How to quickly cure cough

How to quickly cure cough

Therapy begins with the determination of the pathogenic microorganism penetrated into the body. Depending on the etiology, different drugs are prescribed.


Treatment of infection

Therapeutic procedures depend on the causative agent of the disease. Among the common causes of cough development are distinguished:

Bacterial infection

Pathology is found among respiratory diseases in 5-30% of patients. The clinical picture can correspond to the symptoms of influenza, and the uncontrolled reception of antibiotics is seriously harmful to health.

The signs of bactericidal damage include:

The pathological process can go to an angina or alveolite. Medicinal preparations for combating infection are prescribed by the therapist. The wrong selection of antibiotics will not give the expected result, will allow the disease to move into complex forms.

Viral infection

The disease leads to the appearance of dry cough. The pathological condition is developing under the influence of one of 200 varieties of viruses, to determine which can be only a laboratory study. To stimulate local immunity, the patient is prescribed:

  • Ribominyl;

  • IRS-19;

  • Immudon.

The suppression of the activity of the influenza virus is carried out by remantine, Relezo, Tamiflu. For other varieties of infection, they are not suitable.

The choice of drug should be engaged in the attending physician in accordance with the diagnostic data. It is impossible to choose the appropriate drug yourself.

General therapy

It implies symptomatic treatment, which makes it easier for the patient's condition. For the removal of painful sensations in the throat, the use of special lollipops and tablets are recommended: Strepsils, Grammididin, Dr. I, etc.

For the treatment of colds in the first stages of development, integrated funds are used freely sold in pharmacies: Colders, Fervests, ORVI rates, rhinzasps. The base of the drugs is represented by paracetamol intended to reduce the inflammatory process. Additional components are ascorbic acid, caffeine. The first component stimulates the immune system, the second - tones the body.

Symptomatic therapy reduces uncomfortable sensations for a while, but does not suppress the source of the disease. For serious treatment, you need diagnosis and purpose of the drug on a certain type of pathogen. Attempts to endure colds on the legs, I can cause the development of complications - chronic inflammatory processes, cardiac problems, etc.

Treatment of dry and wet cough

The first stage of the disease is almost always accompanied by an unproductive coughing without a wet branch. The condition continues for several days, during this period the body is not able to evacuate the pathogenic microflora and its livelihoods. After 2-3 days, it proceeds to the productive phase with the removal of the brunches of the mucous membrane.

Pharmacies offer a variety of forms of medicines against dry cough. They include special syrups, pills, lollipops and sprays. In parallel, the patient should help its body to cope with the transition period. His task is to use sufficient room temperature fluid: tea, drinking water, morse, compote. From the menu, any kinds of carbonated beverages are excluded: sweet, mineral. Under the ban falls cold or hot drink.

For moisturizing the dry mucous membranes, it is necessary to increase the level of humidity in the room. For this, special humidifiers or a grandfathers are used: a wet terry towel hangs on the central heating battery. This approach greatly facilitates the state of the disease.

If the cough reflex is manifested during the conversation, plant syrups with a variety of additives will help him. For an unproductive variant, geledelix and other preparations based on healing herbs are preferable. Patients are often prescribed tablets with active substance ambroxol. A group of medicines is represented by the Lazolyvan, Ambrexal, Ambroben.

The list of effective sprays includes hexoral and the main analogues. Its active ingredients destroy the pathogen, work for 12 hours. The remedy is produced in the form of a solution for rinse the throat.

With a productive cough, the body evacuates the sputum in which bacterial and viral agents are located. Wet cough requires the use of certain drugs intended to speed up the process and approaching recovery.

With a cough reflex of the specified type, inhalations are used. Therapy is carried out using special equipment feeding the finished solution to the inflammatory hearth. With thick wet, treatment passes with the help of the ACC, Mukaltina, Fluimucil.

If the diagnostic study has proven that the problem arose on the soil of the defeat by bacteria, the patient will be prescribed by Penicillin, cephalosporic group or macrolides. Preference is given to erythromycin, ampicillin, ceftriaxone.

Specialists are advised not to get involved in self-medication and folk techniques, but immediately apply for professional help. Not all respiratory infections are suppressed by the immune system, separate species require antibacterial therapy with constant control of the state. If the primary treatment facilities do not give the expected result for 3-5 days, the patient must stop taking medicines and visit the consultation of the precinct therapist.

How to quickly cure a dry cough in an adult

December 12, 2018.

Dry cough testifies to the presence of a serious illness or complication. There is a legitimate question - what and how to treat it? Doctors tend to recommend abandoning the harmful effects on the respiratory tract - loud conversations, smoking, drinking ho

How to quickly cure a dry cough in an adult

Dry cough testifies to the presence of a serious illness or complication. There is a legitimate question - what and how to treat it? Doctors tend to recommend to abandon the detrimental effects on the respiratory tract - loud conversations, smoking, cold drink drinks, etc. Sometimes a diet is also needed, an exception from the diet of saline, fried dishes, smoked meals and a number of other harmful products.

But first of all, you should consult a doctor. Competent diagnostics and correctly designated treatment - mandatory conditions for the patient's successful recovery.

Selection of therapy

This is the prerogative of a medical specialist (based on the survey). Therapeutic technique relies on the accuracy of identifying the causes of pathology and a number of individual patient features.

In the presence of a cold illness, the patient is prescribed:

Allergy detection entails the need for competent selection of antihistamine drugs.

Inflammatory pathologies localized in the throat and the upper respiratory tract require the use of a large complex of drugs. The patient determines the course of antibacterial treatment.

Effective forms of treatment and preventive measures

Cash attacks are associated with the fact that the sputum is too viscous and it is impossible to exhaust. It is necessary to create conditions for the removal of the pathological flora.

The patient should ensure the availability of wet fresh air. He is prescribed abundant drinking, a number of special exercises for cleaning respiration and special drugs, most often of plant origin.

