in the company's image. This happened to Rolls-Royce, a masterpiece for which David Ogulvi came up with: "At speeds of sixty miles per hour, the loudest sound in the cabin is published by ticking clock."

7. Exclusive

Sales of cars in the United States have grown twice as long as the slogan, not a barustic and not short, but what happened exactly in target.

Because every word in it is filled with meaning, which the author accumulated over long preparation for the creation. The "Father of Advertising" Oglvi did not immediately generated the slogan entered into history. Previously he studied the characteristics of all cars to finally be convinced of its solution. That is, a brilliant idea comes only when we have knowledge about the qualities, properties and features of the product, its environment in the market, creating history and other things.

But, by filling the consciousness of information, rationalism need to dramatically turn off and give the will subconscious, because it is in him and roam superide. Walk, jump from tower to the pool, game with children, the process of baking a homemade cake - the concept can come at any time, even in a dream, as happened to the most brilliant, according to D. Ogilvi, his advertising idea for bakeries. He dreamed of a horse harvested in a grain van, on the sun's flooded sun. This image of a quarter of a century was the hallmark "Pepperidge Farm".

A. Lasker believed that the brilliant thought would not miss and do not confuse with anything, because the heart literally freezes. But Lasker - Guru, and how to be the rest?

3. How to distinguish superide for slogan from just concept?

Even the most massive product can be changed and adapted, standing out against the rest of the rest, which will significantly reduce the risk of care to other entrepreneurs with standard offers. Individual design, packaging, additional functions - this is what you can provide to uniqueize the request.

First, ask yourself the questions listed below.

  • Does your heart froze when the idea first arose in my head?
  • Earlier, did you see something similar?
  • Thought is exceptional?
  • The idea fits into a common business strategy?
  • How long will your slogan live? Will he be relevant in two, three decades?

Still Nunno spoke about the need for a "puzzle advertising", which is the only one able to encourage the purchase of goods. Puzzle! This is what is important for slogan, but it is the main misfortune of modern marketers. They generate slogans annoyingly similar to each other.

8. Simple care

Words that originally "bury" slogans:

Nouns under taboo

Adjective under taboos

Power, taste, feeling, enjoyment, harmony, magic, feelings, flavor, mystery, sound, color, secret, dream, idea, solution, quality

Unrivaled, unique, original, exclusive, perfect, amazing, decent, tested, true, true, prestigious, genuine, valid, correct, special, unique, unique, elite

Select from the examples below. The one that liked more, and think about why your choice fell on it.

  • Unique view of relax.
  • More than just the sea and the sun.
  • Antidote from civilization.

four. Getting to create your superslogan.

  • At the preparation stage, we get a detailed process and request information about business and brand, which will fill consciousness.
  • We study important aspects of marketing: neiming (name formation - the most important part of the business strategy and an integral component of the positioning of the brand), characteristics, audience segments and the portrait of the buyer, the activities of competing companies.
  • ITP - a unique trading offer (study or reveal).
  • Generation of ideas.
  • We choose the genre and the necessary words.
  • We write slogans.
  • The testing stage, during which soberly assess the quality of slogans, choose the best, satisfying goals and brand strategies.

five. How to understand that the slogan is good?

Fame and recognition of the brand should not move in the discharge of obsession and spam. Hundreds of unnecessary and uninteresting letters annoy a person, especially if you do not leave the opportunity to easily unsubscribe from receiving advertising offers or remind yourself after refusing services. An annoyed client will never return, even if you need your services.

  • Memorable instantly.
  • It follows from the characteristics and functional product. If the slogan "in itself", its effectiveness in question.
  • Unique, it is not confused with the slogans of competing firms.
  • Appeals to the feelings of the buyer and keeps his mind, which leads to an increase in business profit. Simply put, a good slogan is genial.

By the way about genius. Alexander Pushkin, without knowing himself, created a slogan for shoemaken vaccuses: "It's clear the day, black night." The manufacturer of the funds paid a poet good money for these four words than a very helpful to the genius, which then felt acute need in the means.

6. What is inspired when creating slogan?

As mentioned above, works of classics. Or aphorisms to read the collections of which you need to find time daily.

Folk wisdom is a storehouse of the foundations for slogans. Folklore gives a lot of ideas and even ready-made solutions in the form of proverbs and sayings. A good choice will give the second life to the second life as a slogan for the brand.

"God saves man, who save himself. Condoms N ".

"Bold and the sea knee! Extreme rafting in Karelia. "

"Well, where we do not. Affordable Exotic Rwanda. "

"Prepare Sani in the summer! Sale of covers ".

"Seven troubles are one answer. Coldrex.

"Komar of the nose is not pumped. AUTAN. "

9. Contests and promotions

You can rephrase well-known sayings, adjust the meaning in accordance with its goals. For example, a breaking phrase about the demanding victims of beauty with the help of competent marketers turned into a fitness club slogan: "Beauty requires no victims, and efforts." "Love at first sight" became "love from the first spoon." Excellent slogan turned out by adding the word "tasty" to the expression "take everything from life". The hotel chain claims to "return - a good sign" and causes customers to believe it, proving the slogan of a high service class.

Japanese hockey and tank - treasury ideas for motto. The Japanese should generally learn from the ability to easily understand a lot of sense and with the help of one character detail to send to a large image.

Read the ancient philosophers. They are relevant at all times, so the thoughts of antique husbands are quite suitable for advertising of modern goods and services. Confucius, Seneca, Plutarch, Pericles and many others handed us the wisdom to use.

7. Examples of ingenious ideas made in attracting shoppers slogans and continue to live as aphorisms. Some products are no longer on the shelves, and slogans are remembered.

  • Russian promotional slogans.

"Require the top of the beer after the foam sludge" ("Glavpivprom").

  • "There was no better nipple, and no, I am ready to suck to the old years" (rubberrest, author V. Mayakovsky).

"Peace, friendship, chewing!" (The International Festival of Youth and Students of 1957 introduced the Soviet country with a deficit chewing, which was replaced by the word "festival" in the official motto).

Conduct unique promotions and draws among regular users, it is possible to introduce mini-games in mobile applications. Quiz, tests and tasks are greatly successful for which you can get bonuses and spend on your product without going beyond the online sphere. Internet purchases and certificates save time and enjoy more popular.

  • "There is everything" (invented by the Yandex team).

"Vote or lose" (election campaign of Yeltsin in 1996).

  • "Fly Aeroflot airplanes."

"The World History. Bank Imperial. "

"Sometimes it is better to chew than talking" (Stimorol).

"Pay taxes and sleep quietly" (tax police).

10. Branded gifts

"M & M's. Melts in the mouth, not in hand. "

"There is an idea - there is IKEA."

"Your pussy would buy whiskas."

"It's time for you and it's time for us to conclude contracts with a fan plant" (Moven).

The amount of buying loyal consumers is 67% more than newcomers.

"Snickers. Do not brand - snickers. "

"Prices just about * buck" ("Euroset").

"Russia is a generous soul."

"Therefore, they do not bite" ("Moskitol").

"He is so alone" (Tinkoff).

"Dirt tanks are not afraid" (KAMAZ).

"This is not a dream, it is Sony."

"Make a pause - you are taking twix."

The best slogans of cellular operators.

"MTS. People says".

"Beeline. Live on the bright side. "

"He is so alone" (Tinkoff).

"Megaphone. The future depends on you. "

Firmly associated with beverages slogans. "Sprite. Do not give yourself to dry! ".

"Fanta. Purify! "

"Invite. Just add water".

"Red Bull is overlapping."

Store policy

"Pepsi. Take everything from life".

"The new generation chooses Pepsi."

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".

"Good to have a" house in the village ".

"Mirinda. Life is good when you drink slowly. "

"Rich. Life is a good thing. Anyway".

