How to increase or decrease the page in classmates

Like in classmates to increase or decrease the scale of the page

Hello, dear visitors to the site! Every year more and more users more often use a computer or laptop in everyday life. We also watch TV, read books, magazines, peering into the small font of your mobile or tablets.

Given that few people should generally accepted recommendations: 45 minutes after a computer, 15 minutes of rest, many users eventually face problems related to impairment. Naturally, the technique is not the only reason that cause them, but obviously one of the factors.

As a result, it becomes hard to look at the small font of Internet pages, especially if it is social networks. After all, here we can read the news, browse the publications of other users, communicate with the help of messages and much more. And, agree, it is impossible to spend a comfortable time if you have to peer into the next message sent by the friend.

That is why, in this article, we will deal with how you can enlarge the page in classmates on the computer, to comfortably read the text and view photos of other users. Also consider how you can return the scale to the original state.

How to increase the scale of the page in classmates

So, if the contents of the page in classmates seems too small, you need to increase its size. To do this on the computer, clamp the Ctrl key on the keyboard and smoothly scroll through the mouse wheel in the direction from yourself. Turn the wheel until you are comfortable to watch. This was originally.

Little scale page

And so you can do it. As you can see, the font has increased and all the rest of the content.

Increase the font in classmates

If you need to enlarge the text and pictures on the laptop, with no mouse, then use the keyboard. Again, clamp Ctrl, then find it near the digital area "+" and press it until the displayed does not suit.

In order to remove an enlarged or reduced page in classmates and return the original scale, clamp the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and then press 0.

How to reduce the scale of the page in classmates

If, on the contrary, everything is too big and you need to decrease everything, then you need to perform the steps in the above described. To reduce the page on a computer, clamp Ctrl and twist the mouse wheel to yourself.

If you need to reduce the page on a laptop, clamp Ctrl and press the "-" sign on the numeric keypad. That's how everything may look initially.

Increased scale in classmates

Page with a reduced scale. So you can reduce the font, photos and other content.

Reduced scale in classmates

If you want to change the page format in classmates in a mobile application on the phone or tablet, then to increase two fingers in the center of the screen and extend them to the sides, to decrease, put your fingers along the edges and slide them to the center.

How to change the scale of the page in classmates using a browser

In addition to the methods described above, to increase or decrease the page in classmates, you can use the configuration of the browser itself. To do this, open the browser menu, then find a number with percentages in it, next to which will be the "+" and "-" sign. Accordingly, to reduce the scale, press "-" to increase "+".

The Mozilla Firefox scaling buttons look like this:

Scale Page in Mozilla Firefox

In Google Chrome, they look like this:

Scale page in Google Chrome

So you can increase or decrease the page in classmates on a computer or laptop. I hope everything happened, and now you have a comfortable time on the social network.

LogoOn social networks there are a lot of users who do not know the elementary things. For example, how to set up a scale, add friends or send gifts. Most often it is people aged about 30 - 60 years. On our site you will find a lot of useful information in which all secrets and capabilities are described. For example, in this article we will talk about how to properly reduce and increase the scale in classmates from a computer or phone.

What is scaling and what it is necessary

Scaling is an increase or decrease in all information that is present on the page. Moreover, pictures, video and text can be configured separately. There are a lot of ways to change the scale of the web page, we will only touch on the simplest - those that can quickly apply each of you.

Scaling is needed in different cases. For example, you have bad eyesight and you cannot consider content on the monitor. In such cases, it needs to be slightly increased. It happens, on the contrary, the text seems too big and I want to do less.

Change scale

IncreaseIn any browser, the default scale is 100%. If it is changed, it means that the configuration was previously made. There is a universal zoom change suitable for any browser. In order to increase or decrease the content, clamp the button Ctrl And rotate the mouse wheel. If there is no wheels on your manipulator, you can use buttons +и on keyboard .

Wheel-scale adjustment

There are alternative methods for setting up an increase in classmates. Let's look at how it works in different browsers.

Google Chrome.

Increase and reduce content in this browser is carried out through the main menu. As soon as it is open, you will see the approximation indicator and two buttons to adjust the scale.

Customizing Chrome

There is also a full-screen viewing button, to get out of which by pressing the key F11 .

Internet Explorer.

To open the display setting in IE from Microsoft, you will need to click on the gear located in the upper right corner of the browser, and in the drop-down menu select the item marked with a number "one" .

Scale in IE.

Increase and reduce content will be obtained using fixed values, but there is an additional mode, called "Special" . It comes down to manually enter the value in a new window.

Special regime


The menu opera is on the other side. Open it and see the buttons (we marked them "2" ). It is they who set up the scale of classmates. Just as in Chrome, there is an activation of a full-screen mode.

Scale in Opera

Mozilla Firefox.

In this browser, it is also very easy to configure the scale of the page display. Click on the button with the image of three strips and in the drop-down menu, in its very top, we see the buttons "+" и "-" . They are we and we need.

Scale Firefox.

As in other browsers, there is an indicator of the current scale. In this case, it is standard - 100%.

Yandex browser

It remains to consider one of the most sought-after observers. This is of course, Yandex.Bauzer. This program is based on Chromium, so the scaling tool is similar to Google Chrome. There are also the zoom / decrease buttons, and the switching tool in full screen mode.

Scale in Yandex Browser

In order to quickly return the scale to the standard position (without increasing and decreasing), simply use the combination of hot keys Ctrl + 0.

From the phone

And in the mobile version, and in the application, classmates cannot be increased part of the page. Make it very simple if we open the full version of the site on the phone. Then you need to touch the screen with two fingers and breed them to increase. To reduce, the fingers are needed, on the contrary, to reduce.