During treatment, stressful situations, smoking should be avoided, eliminate the possibility of side effects.

You can order and buy medicines (including rare drugs for the treatment of cough) in the network of budget pharmacies.

How to cure cough at home

How to cure cough at home? The answer depends on the cause of the development of pathology and a number of other factors. The cough reflex is the reaction of the body to irritating the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, may occur by physiological or pathological reasons.

Normally, a person has no more than 20 coughing jolts per day. If there is a pathological process, the cough can be dry and wet (wet), which depends on the absence or availability of sputum, as well as sharp, protracted and chronic, depending on the duration (up to 3 weeks, more than 3 weeks or more than 3 months per year, respectively).

In most cases, cough can be treated at home, but it is impossible to do in 1 day In most cases, cough can be treated at home, but it is impossible to do in 1 day

If you suspect the development of the pathological process, you should contact a qualified technician and pass the appointed examination. After the diagnosis of the doctor, if necessary, prescribe treatment, which can be carried out at home under medical control.

The main therapy can be complemented by the means of traditional medicine, but they are not recommended to use uncontrollably and / or as the only way of treatment.

Acute symptoms can sometimes be removed for 1 day, however, to eliminate the cause of cough usually requires more time.

How to quickly cure cough at home

Treatment of various types of cough differs. So, with a dry cough, it is necessary to remove irritation, moisten and soften the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, with a wet cough - to alleviate the cleanement and removal of sputum.

With the exhausting unproductive cough, anti-shield preparations can be assigned to the cough reflex. They can be used in a very limited amount of cases, only in the absence of wet wet clusters, cannot be used together with mulitics and expectorant drugs, which are prescribed if you need to disperse mucus and facilitate its removal from the respiratory tract.

Anti-inflammatory agents are often used, with infectious diseases - anti-infectious drugs (antibiotics, antiviral agents, etc.). With an allergic reaction, antihistamines are prescribed. In a psychosomatic cough, sedatives can be used.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be applied:

  • Preparations that improve intestinal motorcyc;
  • antisecretory drugs;
  • Antacids.

General recommendations

Patients are recommended abundant drinking mode, with a tendency to swells (pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease) The amount of fluid consumed is adjusted by the doctor. When coughing you can drink tea with lemon, with honey, milk-based products, berry and fruit juices, fruit, compotes, warm mineral water.

In the room where the patient is located, regular wet cleaning should be carried out, ventilated, moisturize air.

If the patient's condition allows it, it is recommended to walk in the fresh air. The patient is recommended a gentle diet (refusal of irritating mucous membrane of products), refusal to smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.


The most effective methods of treating cough include inhalations that can be done with the help of an inhaler, nebulizer, spray.

Steam inhalations are easy to exercise at home. The advantages of steam inhalation are simplicity and availability. In the absence of steam inhaler, the patient can simply breathe steam over a container with a prepared solution, covering his head towel. The disadvantages of this method include the possibility of obtaining patient burns of mucous membranes and skin. Children have such inhalations inexpedient.

Steam inhalations are the easiest method, but also the least effective Steam inhalations are the easiest method, but also the least effective

The benefits of inhalation with the help of a nebulizer include their safety (it is impossible to obtain a burn) and efficiency: particles of the drug substance are so small that they penetrate into the lower respiratory tract departments. In addition, during inhalation using a nebulizer, drugs can be used that lose their effectiveness when heating.

Preparations for the implementation of the procedure, concentration and frequency of inhalation pick up the attending physician.

For inhalations you can use:

  • medicines;
  • Food soda solution;
  • saline or solution of table salt;
  • mineral or sea water;
  • essential oils;
  • honey;
  • Infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants.

Contraindications include: Individual intolerance to one or more components of the solution, a tendency to nasal or pulmonary bleeding, arrhythmia, severe heart failure, pneumothorax. At elevated body temperature, steam inhalations are contraindicated, but such patients can be carried out by a procedure using a nebulizer.

If a dizziness appeared during the patient's procedure, the cough strengthened, the overall state was worse, the inhalation should be immediately terminated and seeking medical attention.

When carrying out inhalation, a number of rules should be performed:

  1. Start the procedure no earlier than 1-1.5 hours after meals or intensive physical exertion.
  2. Use only those solutions and in the concentration that have appointed the attending physician.
  3. To breathe during the mouth procedure, periodically producing breaths through the nose.
  4. Do not do during the inhalation of any other activities (including it is impossible to talk).
  5. In the cold season for an hour after inhalation, do not go out.
  6. For an hour after inhalation, do not eat food, do not smoke, do not talk loudly.
  7. Clean the nebulizer after each procedure in accordance with the instruction manual.
  8. After the inhalation, rinse the face with water and rinse the mouth to get rid of the remnants of the drug.
  9. The temperature of the solution for steam inhalation should be 50-55 ° C.

Inhalation time is 5-10 minutes for adults, for children, the duration of the procedure depends on the age of the patient and the active substance. Thus, the duration of frequently appointed inhalation with saline with a nebulizer for children is presented in the table.

Table. The duration of inhalation by saline, depending on the age of the child

Folk remedies

To soften the cough and accelerate the regeneration of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, folk remedies are used. Their application requires approval with a doctor.

Funds on a vegetable basis:

  1. Buckwheat with a golden mustache. Mitigating and moisturizing the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract contributes to the daily use of infusion from the flowers of buckwheat and the leaves of the golden oust (10 g). The plant mixture must be pouring 500 ml of boiling water and insist about 40 minutes.
  2. Korni Aira. With cough attacks and the absence of sputum well helps the infusion of the roots of AIR (1 tablespoon of dry raw materials by 1.5 glasses of boiling water). The tool must be insisted for 10 minutes, take 2/3 cups 30 minutes before meals. With cough buses at night, you can use 1 teaspoon of a mixture of honey and lemon juice (in equal parts).
  3. Garlic with honey. A mixture of chopped garlic (2-3 teeth) and honey (2 tablespoons) can help. The remedy takes 1 teaspoon 2 times a day for 2 days, then it is necessary to take a break for 1 day, if necessary, receiving the drug can be continued along the same scheme.
  4. Raisins. You can use a decoction of raisins, for the preparation of which 100 g of raisins are poured 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and boil on a small heat for 30 minutes. The mixtures are allowed to cool, filter and take 0.5 glasses 3 times a day.