"May tea is a favorite tea."

"Hello. Live orange juice.

Slogans for hygiene and cosmetics.

"Pampers. Kids inspire. "

"Always. Speaks in your body. "

"Be confident. Wash Librese. "

"Klines - soft, as if velvet!" "Clear Vita Abe. Dandruff no. " "Take care of yourself. GARNIER. "

"Millions of microbes will die" (domestos).

"Rexona. Never let down. "

"Orbit. The most delicious protection against caries. "

"Everything is delighted with you, and you are from Maybelline."

Branded symbolism is relevant in gifts to employees of the company and permanent users. Choose cute and useful things that are somehow used by customers daily: handles, calendars, diaries, mugs. This is not only an increase in loyalty, but also advertising.

"AXE. Full axe-effect. "

"Gillette. Better for a man no. " "Ralf Ringer. Ground Earth.

"Savage. Freedom to be yourself. "

"Camelot. Leave your mark. "

"From Paris to the find" OMSA "- the best tights!"

"ECCO. Footwear for life. "

"Rosno" fell! "

"Insurance group" SPASSK GATOR ". As behind the stone wall. "

Rosgosstrakh. I did everything right! "

Renaissance Insurance. Art remember the future. "

"Ingosstrakh" pays. Is always".

"Mars. Everything will be in chocolate. "

Rondo. Fresh breathing facilitates understanding. "

"Mentos. Fresh solution. "

"Everyone loves" Mamba ". And Seryozha too! "

"Chewits. Chew - do not worry. "

"Skittles. Do not kissani - on rainbow hangs. "

"Dirol Kids. Now banana! ".

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".

"Bounty. Paradisaic delight".

"JUICY FRUIT. Already want!".

"JUICY FRUIT. Full bananas! ".

"Nuts. Charge your brains. "

No business can exist without a well-thought-out strategy and qualified sales managers. Therefore, special attention is paid to the teaching team and their interaction with people. Use different tools to attract and hold customers, combine them to achieve the greatest efficiency.

"Snickers. Ate - and order! ".

"Wispa. It's all about the magic bubbles. "

"Milk is doubly delicious if it is Milky Way!".

"Time is. There is Meller. "

"Tic TAC. Sweetness and freshness of only two calories. "

"Echo of Moscow." Listen to the radio, the rest is visibility. "

"TNT. Feel our love. "

"TV channel" Sport ". No day without a "sport".

"Russian radio". Everything will be fine".

"Kommersant". For this businessman, 15 years is not deadline. "

"Crossroads". Go to the best. "

"Technosila". We know people, offer solutions. "

"El Dorado". Motherland low prices. "

  • "Firm" Party ". Out of politics! Out of competition! ".
  • "Technosila". Stores of common sense. "
  • "The Snow Queen". Where do you dress? "
  • "Indesit. We work - you relax. "
  • "Reliable household appliances exist. Proved zanussi. "
  • "Sony. CD and listen. "
  • "Philips. Change life for the better. "
  • "Tefal. We care about you. "
  • In this article, you will learn 5 working methods as attracting the store.
  • How to prepare your store for receiving buyers. How to defect and give people a reason to come exactly to you in the store, and not to another.

How to analyze the flow of buyers and what to do with it further.

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".


Read in more detail in the article

Store preparation for buyers receiving - the most important part

How to attract customers to the store - 5 working methods

Give people the reason to attend exactly your store;


Unusual ways to attract

  • Analytics
  • Output
  • Before starting work on attracting buyers in the National Magazin, you need to prepare yourself, to prepare a shop in the staff to the Creek. Otherwise, if you are not ready, the effect will attract completely the opposite.
  • Example:

Speak the promotion, advertise the goods of the locomotive, they begin arrogant to you, and in the most peak of the influx you end the stocks of this selfoter-locomotive. Buyers leave evil and disappointed, "Klyanya you and your shop on what the light is worth".

Do you need such advertising?

  • Of course not needed.
  • Start preparation is needed from the study of your potential.
  • When you know potential customers better than yourself - you can proceed to develop a strategy to attract customers into your store.

You need to prepare an event plan for the acceleration of customers to the store. Specify specific dates and control places of each step. In this plan, include the methods that are written below.

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How to attract customers to the store - 5 working methods

And now actually working methods for attracting special consumers in your store.

Give people a reason - discounts and bonuses;

In the right and effective attraction of customers, there is a one-lung rule - "attract one, earn on the other."

Therefore, you need to develop, on the basis of the studied audience, the reasons why your potential customers are intensified in your store, and not in which other.

And when you find this reason, develop the decision to Ivnedritis in your action plan.

I offer you a few most popular reasons.


Probably the most popular way to lure the buyer Vggazin. Go to any shopping center, or go along the street, where are the shops are hardly located, what will you see on the shop windows?

Correctly - Discounts

20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 70%. It is not surprising that consumers stopped believing in them, it is dark less this way.

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".

Only, please do not do as some clever arms increase prices by 40%, passes a week, they write a 40% discount on the showcase that the current price is repaired. Or some went even further, do not wait a week, raise the price and immediately give a discount on the same difference.

Dear shop managers, the buyer is already far from durable and when it will feel deception, will go to your competitor, even if it is worthless.

Shares Excellent method, in order to attract the buyer to the store. The promotion is in order to interest your target audience. And then you know, kids - invented and launched a share, only there are no buyers - no one is not interested in "Primanka".


SharesProduction in a clearly agreed period. The less time, the faster the buyer will be purchased about the purchase and, accordingly, will come to the store faster. Announces start two weeks before the start.

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".


For some reason, it is used less and less than discounts, however, it is much more efficient. Gifts love everything! At the same time, you are practically imputatory in profits - bonuses can be purchased wholesale.

You can give out both material and not material bonuses. You can like the intersection of the store, but you can and are completely different. The main thing is to bonus exeception for your client.

Example: In the home appliance store to the refrigerator, a spacious road bag and it worked.

Gift Certificate

For those who do not know what to give - gives guests to serve from your store for a certain amount.

As a result, a person comes to you with a certificate - chooses a gift and ... may pay extra if another product wishes. Or if you like the service, it may well be your regular customer to have your friends and so on. Free shipping .

Very good and quickly forms a database from regular customers. Copying cards and loyalty applications Excellent option for stores in which there are re-sales. This is a kind of intangible bonuses that accumulate with every fall. In the future, they can be exchanged or discounted, or on a bonus, all dependent on your strategy.

Copying cards and loyalty applications Conducting contests and prizes

Prizes, like gifts love everything. Arrange a contest for your focuses with a draw prizes, tell us everywhere where only potential buyers as possible and invite as many potential buyers as possible.

Arrange the show.

Play really valuable prizes, just do not need your acquaintances for winnings - remember the buyer, not a fool.

You can implement these reasons for both one and the complex, the main thing is that they are attractive to your target audience. Fundamental methods

These are methods that belong to the building in which there is a shop. Location

Your store must be located in the passable place, with a convenient approach (not far from the public transport). It will be better when parking is located nearby. Excellent outlook will be a shopping and entertainment center, the main thing is that your potential customers will be in passing.

In this same category and thematic accommodation, that is, near the school, shops are well acknowledged, near the kindergarten - a toy shop and so on. Appearance

As a person meets the clothes, so decide to go to the store or not in appearance. That is, your viagomagazine should have a clean and tidy look. If there is a porch, then convenientness.

The showcase is exhibiting most popular products or goods that have the greatest competitive advantage. Showcases should be periodically updated. If suitable, you can use various interactive display cases. If your shopping is to a certain known brand, it should be seen even before the buyer goes to the store.

Number of competitors near The presence of direct oscillated competitors is near - has a dual value.