Scaling mobile version

Attention: this method works not always and not everywhere. For example, depending on the browser, the page can be fixed.

If you cannot increase the gesture, try adjusting the fonts in the phone. Search Settings Somewhere in the menu "Display" . For example, we look like this.

Setting font

The disadvantage of this method is the fact that the font size will decrease not only in classmates, but also everywhere.

Results and comments

That's all. We told about how to reduce or expand the page in classmates, both on a computer or laptop and on the phone. We hope the article was useful for you. If you do not understand something, ask your question in the comments, and we will try to help everyone.

Video instruction

For greater clarity, you are waiting for a video dedicated to the topic described.

Changing the scale of the page on classmates

On some major monitors, the site classmates may not be entirely correctly displayed, that is, all its contents becomes very small and difficult to recognize. The reverse situation is related to the need to reduce the scale of the page in classmates if it was increased by accident. All this is quick enough.

Scaling Page in Odnoklassniki

Each default browser has a page scaling function. Due to this, it is possible to increase the scale of the page in classmates in a few seconds and without downloading any additional extensions, plug-ins and / or applications.

Method 1: Keyboard

Take advantage of this small list of key combinations that allow you to change the scale of the page to increase / reduce the content of the pages in classmates:

  • Ctrl +. - This combination will allow you to increase the scale of the page. Especially often applied on high-resolution monitors, since it is often for them the content of the site is displayed too small;
  • Changing the scale of the page in classmates

  • Ctrl - . This combination, on the contrary, reduces the scale of the page and is used most often on small monitors, where the contents of the site can go beyond its limits;
  • Ctrl + 0. . If something went wrong, then you can always return the default page, using this key combination.

Method 2: Keyboard and Mouse Wheel

Similarly, the scale of the page in classmates is adjusted with the previous way using the keyboard and mouse. Click the key "Ctrl" On the keyboard and, without releasing it, twist the mouse wheel up, if you want to increase the scale, or down if you want to reduce it. Additionally, at the same time inside the browser, a notification of a scale changes can be displayed.

Method 3: Browser Settings

If for some reason you cannot use hot keys and combinations thereof, then use the scale adjustment buttons in the browser itself. Instructions on the example of Yandex.Bauser looks like this:

  1. In the upper right side of the browser, click the Menu button.
  2. A list with settings should appear. Pay attention to its top, where there will be buttons with "+" и "-" , and between them meaning "one hundred%" . Use these buttons to set the desired scale.
  3. If you want to return to the original scale, then simply click on "+" or "-" As long as not reach the value of 100%, which stood by default.
  4. Scale tools in classmates

In the change of the scale of pages in classmates there is nothing complicated, as it can be done in a couple of clicks, and if it is necessary, it will also be quickly repayed everything into the initial state.

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In the social network "Odnoklassniki" about two hundred million users - among them there are newcomers who created their profile literally yesterday, and crowded professionals who seem to know every corner of this site. But sometimes both the help and advice are required. In this article we will tell you that you can interest almost everyone - how to reduce the font in Odnoklassniki on the page of your profile.

About, how to increase the font in classmates We will tell you in another article located on the same site.

In fact, the size of the characters and images often depends not from the site where you are, and from the settings displayed in the browser or on the laptop. And this rule is also relevant for the social network "", so we present here examples of how it is possible to configure your device that the letter value corresponds to your desire.

How to change the font size in Odnoklassniki on the page?

In order for you to learn how to configure the size of the characters on your device, we offer you detailed instructions, with which even the newcomer can cope with the task. There are two options for the size of the letters on your computer.

  • Change browser settings
  • Change computer or laptop settings

You can choose the way that you will seem preferable.

How to change browser settings?

The way will depend on what kind of browser you are accustomed to use the site to enter the we need. We bring here the most used applications to log in.


  • Enter B. Opera. .
  • Click on the name of the browser located in the left corner of the screen, on top.
  • You can see all available for setting up the parameters.
  • Now find "Scale". Place it less or more specified by your desire.

Internet Explore.

  • Go to Internet Explore. .
  • You see from above, on the right side the button in the form of a gear. Mouse over it with the mouse and click on the left button.
  • A small window will appear, where, among other parameters, there will be a "scale", with the signs of the plus and minus. You can control the magnitude of the letters by pressing them at your discretion.

Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome And then copy to the address line this command: chrome: // settings

A simpler way to open the settings is to press the icon in the form of three strips in the right corner of the screen.

  • You will be opened a list of settings. Using the mouse wheel, descend to the easiest end, and there, find the item "Show Advanced Settings" and click on it.
  • Now you need to find the inscription "font size" on the screen and choose an acceptable value for yourself, for example, "medium" or "very small".

How to change computer settings or laptop?

In order to reconfigure the device itself, do the following:

  • Find the place that is not engaged in any labels on your desktop on the screen and click on it with the mouse button located on the right side.
  • You will see a window with a list of possible actions. You should select "Screen Settings".
  • You will see that permission that is installed on your device at a given time in a digital equivalent, as well as a scale on which it can be seen how high or low it is.
  • Now the most important thing is to remember that if the resolution is too high, then all the letters and images will seem overly small, and on the contrary, badges and symbols will be larger than the lower resolution. Knowing it, you can put it in the proportion, which you think necessary.

That's all! You yourself understood that the adjustment of the letters from large to small is not at all difficult. If you suddenly have any difficulty, contact us in the comments and we will gladly tell you everything

It is interesting to know what else is in OK, my page - read the article on our website.

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