Milk-based recipes:

  1. Milk with alkaline water. It is recommended to drink warm milk mixed with alkaline mineral water in a 1: 1 ratio. You can also drink milk with soda (0.5 teaspoon soda on a glass of milk).
  2. Warm milk with honey (1 teaspoon on a glass of milk). A little cream oil can be added to the tool. The drink is desirable to use before bedtime.
  3. Milk with Anisa . For the preparation of 2 tablespoons of anise seeds, 1.5 cups of milk are poured, a pinch of salt is added, bring to a boil and removed from the fire. A 1 teaspoon of honey is added to the liquid and take 1 tablespoon every 3 hours throughout the day.
  4. Milk with sage Well helps with dry cough. For cooking 1 tablespoon of dry grass, 1 cup boiling water is poured and insist 25 minutes. The liquid is filled with 1 cup of milk. The tool can be sweeten with honey and use throughout the day in warmth.
  5. Milk with figs. 3-4 fetal figs are poured with 1 cup of milk, the liquid is adjusted to a boil and boil on a small heat under the lid about 2 hours. The agent is taken 50-100 ml before eating no more than 5 times a day. Figs should eat, and drink fluid.
Milk with figs - Popular folk remedy for cough Milk with figs - Popular folk remedy for cough

Black radish based agents:

  1. Squeeze fresh radish juice, mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture is taken 3-4 times a day at 1 tea / children) or 1 dining room (adults) spoon.
  2. Wash 1 radish, cut up the top and cut part of the pulp. In the recess lay honey (no need to fully fill the radish with honey, you should leave a place for juice), the top is installed in place, the radish is left for several hours. After the specified time, a mixture of radish and honey juice must be drained, a new portion of honey can be placed in the recess.
  3. Black radish (1-2 pieces) need to be cleaned, cut into cubes, put in a suitable container, sprinkle with sugar and bake at an average temperature of about 2 hours. During cooking, you need to ensure that the liquid does not evaporate, and the radish is not burned. The resulting syrup is drained into storage capacity, consumed 2 teaspoons 3 times a day.

Compresses and rubbing

Banks, mustard pieces, compresses can be used as an additional heating agent. Doctors warn against the mindless admission, such procedures have contraindications and must be coordinated with the doctor.

  1. Rubbing. The chest is rubbed with a mixture of vegetable oil (10 ml) and ammonia alcohol (5 ml). You can also produce trituration with interior fat.
  2. Compress with vodka. Marla (approximately 30 cm) is wetted with vodka or alcohol (about 50 ml), placed on the chest (on the bronchi area), are covered with parchment. The compress can be fixed using a warm handker or scarf. After the compression is made, the patient should be under a warm blanket for about 30 minutes. The procedure is carried out 1 time in 2 days.
  3. Warming compress. It can be prepared from honey (2 tablespoons), mustard powder, vegetable oil, flour and vodka (1 tablespoon). From the resulting mixture, you need to form 1-2 cakes, wrap them in gauze and put the patient on the chest and / or back. The compress can be fixed on the body with the help of bandage and leave for the night. Compresses can be placed on the chest and on the back. At the same time, childcare patients in one procedure should be put on the chest compress or back. Place of performances can be alternating every other day. Warming compresses are contraindicated at elevated temperatures.
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Related symptoms

The dry cough often occurs in the early stages of diseases of the respiratory tract organs, while in a few days from the beginning of the disease, it can go to the wet.

With different pathological processes, the cough may be accompanied by:

  • increasing body temperature;
  • pain and / or rhind;
  • pain in the chest;
  • runny nose;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • voting change (up to the time loss);
  • nausea and vomit;
  • pallor and / or cyanosis of skin;
  • weakness, fast fatigue, drowsiness, etc.

Motica with different diseases is different. In diseases of viral etiology, the sputum is usually transparent and colorless, does not contain impurities. A small amount of transparent viscous sputum may also be observed during an allergic reaction, bronchial asthma. In a bacterial infection, the sputum may contain pus impurities, have a yellowish or greenish color.

In the case of fungal infection in mystery, grudge lumps of white or gray can be detected. With tuberculosis, oncological diseases of the organs of the respiratory system in sputum can be detected blood.

Causes and risk factors

Most often, cough occurs in diseases of the respiratory system, which includes sharp respiratory viral infections, inflammatory processes in the upper and lower respiratory tract (pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia), bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms of the respiratory tract.

In most cases, cough has a cold nature In most cases, cough has a cold nature

This symptom can be observed in diseases of the cardiovascular system (stagnant heart failure), the gastrointestinal tract (gastroesophageal reflux disease), endocrine pathologies (thyroid disease), gliscate invasions, osteochondrosis.

In addition, the reason for the development of this clinical sign can be:

  • allergic reaction;
  • supercooling of the body;
  • Inhalation is too dry and / or dusty air, chemicals;
  • smoking (active and passive);
  • hit in the respiratory tract of foreign bodies;
  • stress;
  • The use of some drugs (inhibitors of angiotensin gluttering enzyme).

Diseases under which cough occurs may have noncommunicable and infectious etiology. Infection pathogens can be viruses, bacteria, microscopic fungi. In some cases, the disease may complicate the addition of a secondary infection. Kashchal attacks can occur during children's infections (measles, cough).