On the one hand, it's good when there are no competitors nearby, buyers will only come to you. On the other hand, it's good when there are competitors nearby - in this case, the buyer will be with the buyer and service and come to your store, I hope you have the maintenance and quality of goods.

Internally decoration store In this method, it is written that is and happens inside the store, it is

Registering in the store shop equipment

Location Location of goods Planning Customer Movement Scheme Among Showcases

range Availability of imuisical repertoire

Uniform Employees to buyers LevelServisa

Smells etc.

That is, the internal replacement should invite the buyer to go, and not repel. Advertising

After you have prepared for the reception of buyers, IOFORMAL Outside and inside the store, you can proceed to direct advertising.

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".

"MTS. People says".


Any advertising on printed media is basically the right newspapers and magazines.


In principle, too, printed advertising, but more active distribution, it can be:

"Hersh Cola. Taste of victory!".

distribution of leaflets and flyers near the store;

near competitors' stores or in departures of potential customers;

"Prices just about * buck" ("Euroset").

distribution of leaflets in mailboxes;

hanging on the door handles and the expression of the unit;

Outdoor advertising Various advertising on stationary media: billboards;

billboards; ads on the pillars and stop, although it is incorporated by outdoor advertising, but I still take it into this category;

Remember the main rule of the outdoor advertising of the store-shaft should be located within a radius of 10 minutes walk from the store maximum for-sizes or on major developers for motorists, otherwise -Money on the wind.

Media advertising

Advertising on radio and television.

Cold calls You can use the services of a call center or make the operating service for telephone calls to potential buyers.

  • Advertising in transport and in transport
  • It works better when public transport passes the calf store, and the stop is in close proximity.
  • the Internet
  • Depending on the target audience, consider whether the site needs to start advertising.
  • You can also run contextual, targeted orizer advertising.
There is another option, for your target does not need a website, the popular social network will fit. In this case, make the emphasis on the account of the account or group on social networks. Read in more detail in the article

"Lidhegeneration that these are simple words - detailed instructions for setting up" : The main thing before you run advertising -

Prepare a shop for receiving buyers

Sarafan Radio and Affiliate Marketing (Cross Marketing)

Many managers believe that the sarafined radio does not need to organize, it is even more believed that they cannot be managed and only a few know how to eat and implement in their business.

Also read the article.

"Cross marketing what it is - the best examples in the history of business"

Now remember the main rule - on the one hand you should be interested in the person who recommends your store. And on the other hand, to make such a favorable offer, charm, who will recommend your store came to you for purchases.

Another confusion that the sarafined radio is a free attraction mixer, but this is when you do not organize it and unmanage them.

Prepare a shop for receiving buyers

Unusual attraction methods

The unusual methods primarily include all-plasters with unclean power - conspiracies and prayers. The biggest plus - there are no financial spending, but, in my opinion, and the effect of this Togenica. I am not a specialist in this, so if you wish to introduce this way in our business, refer to those who practice it. More than unusual suitable for anything, which will distinguish your shop from the rest, for example, an unusual design of the room or the building itself.

An unusually decorated showcase, also attracts the attention of adversaries and interest them to go inside.

We are already accustomed to decorating stores to holidays, but you can do it in an unusual style. And thus stand out against the background of the entities, and when you in this decoration, you will also leave the reason that will encouple to go and acquire that neither.

You can completely build customer stratifies to the store.

I will give you one

An example of how it was done in Australia

For small business, an empty store means an empty bank account. Well, when the store is located in the supermarket with high attendance. But what to do if there is not enough money for renting this room? How can a small retail store can attract more visitors? Here are 30 ideas that are worth trying.

"When you go to the store


You never just go to the music record shop. When entering the store, you can be on the rock concert, on startup to sell a new CD or among the full store of naked people.

1. Make sure that your store's sign is in good condition: the backlight works, the words are clearly visible and easily read at a distance. Also take care to be immediately clear what your business is doing. If there is no clear definition on the sign, that you sell children's clothing or animal goods, customers are not fighting and learn about it.

- This is a store with the richest choice of musical records in Melbourne, it specializes in disks, cassettes and videos that you will not find anywhere else.

The events that are held here are entered into a semi-annual calendar, and the most famous among them is the day of naked buyers, when everyone who came, in which the mother gave birth, gets a free disk. Last time it came 300 visitors.

The organizers also spend the day of the britheads, the day of the dogs, guides, the day of the twist, day of homefings, the day of dancing businessmen, the day of imitated orgasms and much more. Their calendar is crowded, they even came up with "just an ordinary day in Gaslight." This attracted the attention of journalists. Let's see what events are scheduled for them for a month. "

A few examples.

, Decade-free discount throughout the day.

2. Take care of the convenience of customers. Customers should not be confused - the path to your store should be extremely simple. Install additional guide signs if necessary. Also consider where the client can leave his car or bike. If parking is not obvious, but, for example, located behind the store, specify it on the door of the store: "Free parking in the backyard". It also applies to cyclists

June 5 - Environment Day

, a decade-free discount for anyone who joined the protest march against environmental pollution.

June 8 - Cabbage Salad Day

who prepared the most delicious salad in the store walls, will receive a 20 dollars card for a hike in the bar and two tickets to the cinema.

June 10 - Basketball Day with Aircraft

, three pairs of tickets are played out.

June 12 - Birthday Warwick Capper

3. Banner of preferential shopping. Is there a promotion now in your store or have some rare goods appeared? Perfect - report this passersby. Install a luminous block on the window or place the pillar not far from the doors with your advantageous offer. Passers-by, not even being your customers, will come to learn about the promotions. But do not overdo it: the windows and doors scored by advertising and the doors will eventually push the attention of passersby even from the signboard with the store name. From such advertising noise smells of despair. Let only one preferential offer, but really interesting.

, young man with the longest hair and the girl with the shortest haircut won a 20 dollars card for a hike in the bar.

4. Make sure the staff looks engaged and friendly. Employees who look bored, absorbed phones or ready to pounce on the first incoming client, scare people.

June 13 - Queen's birthday

The first four people who seek ten minutes on the shop toilet to the toilet with the gaslight crown on the head, in a royal having fluttering each incoming, won two tickets to the movies.

5. Outdoor showcase. Creative place a shop window every month so that people are interested in watching changes all year round. This approach will attract more buyers to the store. You should not be limited to seasonal changes only.

June 16.

- The first who will come at 12.30 and for 20 minutes prepares snacks for visitors, receives two tickets to the movies.

June 17 - Mirror Marathon

6. Create favorable shopping conditions for customers. Among other equal clients will choose the store in which they are convenient to make a purchase. Be a step ahead of our competitors: Make free Wi-Fi in the store without registration, offer purchases on credit or installment payment, offer probes of goods, etc.

. Bring a mirror with you, and you will get dinner for two in the lobby.

June 19 - Poetry Day

7. Watch out for cleanliness and beauty in the store. Want to sell more and even more expensive? Then let your store be clean, spacious, with good furniture, beautiful interior and sellers in stylish branded clothing. In such a store is pleasant, and customers will certainly want to re-return to you. Imagine a studio on tailoring, albeit with a first-class master, but where it is impossible to turn around, poor lighting, the remnants of the fabric and thread are lying on the floor, and the fitting room with a small mirror is not even in the floor. Would you wanted to become their regular customer?

, Coupon is $ 20 in the bookstore for the best reading of poems for memory within two minutes.

June 21 - the day of curses

8. Entertain children. Make the parents to your store and make them spend more time, entertaining their children. Arrange a small corner in the store with a playing table, toys and books. Invite an employee to play with them. Meanwhile, offer parents a discount and the opportunity to relax from their children while they make purchases.

, Clean the curses in the face of the store staff, four of the best get two tickets to the movies.