We treat cough for 1 day

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure cough for 1 day. If such a promise is found, you can be absolutely confident that this is a hoax. An exception is a strong cough caused by a foreign body in the respiratory tract, but this is not treated at home.


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Article author

Doctor otolaryngologist second category

Be fun, energetic, look good, to put in front of the task and easily solve them only with a prosperous state of health. If the cough does not allow to speak, prevents eat and sleep, threatens the development of inflammation of the respiratory tract, then care for the appearance has to be postponed to the side. Thinking about himself and productively planning her time, a desire arises to get rid of cough for 1 day. It is difficult to do during the solar processes, bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, pathologies caused by tuberculosis. But to stop just that the starting cough in a short time is possible using the combination of procedures. Consider them in more detail.

How can you cure cough in one day

Cough arises under the influence of irritation of receptors on one of the segments of the respiratory path from the nose and throat to the lungs. It is able to provoke viruses, bacteria, allergic or chemical components, parasites. It is not an independent disease, but serves as a symptom of a certain pathology. So, if it is accompanied by sneezing, tear, disintegration in the throat can be judged about the presence of an allergic stimulus. In this case, the bout of cough is stopped by antiallergic drugs, in the future a medical advice is needed.

Only the cough appeared annoying the top of the respiratory tract, so to cure cough for 1 day you need to attack on all sides:

  • every 3 hours wash the nose with sea water using the spray "Hummer" or "Aqua Maris";
  • every two hours rinse the throat with a solution of salt and soda, furacin or any disinfectant;
  • take antiseptic lollipops "Strepsils", "Anti-Angine", "Sage";
  • stimulate the protective properties of the organism lemon, ginger, propolis;
  • The room in which the coupling person is, must be regularly ventilated.

To determine how to cure cough in one day, you need to calm irritation in the airways and slow down the development of the reaction in the cough center located in the brain. For this you need:

  • regularly fill the body with warm liquids, not drinking them with hot;
  • warm the chest with compresses;
  • Adopt one of the drugs, inhibiting cough reflex "Codeine", "Butamirat", "Dr.".

Liquids need to drink only in warm form, do not enhance the irritation of the larynx with hot temperatures. Their examples can be:

  • tea with raspberries, lime, herbs;
  • milk with the addition of melted butter;
  • A glass of warm milk with one is overnight through a sieve banana;
  • Milk, diluted with alkaline mineral water in equal proportions;
  • Warm berry morse.

You will be interested in an article - the solar cough and the features of his treatment.

After the procedure done during the day, it is necessary to warm up the chest with a compress. For this use:

  • honey;
  • mustard powder;
  • flour;
  • sunflower oil.

All ingredients mix on 1 tablespoon of each. From the resulting mass to form a pellet, put it on the sternum area. Top to cover with cellophane, parchment paper sheet and warm tissue. Creating, thus, the effect of the greenhouse. Fix around the chest, not squeezing and not Buntua tight.

How to facilitate and soften cough

To facilitate the tearing dry cough, it is necessary to moisten the mucous membranes throughout the respiratory path. Stimulate the gland to the secretation of the secret.

If the goal is to get rid of cough for 1 day, you do not need to make muscolithic products that dilute sputum. Translate the state of an unproductive cough into productive. Strengthen coughing with sputum with sputum. First of all, it is necessary to create the surrounding conditions: a cool, wired room, limit the arrival of microbes from the nasal cavity and the throat, to stop the cough reflex through domestic or drugs. This applies only to the first days of the disease that are not accompanied by raising the temperature.

Medicinal products

Repeat that medicinal drugs in the fight against the cough have different types of action. Therefore, they need to take them after a medical advice on which the order of their reception will be determined. Well-proven themselves with medicines are considered:

  • Rushing dry cough without sputum ("codeine", "hydrocodone", "demarfan", "glazatent", "Sedotusin", "Synecode");
  • expectorant and bronchovel ("stoptussin", "broncholitin", "sinuperet");
  • Mulitatic and expectorant with wet cough ("thermopsis", "licorice root", "Althea's root");
  • Local mucus (Mukaltin, "ACC", "Pertissin", the infusion of the root of Altea, the leaves of the plantain licorice or colts-stepmother);
  • Lowering the viscosity of sputum ("tripsin", "chimothrixin", "streptocinase").

The fastest folk remedies

Cough folk remedies are effective in the treatment of adults and growing children's organisms. This is especially true for pregnant women and people who are afraid of the side effects of medicines.

To eliminate the hole in the throat, soften dry, the breaking cough is capable of mixing honey and aloe juice. To do this, squeeze out of the fleshy leaves of the plant a few drops, honey is added equally, it is thoroughly mixed and taken up to 4 times a day 1 teaspoon.

Another natural means facilitating and softening cough attacks is black radish juice. To get it, you need to make a recess in the radish, pour 2 teaspoons of melted honey into it and leave to appease. Already two hours later, the radish will allocate its own juice, which you need to drink during the day every two hours on 1 tablespoon. If the fruit was a small size, you need to prepare, thus, at the same time 2-3 radish.

How to make it possible to prepare and apply radish with cough honey.

Cocoa oil solding in a pharmacy will help get rid of dry cough. It has a solid form that is easily melted during warming. When squeezing a small piece, the size of the pea, it effectively removes irritation in the larynx, binding coughing attacks.

Horn rinsing with cough

Rinse the throat is useful when coughing and is an indirect method of its treatment. His advantages are in the simplicity and availability of the method. Provides the following actions:

  • moisturizes the upper respiratory tract;
  • reduces pathogenic flora;
  • Removes foci of inflammation in a rinse plot.

The main solutions for rinsing are: kitchen and sea salt. A teaspoon is one of them is bred in a glass of warm water until the moment of complete dissolution. Rinse the throat is important every two hours. You can add ½ teaspoon of food soda to these components.

It is important to take into account that the salt solutions are dried by a mucous membrane, so they can only rinse them in the first two days of cough. Later it is necessary as solutions to use chamomile grasses, calendula or sage.

Inhalation with strong cough

Inhalation is performed in several ways:

Each of the methods reaches the goal - softens cough, contributes to the discharge of sputum, inhalation of medicinal particles. Hardware methods have greater intensity and orientation.

Inhalations are used as medicinal fillers: food soda, eucalyptus extract, peppermint oil, cardamom, cedar, cypress.

Treats on treatment

To cure cough in one way or get rid of it in one day with a potent antibiotic, a hormonal drug is not possible. The rapid effect of recovery is able to step only with the intensive use of a combination of rinse methods, home heating therapy and drug participation. It is important to remember that independent treatment can be fraught with complications, erroneous tactics of behavior. Therefore, medical advice in the cough must be mandatory. To be calm, eliminate the dangerous pathology will help X-ray control, which is capable of visually determining the condition of the respiratory authorities.

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In the norm, the cough reflex is used to purify the respiratory system from pathogens and foreign particles, removal of excess mucus.

In respiratory diseases, it becomes one of the main symptoms, which brings the patient to the maximum discomfort and makes you think how to get rid of cough quickly and at home.

For this purpose, folk-tested recipes and pharmacy preparations are applied. The choice depends on each specific situation.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to get acquainted with the best sirops from cough, and also find out what folk ways help him to cure!

How to get rid of cough at home: 15 methods

Specialists of the site made up for you the top of 15 efficient and safe methods to get rid of cough, many are allowed to apply in adults and in children. When drawing up the list, the availability of the means, its proven anti-shield action, simplicity of preparation and application was taken into account.

IMPORTANT: None of the ways can be used as a monetomet if we are talking about a serious disease (tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), it is necessary to treat the disease comprehensively, and the listed ways to use only as an addition, previously consulted by specialist.

If you wish, you can read about the best herbs from cough here ... Additionally, you can put mustard pieces. And here you can find the rating of antibiotics used in the cough.

Shan rinsing throat

A simple people's method helps to cope with dry cadium and an end in the throat. It can also be used with a coronavirus flowing in a light form. For preparation you need to dissolve 0.5 h. Soda in 250 ml of warm boiled sub statements.


About immunity to coronavirus, read in a separate article.

On the first day of the disease, it takes a rinse throat every 1-2 hours, and then go to 4-5 rinsing mode per day. Treatment is carried out within 5 days, even if the symptoms passed earlier to avoid the return of the disease.

The method is used in adults and children over 7 years old, which are able to perform the instructions of parents and can cope with the rinse procedure.

Herbion Ivy syrup

Effective preparation with an expectorant effect that helps to cope with a wet cough, accelerates the cleansing of the bronchi and the lungs from the mucus.

The dry extract of ivy has a bronchological and antispasmodic effect, facilitates breathing in the cough of smokers and chronic pulmonary diseases.

Herbion Ivy syrup

Adults and adolescents after 14 years are prescribed 10 ml 3-5 times / day, aged 7-14 years of 5-10 ml three times a day, and the kids 2-7 years old - 5 ml 3 times a day. Treatment continues for 2-3 weeks.

Cost - 475 rubles. For 150 ml of syrup.

Citrus Honey

The tool softens well and envelops the pharynx mucous membrane, reduces the perfigure and regenerate cough attacks. This option is suitable for parents who do not know how to get rid of a dry cough in a child if he refuses to take bitter pills and syrups.

Citrus Honey

For cooking you need to mix 1 medium lemon juice with 3 tbsp. l. liquid honey. The substance is shifted into the glass container, give the baby for 1 tsp. 3-4 times a day. After that, it is desirable not to eat and not drink for 30 minutes. Treatment is carried out 5-7 days.

The recipe is applied in children over 3 years, if they have no allergies on the bee product and / or citrus.

Abundant warm drink

Banal and effective cough therapy method, which is suitable for adults and children of any age, is to take as much warm, unpraying throat of liquid.

Woman with a cup

The cough should be stopped on the stinds of tea, herbal decrains, compatures made of fresh fruits and dried fruits.

If, because of the irritation of the throat, you don't want to drink anything, you can take ordinary mineral water, to warm it up and take a few sips every 30-40 minutes. Such a drinking mode is observed before recovery, the time frame is not limited.


The drug has a flourity, makes it easier to release sputum, therefore reduces cough duration and reduces the intensity of attacks. It has an additional antioxidant effect, it stops inflammatory reactions in the bronchopulmonary fabric, which also helps to reduce the number of cough paroxysms.


Children after 6 years and adults are prescribed by 200 mg 2-3 times a day, kids 2-6 years old - 200 mg twice or 100 mg three times a day. Kids up to 2 years - 100 mg 2 times / day. The course of treatment is 1-3 weeks, until the symptom has completely disappeared and the cessation of sputum removal.

Price - 80 rubles. For 20 bags of 3 g (100 mg of the active substance).

Herbal collection

To eliminate a strong cough from smoking, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of 2 tablespoons of a mixture of the Hypericum and a marsh rod, taken in equal proportions. The herbs are poured 500 ml of water, boil on a slow fire for 5 minutes, then cool and filtered.

Brigade of herbal

The remedy is pressed by adults 1 tbsp. l. Three times a day. Treatment lasts 1 week, during this time the cough attacks are cut and completely disappear. In the first days of reception it is possible a strengthening of sputum, which is a favorable sign.


The medicine quickly relieves pain and softens the throat, possesses a local essential effect. Strepsils helps well with a dry painful cough, a feeling of turning and scratching in the throat.


The composition includes antiseptic components that are struggling with pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Adults need to be dissolved on 1 pc. Every 2 hours, not more than 8 pcs. per day. Children after 5 years of age are prescribed 1 tablet after 4 hours. Treatment continues 4-6 days before the subsidiary of symptomatic manifestations.