June, 22

9. Equip the place to relax. Let the stuff or sofa be standing in this corner, near the table with catalogs, product samples, as well as a cooler with free hot and cold water. If you have a client with a friend, then the second will be something to do while your manager helps with the choice of your customer. Who knows, maybe that friend will grow quickly in your permanent buyer. Another plus such a lounge zone, which is in a rainy or vice versa of hot weather, your client will want to once again go to you to relax, and at the same time and buy something.

- On this day in 1935, cane toads were found in Australia. The first four buyers who run around the store, and then for 15 minutes they will behave like toad, will receive two tickets to the cinema.

June 23.

"Two Drivers, most originally parked their car at the store, receive a gold skip to the Prince of Wales hotel.

June 25 - International Recording Day

10. Conduct events in the store. Tasting, meeting with an expert in your field, training on the use of your goods, a master class on the craft associated with your products, a fashion show or even an art exhibition - all this is capable of attracting more people.

. The store is an opportunity to record your musical masterpieces, a lot of prizes are played, including a coupon for drinks by $ 50 at the Townhall Hotel.

June 28 - Unfortunate Day

. The first person who declared himself unsuitable for prizes receives a surf diving and a T-shirt as a gift.

June 30 - Lawn Mower Day

. The first who will come to the store with a lawn mile and will lead the lawn around it in order, will receive a coupon for drinks with a denomination of $ 20 "

This is really unexpected and works.

We now move on to one very important part in attracting - this is the numbers. Before proceeding with the execution of excretions on attracting, you need to remove the indicators for each channel of attraction and write.

You spend an action or draw, you also need to remove the points, how much this action has led new people or did not lead.

Make conclusions and ... continue or cheerful and ... continue.

11. Contest. Promote it at all available sites: in social networks, on your site, via email or SMS newsletter. But its main condition is a visit to your store. Maybe the participant of the competition must buy something for a certain amount, and maybe just take a picture against the background of your store. But you must understand than the harder condition, the more value there should be a prize.

But, you should know that the same action has been the work determined period of time, after it comes and with each next time the effect of it falls, so work on attracting customers should be stopped.


You learned 5 working methods, how to attract customers to the store examples.

It remains to introduce this knowledge in your business.

12. Attract customers from social networks to the store. Install the "Selfie wall", against which customers will be able to be photographed. You can also specify the hashtag of your store on it. Conditions promotion Such: Give customers discounts for publications on social networks and link to your store.


You can download check list right now.

"30 proven ways to increase profits in business

"And ... to find out how many ways you already use, and most importantly ... how many ways you can apply and get more money from your business

Download check list

Under this reference

How to attract customers into your business without spending huge amounts for advertising? In this article, we collected 95 working ways that can be applied in practice today.

Some of them are free, and the part will require small investments. Read to the end, it will be interesting.

Get up to 18% of the expenses for the context and Target!


: - marketer advertising platforms:

More than 2000 advertising agencies and freelancers are already working with the service.

You can connect for 1 day.

Earn from the first spent ruble, without initial restrictions, without the input barrier.

Payments on WebMoney, on the map of the individual, reinvesting in advertising.

13. Cross Promotion with other companies. Place flyers or coupons in other companies by offering customers a discount in your store if they show the check from the partner company. Let your companions do the same.

You have direct access to advertising packages, paradise for document management accounting and payment.

Try free >>


Article in topic

50 sales increase methods

Budget ways to attract customers

Working methods:

14. Arrange the distribution of leaflets in the passage place. It can be a place from your store or near the shopping center. What offers can be placed on the leaflet:

1. Place free ads in Yandex.Rayon - service, where the neighbors communicate with each other.

2. Fill out the company's profile in Yandex.Frash, Google My Business, and also check for Yandex and Google maps.

3. Take the thematic column on sites like,,, and write articles as a company representative.

4. Place information about the company in online catalogs -,, yell and analogues.

5. Share Announcement on Avito and its counterparts (, There are services through which you can immediately place an ad on dozens of boards, for example, It does not have to post ads manually. You can also open a full-fledged store on Avito, and not just to upload single ads.

6. Search for potential customers on hashthers in instagram.


· Solid discount, but when buying goods for a large amount;

You are repaired apartments. Look for manually fresh posts with tags # Newquarters, # housewarming, and offer repairs repairs news stores.

7. Search by manually in social networks requests by keywords and intercept customers. For example, someone asks in VK "Who knows an intelligent brigade of builders?", And you just engage in a construction site. You can write in a personal and offer your services.

If it is too lazy to search for manually, you can use special services - you will find in our selection: the top 10 social network monitoring services.

8. Add Items in VK Shop. Now there has been a general directory where your items can find through the search.

· Free gift when buying.

9. Give something free - service, consultation, probe, test period. That is, the task, to plant the client "on the hook". It is important that this free caused interest to paid goods and services.

10. Use reviews. For example, to motivate buyers to leave in Instagram reviews about you with the reference to the company's account. We also advise you to register on the reviews of the reviews like Irecommend and track the reaction of buyers on marketers. This is important, as many people make a decision on purchasing after they honor other people's reviews.

11. Place Offers in CPA networks or run your affiliate on the site. Webmasters will bring you customers in% of sales.

12. Suggest yourself as an expert. For example, give an interview to an article, to act as a guest in someone else's video, write a column in the local newspaper. It is important that you indicate you as the owner / business representative (if you are an employee, then a position). We also recommend signing up on the website, there you can find and suggest to give an interview.

It is worth noting that the offer on the leaflet should be really tempting to a potential client, not even a fan of your products, decided to look into the store.

13. Create socially significant events, participate in volunteer movements. The most banal and inexpensive example is to organize a subbotnik in your area. In order for this method to bring results, it is important that other people know who organized the event - use symbols or branded clothes, make photos, write a post in social networks or an article with the news done by the Saturday.

14. If you have a website - create a separate section "Blog" and regularly post thematic articles on the subject of business. Do not forget about the optimization of articles under the search!

15. Use ads on Facebook and Instagram to increase the number of shopping. You can create an advertisement, the purpose of which is to increase the shop attendance. It appears when buyers will be located nearby, and will offer coupons for use in the store.

15. Create Challenge in social networks with his hashtag. Now this topic works well in a tick current and develops in instagram. Even Yandex. Dzen is trying to launch the challenge function. If other users pick up the idea and start creating / distributing content, you will get a lot of free advertising.

16. Take your channel on YouTube. This is a very wide topic - how to create / promote the channel, find customers and make money on YouTube. We wrote in previous articles - we advise you to read.


17. Come up with viral content and distribute it everywhere where only you can. It may be a picture or video. The most vivid example is a video about the speaking hamster and the Pattern. It caused a real boom on these hamsters - video actively repost + buyers filmed their rollers with a hamster.

Optimize your business for local search.


. Manage your company cards, especially in Yandex and Google, so that they are relevant and indicating the hours of work, phone numbers, links to your site, attractive photos of your store and keywords that customers are used when searching for your goods.

18. Sell gift certificates. This may be a certificate for the purchase amount, for example, by 3,000 rubles or a specific product / service (Visit CPA). The first option is even better, so the recipient of the certificate can choose what to buy it.

17. Sell gift cards. Users will return to your store to cash the map. And they are likely to buy more than the cost of the card.

19. Conduct lives in Instagram, Tick-current and YouTube. At the same time, be sure to take time to answer the questions of the audience - it causes confidence. By the way, in a tick current, direct ether can also get into the tape "Top broadcasts" and bring you new subscribers / clients.

20. Conduct free learning and master classes. At the end of the training, to propose to sign up for a more in-depth paid course.

21. Lay out a lot of storage in instagram, they can get into recommendations.

18. If you also sell on the Internet, offer a purchase option on the site with delivery to your store. Customers almost always browse showcases, being in the store, and often ultimately buy more than they were going. To attract them to the store, offer a 5 or 10% discount for the purchase of online and pickup.