Price - 200-230 rubles. For 24 lollipops.

Anise-honey decoction

The folk remedy is suitable for those who are looking for how to quickly get rid of cough. The recipe envelops the throat, reduces pain and alliance, replete dry cuffs.

Anise-honey decoction

For cooking you need to boil 2 h. Anise seeds in 250 ml of water, strain the decoction and add 1 tsp. Honey. If a person has no contraindications, it is possible to strengthen the effect of the mixture, the lines of 1 t. L. Quality brandy.

The medicine is prescribed for adults 2 tbsp. l. Every 2 hours. The relief occurs already for 1 day, and for the complete elimination of the dry cough, it will be necessary from 7 days.


Pills based on primrose and thyme extract show powerful expectorant properties. They dilute sputum, accelerate its elimination, thanks to which cough passes faster.


Folk remedies


Voted: 1978.

Bronchipret has an anti-inflammatory and bronchhalytic effect.

The medication is appointed in adults and adolescents older than 12 years old 1 tablet three times a day. It is accepted strictly before meals, not chewing. The duration of the course is 10-14 days.

The cost is 270 rubles for 20 tablets (60 + 160 mg of active ingredients).

Chamomile tea

The fragrant drink has anti-inflammatory, softening and antitussive properties.

It is well suited for the treatment of acute respiratory disease, as well as to eliminate the residual cough phenomena after coronavirus, protracted bronchitis, pneumonia (with a complete list of bronchial diseases and lungs, you can read it here).

Chamomile tea

For the recipe brew 1 tbsp. l. Dry herbs in 200 ml of water, boiling 5 minutes, filter and improve the taste of honey by adding honey.

Tea is shown to adults and children over 7 years old 200 ml twice a day. Treatment from cough attacks lasts 1-2 weeks until the symptoms stop disturbing the patient.


The composition of the medicine is present by leukotriene receptor antagonist, which under the course application reduces the frequency and intensity of allergic cough attacks.


It is recommended for bronchial asthma, a tendency to the bronchial spasm and other types of respiratory allergies.

Appointed teenagers over 15 years old and adults 1 tablet per day. The duration of treatment depends on the state of the patient and is selected by the doctor individually.

Price - 710 rubles. For 30 tablets of 10 mg.

Garlic milk

The tool has a specific taste, but quickly treats a dry cough and makes it easier for 1 day. To make an unusual recipe, it will be necessary to chop with a knife or graze 5 small cloves of garlic and pour them with a glass of milk.

Garlic milk

The mixture was heated on fire to a boil, cool and filtered.

The medicine is prescribed only by adults. For efficient cough treatment, you need to drink 2 cups of garlic milk per day. Therapy lasts no more than 3-4 days, since garlic has an irritant action on the gastrointestinal tract.

Raspberry jam

The remedy helps not only for fever, but also to mitigate the throat, the treatment of cough with a moocroty. For therapy, you can take ready-made jam, sunk for the winter, or buy fresh (frozen) berry and pull it with sugar.


From berry delicacy prepare a drink, adding 2 h. in boiling water or tea.

Tasty tool gives adults and children 3 times a day. It needs to be taken at least 5 days, and with a protracted or residual cough, the use of up to 2-3 weeks, but the reception frequency is reduced to 1-2 times a day.


Powerful antitochematic agent with peripheral action, which blocks nerve receptors in bronchi. The active ingredient has a strong and fast effect, replete the frequency of coughing seizures, eliminates the arms in the chest, makes breathing.


In addition to respiratory diseases, it is assigned to a night cough in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Adults are recommended for 1 tablet 3-4 times a day, by appointment of a doctor, the dosage increases to 2-3 pcs. For one reception with the same frequency. Children, taking into account weight, give a quarter or half of the tablet 3-4 times / day. The course of treatment is selected individually.

The cost is 565 rubles for 20 tablets of 100 mg.

Inhalation with essential oils

Inhalation of steam saturated with therapeutic aromatic components is shown during dry cadium to soften the mucous membrane and reduce the discomfort.

Essential oil in the hands of a girl

For the procedure, it is not necessary to have a special device. You can pour boiling water into a bowl, add 3 drops of essential oil (eucalyptus, lemon, mint), making a homemade inhaler.

Inhale aromatic pairs is important for 10 minutes from a distance of about 20-25 cm. No need to be covered with a towel. Therapy is carried out by adults and children after 7 years 2-3 times a day during the week.

Herbal collection


Inhalation with essential oils


Please note: the list of the best antiviral drugs can be found here!


Natalia, 36 years old:

"My son often sick bronchitis. As colds, so immediately inflammation on bronchi passes, it coughes after 3-4 weeks. Tablets are harmful for so long, so we will save folk medicine. The most effective options are ginger-honey tea, decoctions with a beast, thyme, chamomile. They reduce their chest pain and pushed the wet, the child is faster recovering. "

Vitaly, 56 years old:

"I recently found chronic bronchitis, I already quit smoking, but the cough in the morning worries anyway. From strong attacks, the doctor prescribed an inhaler with hormones to make it easier to breathe. The rest of the time I saves folk remedies - I drink chamomile tea, I make inhalation with eucalyptus. At work, Pastelinki type Strepsil is helping. "

Oksana, 46 years old:

"I recently silence coronavirus. Everything passed without complications, but strongly tormented the throat, constantly wanted to cough. I was well helped by rinsing with soda and iodine. The taste is nasty, but the throat immediately becomes easier, the cough decreases. I also bought the candor IOM, but they are sweet, and after the resorption only becomes worse. "

Anton, 34 years:

"I always drink bronchipret with cough and bronchitis. SuperPreparation, quickly helps, it immediately becomes easier to breathe and there are no these long cough attacks, which are especially tormented at night. I noticed when I began to take it, recovering faster, although I generally have light weak, and I can fall into bed with bronchitis 2 weeks. "

Evelina, 23 years:

"I have an allergic asthma, with exacerbations constantly choking and torments a dry cough. The doctor appointed to me the Berotek in inhalations and another Montelukast is constantly taken. After 2 weeks of therapy, it became much easier, although a strong cough began to start from dust or sharp smell. "

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How to cure cough in one day

How to cure cough in one day, the question is particularly relevant in the cold season. Cough is the main symptom of colds, including tracheite, bronchitis, pneumonia, it also arises against the background of allergic reactions. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to treat the disease and in terms of the main treatment of measures to help get rid of cough. At the same time, thanks to the cough, the respiratory tract is cleaned of dust, sputum, harmful bacteria. Emergency measures are necessary only when the cough is accompanied by colds, which can be judged at elevated body temperature and general weakness.

How to cure cough in one day in a child

How to cure cough in one day

If the cough only declared itself and the temperature of the child is not higher than 37 degrees, warming procedures will help him. The legs should be warm all the time. A small child in the socks should be saturated with mustard powder, and older children need to sleep in mustard before bedtime. Simultaneously with thermal procedures, it is necessary to start receiving antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs, without waiting when the infection goes to bronchi and lungs. Apply the warming ointment on the chest and the back of the child and scroll through it with light massage movements. Massage will facilitate the condition of the child and will help speed up the flow of sputum.

Syrups, for example, "Ambroben", which children drink with pleasure have an expectorant effect. But syrup must be taken only by appointing a doctor. But you can always resort to the help of folk remedies, the effectiveness of which is tested by time. Warm milk with honey, with a piece of butter and a pinch of soda, will help with an adsadous cough. Not all the children will have to do this drink, then on the basis of milk you can cook another cough remedy, which will enjoy everything without exception. Finely cut two small figs, pour them with a glass of warm milk and give it in 20 minutes. Let the child 5-6 times a day on the tablespoon.

How to cure cough in one day in a child

Herbal fees are the first assistant for any diseases. With their help you can

Treat bronchitis

, cough, tracheitis and inflammation of the lungs. It is important to prepare herbal infusion correctly. Usually, the herbs are poured with boiling water and insist for a while. And in order for the herbs to have the healing effects, they need to be brewed as follows: to fill with cold water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, then insist for half an hour. The resulting liquid is filled and adjusted volume to 200 ml.

When coughing helps harvesting from currant leaves, mother-and-mackered herbs, sulfa leaf, linden and dandelion flowers. Take all the components in equal amounts and grind them. A tablespoon of collection should be pouring two hot water cups, and then insist in a thermos two hours. Take half a cup every three hours. To taste and strengthen therapeutic actions in herbal tea, it is advisable to add a spoon of honey.

Well brings the sputter with a tiny mother-and-stepmother and elderberry leaves. It can be prepared in a water bath or insist in a thermos.

If the master of the voice and tricks in the throat, will help infusion from blackberry leaves, raspberries, coltsfoot and lime color, taken in equal amounts. Two teaspoons of the collection pour the glass of boiling water and insist 20 minutes. Infusion is used to rinse the throat and is used instead of tea.

How can you cure cough in one day

How can you cure cough in one day

In folk medicine, the therapeutic properties of the bow are used in many recipes. "Onions from all alert" is particularly effective in the treatment of cough.

The crushed head of the onion bows mix with two sugar spoons and 100 ml of water. Boil on low heat for 30 minutes. When the mixture is cooled, add two tablespoons of honey. Take on the tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

Fried onions are also useful when coughing. It is fried on creamy oil and mixed with a spoonful of honey.

You can get rid of cough by folk remedies and with the help of garlic. Grind 3-4 cloves of garlic, mix them with a tablespoon of honey and eat this mixture during the day.

Several drops of garlic juice are dilated in a tablespoon of warm milk and drink before bedtime. Calm sleep is guaranteed.

In the treatment of colds, honey is traditionally used. It is added to herbal infusions, mixed with milk, prepare therapeutic cleaners from it.

The simplest and most affordable cough remedy is to drink warm milk with honey several times a day. Good results give a mixture of honey (100 g) with a juice of one lemon or with a hyrine juice. In folk recipes, honey is mixed with a grated black radish. But you can prepare radish with honey otherwise. The radish was cooked well, then the upper part is cut off from it, in the middle I make a deepening, into which two tablespoons of honey poured. It is possible to brew 3-4 hours, after which they take on a tablespoon before meals and before bedtime. This tool is recommended for both children and adults.

Well established helicate crawl from honey and crushed garlic, taken in a 1: 1 ratio. Take on a tablespoon 3 times a day.

How to cure cough

Especially honey is effective with a raspberry, mother-and-stepmother and other plants with an expectorant action. Honey and medicinal herbs enhance the therapeutic action of each other.

Honey is used for inhalations, it is mixed with flour, cottage cheese, form cakes and put a baby on the back and breast to heal.

How to quickly cure cough in one day

Means No. 1 when coughing - inhalation. This procedure at home is carried out above the saucepan. In the house where there are children, there must be an inhaler. It is not only more convenient, but also safer for a child. Inhalation can be carried out with any grass with an expectorant effect, potatoes. So that the procedure is effective, it should last at least 15 minutes. Healing pairs warming the respiratory tract and bronchi. If you use potatoes for inhalation, it is enough to wash it, but not clean. The healing properties of this root is in the peel. After inhalation, potatoes can be applied to heating. Scroll it and put it on a cotton fabric or several layers of gauze. The compress should be made before bedtime, apply it to back or on the chest. When the potato mass cools, the compress you need to remove, and in order to do not torment the cough at night, drink a "therapeutic cocktail" of two whipped yolks, spoons of honey and spoons of vodka. After such an effective warming up from the inside and outside the morning, there will be no trace from the cough.