22. Subscribe to subscribers of competitors in Instagram. It is important here that you should be better than a competitor, otherwise users will not make sense to subscribe to you and buy something. Parsers for instagram will help collect the database.

19. Take an online shopping return in the store. When customers come to return, always ask if they do not want to look at: so you can turn the return in exchange.

23. Distribute branded souvenirs or add them to the main product - handles, key chains, calendars (the easiest example). First, a trifle to purchase is always nice, and you can tell you a familiar, secondly, a souvenir with a logo can see the environment (friends / colleagues) and are interested in your company.

24. Create original packaging in order to take a picture and lay out in the social network.

20. Use Digital Marketing to attract buyers to your store. Promote special offers or coupons that can be used only in the store.

Example # 1 - Packaging for delicious teeth cleaning in dogs: 21. Spend sale. Time-limited unexpected sale will attract new customers who can become fans of your store. Invite the special offer "two at the price of one" or 30% discount on everything that is in the store or something else that makes sense for your business. Send emails and messages to the phone, make targeted advertising in social networks about your sale to increase urgency.

Example # 2 - Packaging for painting tassels in the form of a mustache. The idea is inexpensive, but as attracts attention:

25. Use stickers attracting attention (better electrostatic, they do not leave after traces).

Creative example - pigeon stickers with car wash advertising:

22. Create a loyalty program in the store. Is it already there? Fine! Notify customers that today you offer double or triple bonus points. An additional incentive will help them to go out of the door and get into your store.

26. Find potential geolocation clients in Instagram and other social networks - relevant for local business. First, you can add a geometry to your publications, secondly, to search for potential customers.

As participants accumulate loyalty glasses, send them emails to remind them that they have achieved a certain level, and encourage them to come to you.

27. Placing unusual paper ads on the pillars and information boards.

Not the most successful example, but you agree, attention is attracted.

28. Hang a fun sign at the entrance to the institution.

Example - Signs at the entrance to the wine shop.

29. Release the inexpensive product that is in demand and apply your logo or company name - scotch, tags for keys, boxes. The goods can be sold or used for packaging goods.

An example is the tape mail of Russia. :

Send the target offers to the participants of the loyalty program that have not visited your store for a long time to return them.

30. Take the channel in Tickle. Why it is cool, and how to quickly attract customers through this social network, we write in the tick current column.

31. Create your Merch - T-shirts, Mugs, Caps. Buyers will become a walking advertisement. The most budget option is to use the services that themselves printed and send goods with your customers design, and allow you to create a store on your domain. For example, All you need is to download the design on the service.

32. Leave comments everywhere where you can (on the thematic sites, video on YouTube, posts in social networks). The main rule - the comment must be conscious and, ideally useful to other readers, otherwise you will simply consider the spammer. 33. Use SFS method. "Shout Out for Shout Out" - for example, you offer subscribers in instagram: "Tell me in your profile history on the subject of the post, specify the link to me in the text. Best stories I will publish on your page. " 34. Mark the influential user in instagram. This method works, but not always. The bottom line is that you create a post with free reference to the leader of opinions, and if it hooked, he will also celebrate you.

The most effective way to achieve mutual marks is to make a creative photo / product, it is better to even give, and not just lay out the picture. So, for example, make creators of registered covers for phones and artists portraits.

35. Order Advertising video at the Tictotra, if laziness independently keep an account in TT. The chip is that you can buy advertising for 500 - 2 000 rubles from a blogger with a small number of subscribers. But if his video falls in the recommendation and will gather several thousand views, it can lead you many customers.

36. Create coupons and place on coupon sites - Biglion, Kupon, buy a coupon. People love freebies.

Award the most active participants in the VIP experience loyalty program. For example, offer preview of your newest products, free makeup, sell off-hours only for them or other special maintenance so that they feel special.

37. Start a charity event or join someone else's. For example, organize a collection of money on food homeless animals.

38. Share an offer on the sites-aggregators - Yandex.Market, take, Wildberries, Ozon. For services, too, there are our sites, for example, for masters. 39. Place articles with reference to your website or pages in social networks. Above, we wrote about thematic speakers on sites like, but you can place 1-2 articles on different sites. For it, it is not necessary to pay, some large sites place articles for free with the condition that you offer them an interesting topic and write the text yourself, sticking to rapolytics.

40. Create themes on forums or sites like Pikabu, leave comments there.

41. Answer questions on your business on Yandex.Kue sites (before it was thequestion and experts), [email protected], 42. Create a infoovod that will glorify your store.

Example - Funny advertising photos of saleswomen with a harsh face from the United States brought fame not only to her, but also the store.

43. Use existing infoovodes. We wrote about this in the article about the ideas of situational marketing. It really works. An example is a gingerbread with the inscription "No money, but you hold on." By the way, as a result, they were banned from selling, so choosing the infoovod, be careful.

44. Remove your transfer. Since we are talking about budget ways, the transfer to YouTube will suit.

For example, Forumhouse, which is engaged in the construction of houses, leads on its channel 2 headings with reviews of their homes, and tell the history of customers in them. 45. Come up with your musical jingle. This is a small musical passage, which will be advertised by your business. You can place Jingle in tickle, as just a track or immediately with Challenge.

46. ​​Create a channel on Yandex.Dzen. 47. Create thematic gifs or stickers in telegrams. 48. Create a free e-book and distribute through your website and social networks. 49. Create a book or course with resale rights. It differs from the previous point that you offer the finished product to people who want to run infobusiness, but they do not have their own book / courses. So that the method worked, the book should be mentioning your company, link to the site / service, to your social networks, calling to make a purchase.

50. Place useful content in social networks, which you want to share - selections, lifehaki, tops. They will be repressed and stored in bookmarks, and you can expand the audience of potential buyers.

51. Conduct a joint webinar with a blogger / expert, for example, a live airline in Instagram. You can capture a part of the audience of the second participant of the webinar.

52. Record podcasts. While in the Russian Federation, podcasts are not as popular as in the West, but the way has the right to exist. Podcasts can be uploaded on their website, on special services for podcasts or in social networks.

46. ​​Create a channel on Yandex.Dzen. 53. Start the flash mob or marathon and piano it in social networks. For example, the marathon "21 days without complaints about life." People love to participate in marathons, and also boast that they challenged themselves. Due to reposts, you can attract new people to the marathon and, draw attention to your business. 54. Create your AR-mask for instagram - although not the cheapest way, but you can get a good coverage due to the virus. You can make a mask with your logo or company name. A simple 2D mask can be done at all for free by our instructions. 55. Testing different advertising formats, such as smart banners work well when several goods are displayed. 56. Start advertising on a similar audience - Look-A-like (people who are similar to your customers on behavioral factors and can also be customers). 57. Suggest a barter in social networks. You provide a service to blog, and he advertises you in my profile for it.

58. Distribute business cards. Only not ordinary cards, but something creative, which will want to show friends and take a picture for social networks. Example - A business card in the form of a grater with a cheese store advertisement: 59. Consider sales, offer discounts. Banally, but works.

60. Start the contest in social networks.

61. Add Share buttons to the site so that people can make the repost of interesting articles in the social network.

62. Create and develop a personal brand. How it then works to attract customers - described in detail in the article.

63. Organize sales on dropships. There are not so many high-quality suppliers in the CIS, so this niche is free. The essence of dropshipping - partners sell your goods with their markup (respectively, customers are looking for themselves), and you send an order to end customers. I am satisfied with everything, most importantly, have a permanent stock of goods and establish logistics.

64. Making mutual posting and link exchange. For example, you make feline houses, and Petya sells food for cats and dogs - advertise each other.

65. Place a large advertising on your car. 66. Take a business account on Pinterest and fill it with content.

67. Attending thematic events - get acquainted with people with people, handing out business cards, put a person with flyers next to the event.

23. Collect email addresses, address addresses and customer phone numbers, as well as convince customers to agree to the distribution of offers from your store. Do not miss the direct mail newsletter. When there are so many emails in your customers mailboxes, physical mail can really stand out - just use it economically. Postcard several times a year with a special offer will attract attention.
68. Run franchise.

69. Place QR codes on printed materials. Now everyone has a smartphone, people are easier to scan the code on the business card, an ad or flyer than manually to lift the link. On the topic: how to create a QR code for instagram.

70. Find partners in an adjacent industry. Referring again for example with Peter and cat houses. Imagine that Petit your pet store, and you have super unique houses. Offer to post them in the Petit store in%.

71. Offer the finished idea of ​​using the product. For example, you sell creative wall clocks. Put in the social networking photos like this watch wake up in the interior. Some customers are easier to decide on the purchase when they show a ready-made solution. 72. Distribute creative gifts in stores or at events. It is not necessary that they will use, the main thing is to make a photo. For example, distribute the original cardboard masks. People will post photos and storsis in these masks and write where they were presented. 73. Improve product or service. Usually, the solution lies on the surface - to improve what is already there is to correct the existing problems, and customers will catch themselves.

74. Suggest more payment methods.

75. Enter the loyalty program.

76. Use on the website Pop Apia with a tempting offer. It is only better to configure not annoying windows that jump out after 5 seconds, and pop apia with discounts that appear when the site visitor wants to close the page. 77. Send commercial offers by email. This is already for B2B business. 78. Scatter leaflets by mailboxes.

79. Come up with an attractive packaging for printing advertising.

An example is unusual envelopes that you want to open or save to memory. It works especially well with ads on drawers - ordinary leaflets are most often thrown away, and envelopes always attract attention.

80. Create a detailed section F.A.Q. With the answers to frequently asked questions - can be placed on the site, as relevant in Instagram, place the knowledge base on the site using technical support services. Not all customers love to ask questions and long wait for answers

81. Create creative branded packages for buyers. When a person goes with such a package on the street or keeps him in a prominent place, it attracts attention.

82. Add a callback form to the site. Many customers are so more convenient, they will not spend time on trying to reach and will not go out because of this to competitors.

83. Place unusual price tags in the outlet.

  • 84. Create a funny test on the company's website with the ability to share the result in social networks.
  • 85. To put the sculpture before entering the institution, attracting or hire an animator.
  • 86. Draw 3D graffiti on asphalt.
  • Important: Before creating your art, learn whether such an advertisement is allowed in your city to not run into a fine of the administration.
  • 87. Create custom content for social networks. Lay out in your profile or motivate customers to post photos on your accounts. In most cases, it is enough to ask permission to post photos with feedback.

The Starbucks brand profile holds on Custom Content:

Read in more detail in the article

88. Making advertising in the snow in winter. Why not, even though it has a temporary effect. 89. Come up with game mechanics for social networks with hidden advertising. Example - based on the game "Find Cat", advertising from the shop of hunting clothes.

46. ​​Create a channel on Yandex.Dzen. 90. Talk in the design of public spaces. For example, place a shop with a logo.

91. Come up with goods, stand, statue for spectacular photos.

For example, a towel in the form of the cover of Playboy magazine. How to stay here on not to make a photo?

92. Make creative photos of goods. Without pugs in the frame, it would be the usual photo of the next beach bag. 93. Develop an original merchandising for offline points. 94. Run a lottery for visitor to the institution (before launching to study the laws of the Russian Federation on the holding of lotteries). 95. Share Announcement in the local newspaper. Conclusion

We advise you to choose several ways and create a consolidated table in which the effectiveness of each method will be evaluated. This will help to understand what methods you are more suitable, and what to focus your efforts. The most effective way is to create a really valuable recognizable product that will lead to you customers. An example from real life is American Joy Mangano, which has become a millionaire 59 years after invented by self-refined mop. During the ether on one of the TV shows only in 20 minutes, 18,000 such mops were sold out. Based on the history of this woman, the film "Joy" was shot. useful links

Hello, dear readers Methods of attracting a buyer in a store a lot, and they exist as much as the trade itself exists - an ancient industry of economy and, at first glance, an uncomplicated type of business (buy-sell). About how to attract buyers to the store, in recently everyone who is engaged in trading. Digital technology time has put a lot on the head. Today's consumer is very different from yesterday. It can be said that it is he who dictates the rules of the game. The consumer is no longer so easily advertising and the tricks of marketers, knows the price to its money. He is careful, picky, spoiled by a large number of offers on the market and convenient online shopping. Today it is not enough to open the store and passively wait for the influx of buyers.

Attracting buyers is a whole system of measures requiring material investments.

With competent use, these tools are fully justified. To promote the store, we need an advertising budget and marketing plan. But blind followed by a marketing strategy invented by someone, ineffective. It is necessary to develop their own, individual, so-called intuitive strategy.

Attracting customers to any store: Top 15 methods Nevertheless there are universal advice and tricks, the use of which can increase sales. .

24. Review the strategy promotion of your business in search engines to make sure that customers can find information about you. You may need to update keywords or create a new content to attract users from the Internet.
original name

Name of shop - This is the first brick business you are going to build. It should be simple, concise, and at the same time unusual. You need to come up with such a name so that your store can not be confused with any other. Similar and the same type of names often lead to confusion. This often sin children's stores and the buyer sometimes does not see any difference between the "kitten", "Tigrenk" and "Elephant". Good sign


Must have a clear structure, easy to read at a distance. At one glance, it should be clear which product is sold in the store. The signboard should not disappear with the onset of darkness, but to highlight. Attractive shop window

Signboard Showcase

Must be beautifully framed and reflect the essence of the business. Use cute signs to report discounts and updates.

Restaurant territory

How to promote the store: Recommendations for different types of outlets


Before the store you need to keep clean.


Uncheck Unusual flower garden Using a variety of plants. It should be so beautiful to become a sign and recognizable destination of your area. Here without a professional landscape designer can not do.

25. Use local leaders of opinions on social networks to attract customers. Influential person in social networks that are interested in your target customers can help attract customers to your store

  • If there are no conditions around the store for this, then flowers, for example, bright red geraniums, can be planted in beautiful porridge and expose at the entrance. In winter, they can be replaced with coniferous plants (juniper) and decorate with LED garland.
  • Notify customers that you work
  • Before the dimly lit store with closed doors, people will always be wondering if he is open or not? The store should have good lighting.
  • Hang on the door
  • Table
  • With the inscription "Open" or "closed". Look red welcome
  • mat
  • At the entrance.

Some marketers believe that

Clothing store

Red color attracts attention And people have certain emotions, such as activity, excitement, desire to act. Carefully think over the interior

. Learn how to work with leaders of opinions

  • Interior trust the professionals. Refuse unnecessary pathos - it can scare away the buyer. Color affects the perception of the client, so select the palette that reflects your brand.
  • Aromatization of air
  • Our brain is sharply reacting to smells. Smells cause memories and emotions, and may force buyers to stay in the store longer. Choose a pleasant, thin flavors.
  • Competent, competent personnel
  • Staff
  • - This is one of the most important parts of the structure of your business. And because it works, the promotion of the store will depend on.
  • Today's sellers are competent, they know how to advise the buyer, possess some authority and power of belief. But are these qualities enough to attract customers and successful sales?
  • The staff is a business card of the store!

The following advice may seem unnecessary, but, unfortunately, it is too often ignored in everyday life. Each buyer has at least one negative experience with the seller. Do I need to say that after such a client goes through the store side?

Auto parts store

Smiling and friendly customized staff should be a business card of the store. Some owners demand from their vendors to show activity and offer the buyer assistance in choosing a product. This may not have anything bad, but the experience of several years shows that it only annoys and rolls the buyer. The client should feel free.

26. Offer services related to your products, such as free service repairs or annual service. This will give your customers a reason to return.

  • You should not walk behind him on the heels or watching a look.
  • The staff should not sit in the phone with a bored species or to annoy the client, but to be busy something. For example, maintain order in the workplace and make business presentable.
  • Come up with something unusual
  • Be unique, stand out something among the rest.
  • Come up with your chip - do what no one did before you.

Explore the history of large companies, and find out what they had ideas and chips.

The target audience

Flower shop

Often business owners idealize the image of the buyer. This, in their opinion, such a cheerful client who received an SMS-newsletter runs for a new purchase, and the word "discount" generally leads it to delight. In fact, buyers have long developed immunity on the word "discount", and he does not open the letters for a long time - sends to the "Spam" folder. We should not forget that the client does not have one dozen items of expenses and other problems that we do not know. .

27. Do not forget to congratulate and make your customers birthday gifts. It increases customer loyalty and makes them once again go to the store for their gift, and at the same time and buy something.

  • Whatever your business idea, it should be aimed at a certain group of potential customers.
  • When you offer your product or service, count on them. The intensification of the target market is not allowed to develop viable target strategies to attract the client.
  • The narrowing of the focus of the perfect client allows you to find exactly your buyer. If the image of the potential client is blurred, try to decide on the following items:
  • Paul, age of the client;
  • income;
  • purchasing power;
  • marital status;
  • Lifestyle.

Feedback and constant interaction with the buyer will help to better understand and find out the characteristic features of the consumer markets that you want to conquer.

Furniture store

Razing phrase "The advertisement is engine of the trade" I did not lose your value to this day. Only what we understand under the word "advertising" acquires a different form. Today, brands want to be heard, fight for being recognizable.

28. Watch out for the sale to the very end. Contact buyers to find out whether they are pleased with buying, and use the ability to offer related products that they may like.

  • Place advertising in local newspapers, local radio stations and specialized journals focused on the target audience. Use outdoor advertising, such as signs or advertising shields.
  • Internet and social networks
  • Use the benefits of the Internet to attract customers to the store.
  • Tip number 1.
  • Create a website and accounts in the most pressing social networks.
  • , such as Facebook or Instagram. Today it is called
  • Content marketing

. Place posts in your profile, but they should not consist of alone store advertising. Posts should be short, but capacious and interesting. Do not forget to celebrate the store and put hashtegi with the name of the trading point.

Beer shop

Tip number 2. Subscribe to accounts of your potential buyers. .

29. Run the referral program. Offer your customers a reward for each new customer they recommend. Ask customers who first went to your store as they found out about you.

  • , leave interesting comments and put "huskies". Always friendly answer users in your account and do not leave them without attention. Contact your local bloggers and ask whether they will write about your business.
  • Tip number 3.
  • Create a profile in Google My Business
  • . When a client is looking for a product in Google, the system automatically indicates a store with the right goods next to the client. Specify the address, opening hours of your store, publish photos, notify buyers about discounts and promotions, communicate with customers. This is a simple and affordable way to promote business on the Internet.
  • Discounts, coupons, draw lotter
  • Discounts
  • - One of the most popular and, possibly, the most effective ways to stimulate sales and attract new customers.
  • But the opinions of marketers in this matter are diverged. So, some of them argue that it attracts a large number of "wrong" buyers -
  • Discount hunters

Discounts - an effective way to attract customers!

28. Hang a fun sign at the entrance to the institution.

And here

Lottery draw

Among the checks of perfect purchases can make the attraction of new customers in the store quite real. Drawing can be carried out in the live social network.

Gift cards

Gift certificates

They are a very important advertising tool both to increase sales in the store and to attract new buyers.

  • allow you to cash out money even before selling. Often purchased gift cards remain unused, and this is an additional profit for the store. Greeting
  • If possible, try to remember the names of your regulars and welcome them by name when they enter the store. Buyer will feel welcome. Each business is individual. His work is influenced by many factors: location, business skills owner, creativity, attitude towards people, general positivity and risk.
  • Each store has its own specificity, their goods and individual promotion methods. Shop products
  • Due to the low margin for many food owners of stores should generate large sales
30. Work with reviews. For a local store, the sarafined radio is of great importance. With the development of the digital world, all the reviews moved to the network.

To get sufficient profits.

If you have a small grocery store, your customers are residents of nearby houses. Advertise yourself only in your area. People will not go to your store through the whole city.

Collaborate with discount aggregators - mobile applications, giving the opportunity to sellers to attract new buyers, distribute actual proposals among them, advertise their shares.

  • Each month or quarter change the location of popular items so that buyers are looking for them. This is done in order for them to pass by and noticed other products, and made spontaneous purchases.
  • Purity is the main trump card of the grocery store.
  • Discount cards - buyer's return warranty in your store.

Install discounts on goods whose shelf life expires in 3-4 months. It is better than just utilizing the goods after the expiration.

Arrange periodically tasting delicious products.

Make a variety of product range, find new products and new suppliers. Purchase farm products.

The grocery store should smell a good and tasty. Products must be fresh and high quality.

In recent years, in the clothing sector is observed

Reducing demand compared to a growing proposal

. Competitive promotion of the store will make it competitive in a difficult struggle for the client.

Relief of fashionable people - instagram. Create a profile and promote your store. Fill the page with interesting content about clothes, details, compare successful and unsuccessful images, talk about trends / antitrands, disassemble images of famous people.

Collect interesting and fashionable images with clothes from your store and post in instagram. Photos must be high quality.

Take care of the showcase of your clothing store. Frequently update the "Outfit" mannequins.

Invite professional stylists and first announce it to everyone. Many make it difficult to choose their clothes. If sometimes the store will provide its customers with free stylist services, they will use it with pleasure.

Use affiliate programs and give a random buyer a certificate for a visit to a hairdresser or makeup artist.

Be friendly when the client returns the goods, do not ask extra questions.

Do not interfere with buyers choose your clothes - they are very valued.

Take care of branded packaging and packages.

Smile to each client. Not because he can leave the money in your store, but in gratitude for the visit.

The auto parts retail trade industry is the part of the economy that

It is resistant even during the economic recession

. However, it should have its own marketing strategy.

The first advantage of the auto parts store is the presence of a large warehouse, range and parking in front of the store.

The staff should be competent and understand the product.

Learn how to get a maximum benefit from reviews.

Place your business cards and advertising flyers in places where your potential customers are. This is a car wash, car service, tireage, gas station, etc.

Use outdoor advertising: signboards and billboards along roads.

Please take clients with bonuses, discounts and different gifts.

To stay solvent and make a profit in the auto parts sale business, you will need to constantly have a wide selection of spare parts for a variety of cars.

If customers do not find what they need, they will definitely shop in other places.

  • Flowers will always be in our lives: Wedding, Funeral or Holidays -
  • People choose them to express their feelings
  • Try to create a reliable image - turn your floral business into a trustworthy brand. Business branding is essential for its growth. When people begin to perceive business as a brand, they become regular customers.
  • Create a memorable floral logo worthy for presenting your business.
You must have a flower business site on which information about products and services will be posted. Do not forget about profiles in social networks. Place interesting posts about colors and professional photos in the profile of your colors. Your page on social networks should represent an attractive combination of textual and visual elements, such as images and videos.

Arrange the contest of photos with flowers - with hashtags and link to your profile.

Decorate your flower shop beautifully outside. Develop a bonus system for customers who lead to buyers. When they feel the benefit for themselves, it will be much more willing to tell about friends and acquaintances about you. Come up with an unusual packaging for your colors: multi-layered, with pleasant words, as well as experiment with other materials.

On a festive day, give passersby one flower. This case can be "donate" 10-15 colors tied with a ribbon with your logo.

If high-quality furniture is not for sale in your store, you will be doomed all the time to survive and compete with other furniture stores.

The basis of the competition of these stores is not quality, but pricing policy.

Each such a store is trying to reduce prices and thereby block oxygen to competitors.

Measure the results of their marketing efforts. Take track which of the above tactics works best, and continue to use them.

Do not try to attract buyers cheap prices, because there will always be the one who will offer lower prices.

Position yourself as something inimitable, unique, capable of truly satisfy the needs of the buyer.

The search for furniture is almost always beginning on the Internet - it is there that people are looking for and ascended. Create a competent site with a convenient navigation, understandable and disposable contacts of the furniture store.

Good staff is half success. He must be able to give answers to all the questions, tell, show the client a few "lifehakov" on how to distinguish high-quality furniture from poor quality.

Combating outdoor advertising plays an important role in attracting customers.

Social networks and interesting content - one of the ways to declare yourself. We are allegums will be the advice of designers, educational posts about the history of some objects of furniture, etc.

Free shipping and assembly - this item is very important for the buyer, as it saves transport.

Always leave the client a memory of yourself - a small present that will come in handy in everyday life.

There are many lovers of this ancient amber drink. But

Supermarkets - a strong competitor

First you need to create an attractive store image. The name must be catchy, memorable.

The interior must be designed in a single style and is desirable made of natural wood.

The assortment of beer and snacks must meet with different tastes of consumers.

The pillar on the street with a loud slogan and the price list will become interested in passersby.

Make the thematic shop windows and ensure good lighting.

Sellers of the beer store must be dressed in branded clothing store.

Flyers, business cards with store address extend to the street and in other trading enterprises.

Profile in the social network is a powerful tool to attract customers. Publish notes about beer, photos from the store, remove the funny varies.

Spend different shares to attract customers. For example, attach a package of free snacks when buying a specific type of beer. Enter cumulative bonus cards, club cards with a discount system, etc.

Apply such an advertising move: in the cold season, organize the delivery of beer to the house.

The world of buying and selling will never be the same. It's time to forget about the "old good times" - it's time to move on and take a new reality. Yes, online shopping displaces retailers, but it does not die, but changing. According to polls, there are still people who do not like to pay for delivery, wait for a purchase for several weeks, and indeed, prefer to go for purchases personally.

For business development, it is necessary not only to constantly attract buyers, but also to hold the finished base. It is important to cause the desire to return to you, use the goods and services and do not go to competitors if you offer not one-time services.

Good long-term relationships with existing consumers - the basis of the stability and development of a business project, especially valuable during an unstable economic situation. With the right business construction, work simultaneously goes to expand the base and the holding of old users. This will ensure success and reduce the risk of failure. Following only one of the strategies, you will certainly encounter problems and the possible collapse of the project.

Ways to attract customers to the store

Difficulties of attracting new customers against the holding of old

It is necessary to hold the old customers and is beneficial due to the formation of long-term relationships and elevated loyalty, as well as from an economic point of view. When analyzing several successful long-term business projects, a regularity is noticeable: "The most money of the company is brought old customers!"

Phrases to attract buyers

The main problems of attracting consumers


Phrases to attract buyers

Holding an existing subscriber costs 5-10 times cheaper than adding new. The price of the new person's involvement is constantly growing due to improving advertising and constantly increasing competition.


Phrases to attract buyers

The situation on the market, especially in Russia, is inconsistent, and it is impossible to accurately predict the number of attracted consumers. This indicator rapidly falls during the crisis, while income from regular customers is growing on the basis of trust.


Phrases to attract buyers

At the beginning of cooperation, a person makes small purchases, first looks short, evaluates the ratio of price, quality and service. The American statistical portal provides data on the fact that the client who has been in a company in less than six months spends 67% less than the one who cooperates with you for three years.


Phrases to attract buyers

Attracting a new person requires identifying and analyzing its pains, closing up-to-date needs, creating a trust relationship, confidence in the quality of services. This requires financial and temporary investments. Pains of the permanent target audience are already familiar to the entrepreneur, and compliance with the requests during the first contact automatically increases loyalty.

10 Effective methods of fast and high-quality customer attraction

In the conditions of tough competition, it is necessary to attract the attention of the audience and stand out on the market. Work on the retention strategy begins after a set of the minimum desired number of consumers for the functioning of the enterprise.

Methods of recruitment of users

- Active (promotion of commercial offers by sellers, Cold base call, mailing information about the company and services);

- passive (outdoor and contextual advertising, Internet marketing, promotion in search services);

- Combined (combining the active work of the seller and marketing means).

Among the many strategies are the most effective methods for attracting customers based on the results of multi-level business research:

1. Promoto products

When buying, people prefer familiar products of the properties of which they do not know anything from personal experience. Promotional gifts are beneficial for you and pleasant to potential customers. Effectively for the sale of expensive complex products, as it makes it possible to get acquainted with the service and product. 2. Content Marketing Use a blog, website or social networks to directly communicate with the user, without turning the platform exclusively in the advertising tool. Quality content, answers to frequent issues, interesting information significantly increases traffic and gives interested "heated" people.

3. Honest advertising

Phrases to attract buyers

Make commercials on TV and on the Internet, banners, contextual advertising, shares not only interesting and memorable, with an unusual plot, emphasizing the benefits, but also honest. You should not exaggerate the achievements and show the product exclusively in the perfect context, silent or hiding some details.


The human psychology is the automatic interest of discounts, shares, unusual offers, gifts and bonuses. This automatically makes an order of magnitude more attractive and competitive. Well work in this key win-win lotteries, small bonuses for filling out a questionnaire or participation in draws. People are accustomed, ready for active interaction.

5. Live presentations

Phrases to attract buyers

Videos attract less than live demonstrations. Arrange exhibitions and shows. Your speech should not be long, but interesting and memorable. Presentations are well combined with the previous paragraph, offering participants participating in an instant lottery or a discount coupon.

6. BTL technology

The spread of promotional products, booklets, leaflets and business cards does not lose relevance, but it should be borne in mind that proposals have been implemented effectively with the benefit of a person with a promotional product. For example, the first free taxi trip in the presence of a business card or a discount for services upon presentation of a coupon.

7. Viral advertising

Create bright advertising capable of spreading quickly and remember. Provoke an active discussion of your proposal and services. Sarafan radio and brand recognition guarantee a constant stream of users.

8. Networking

These are modern progressive ways to build business connections and relationships between the user and the entrepreneur. Marketing methods are aimed at a wide audience and are based on the desire to be useful for the client. Show an active interest in consumer issues, offer effective ways to meet its needs, respond quickly to change requests. 9. Expert .

An important role in involvement plays the creation of a personal brand and demonstrating its expertise through speeches at conferences, seminars, keeping your blog. If people see an expert in you and turn to advice, they will likely acquire products and services, as you showed a high level of professionalism, the quality of cooperation and formed a confidential attitude.

10. Events

Organize not only business events and meetings, but also events related to sports, public or cultural life. Concert, race, cycling or fair dedicated to the national or local holiday. You will get huge audience coverage with the ability to present your product, remember. It is also useful for attracting new customers to engage in charity and mass shares.

Why do you need customer retention strategy?

Recently, the loyalty of consumers has declined sharply due to a significant increase in market proposals. Now there is little good service and convenient location to make a person come back. Is it worth spending forces then then? Companies using effective customer retention strategies are less dependent on market changes and economic strikes. The constant base allows you to keep afloat, make a profit even during the period of acute crisis. Moreover, support for permanent subscribers still costs several times cheaper than attracting hyperconusing.

Loyalty is your main advantage over other entrepreneurs. The client who uses your services for a long time, with the minimum probability will go to another place, even if the offer will seem more profitable there. He is confident in service, product and satisfied by the service.

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