Attention! The information presented in the article is familiarized. Article materials do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor may diagnose and give recommendations on treatment, based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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How to get rid of cough at home: "Folk" methods and pharmacology

Cough is different: wet and dry, acute and chronic, infectious and allergic ... But, what would be its causes and character, almost in all cases it becomes a source of discomfort. And let the cough - not a disease, but only a symptom, nevertheless you can and you need to fight. But what are the means to use to not harm yourself?

Coughs cackel

Cough - frequent symptom of respiratory diseases and not only. It happens with trachey, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, allergies, heart disease. People with nicotine addiction often occurs the so-called cough smokers. Professional harm, side effects of some medicines and even psycho-emotional factors can play a role in the emergence of a symptom. But the most common cause is ORVI and their consequences. So in the article we will talk about the cough as a manifestation of a cold.

If all other symptoms of respiratory infection - heat, sore throat, runny nose - usually pass in five to seven days, then the cough can be saved up to several weeks. Everyone knows how much anxiety he delivers. And the first question that occurs in such cases is how to quickly get rid of cough.

Pharmacies offer a large selection of cough suppression drugs. They affect the special center in the brain, the coal cough reflex. Pediatricians and therapists warned against the uncontrolled use of such drugs and explain that it is not always necessary to suppress the cough. In some cases, this may lead to dangerous consequences. [one] . To understand how to get rid of the cough an adult and a child, without causing harm to the body, you need to deal with the reasons and the mechanism of this phenomenon.

Cough is a reflex, an involuntary response when irritating the respiratory tract. It performs a protective function. Inflammation of the respiratory organs against the background of ARVI leads to overpressure of mucus. It annoys cough receptors located all over the respiratory tract from the nasopharynx to the bronchi. The nerve impulses from receptors come to the brain, which transfers the muscles of the larynx and the abdominal wall to shrink. As a result of a cough act from respiratory tract, a powerful air flow along with annoying agents is pushed. The same thing happens when the foreign bodies hit, only a mucus appears in the role of an irritant, and dust, allergens, food particles, and so on.

Thus, in terms of physiology, cough is a necessary mechanism designed to purify the respiratory tract. It can be imagined what happens if the body will lose this ability: mucus and sputum will accumulate and stagnate in bronchi, creating a nutrient medium for harmful bacteria. In such cases, pneumonia is inevitable. It is so often that people, without consulting a doctor, take antitussive drugs with ORVI: due to the impossibility of effective wet sputum arise complications.

So it is not necessary to treat cough? Not certainly in that way. It is impossible to suppress the cough reflex - this is permissible only in cases where the cough is unproductive and is physiologically useless (for example, with cough), and only by appointing a doctor. With a common cold when a large amount of mucus is formed in the respiratory tract, it is necessary to ensure its elimination.

It should be taken into account the character of cough. He is known to happen dry и moist . Tactics of treatment depends on it. Dry (unproductive) cough appears at the beginning of the disease. At this stage, the respiratory tract is already annoyed, but the mucus is still not enough to eliminate. An ill-rise painful cough causes a mass of suffering from the patient and, moreover, it can cause complications - the hip-hoarseness, Larygitis, tracheitis. The main task is to facilitate the patient's condition and achieve wetting of sputum.

With the natural development of the process, the amount of mucus formed is gradually increasing, and the dry cough after a few days goes into wet (productive). The goal of therapy is to reduce the viscosity of sputum and facilitate its lead.

On a note Therapists classify cough depending on its duration. The acute nature of the process is spoken in the case when it lasts less than three weeks. It is such a picture that is observed with influenza and other ORVI. Cough, ongoing from three to eight weeks, is considered subacute. This is not a rarity after a transferred viral infection. Finally, if the cough continues more than eight weeks, it is customary to talk about chronic flow. In such cases, you need deep diagnostics to find the cause.

Types of cough

How to get rid of cough

Respiratory diseases are widespread, so the cough problem is quite relevant. Medicine has developed various ways to combat this unpleasant symptom. However, many pharmacological drugs have side effects, and patients with ORVI are in no hurry to resort to the help of medicines, and refer to "verified" homemade recipes. Some of them can really affect, others are useless. As for drugs, then among them there are quite safe. So, consider how you can get rid of cough folk methods and what funds offer official medicine.

Homemade recipes

People's methods of treatment of cough are used for a long time. It is believed that they contribute to the wet wet and its removal from the respiratory tract. The effectiveness of the following methods is tested by time, but not confirmed by official science. Apply them or not - the personal cause of each patient. Harm from home resources will probably won't - but only if the cough is caused by an ordinary cold, and not more serious.

Distracting procedures

This conditional term is called mustard pieces, rubbing, hot tubs for legs, banks and similar ways. With all the diversity of distracting procedures, they have a similar principle of operation. It is about exposure to reflexogenic zones, which occurs at a temperature or chemical skin irritation.

The most popular distracting procedures for cough:

  • Mustard pieces . They are imposed on the back and chest, avoiding the projections of the spine and heart, and keep the appearance of a distinct burning.
  • Warming compress. The gauze is wetted in a solution of alcohol, put on the chest, an insulating layer of polyethylene is placed on top, and then warm tissue.
  • Rubbing . Any substances with local irritating effects are used: camphor, turpentine ointment, various oils (fir, eucalyptus, mint).

Distracting procedures are contraindicated to children up to a year, as well as with any infections, lesions of the skin. It is impossible to use them in the acute phase of the disease, when a high temperature is kept.


Many medicinal plants contain components to help ignite and remove sputum, anti-inflammatory substances. Most often, with cough, the roots of Aira Bolotnaya, ninexille of high, altea, licorice, plantain leaves, and machem leaves, the grass, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint-mint grass. Vegetable raw materials are used to prepare info and decoction - individually or in charges.

Attention! Despite the fact that herbalism is considered a harmless way to get rid of cough, one cannot forget about the probability of allergies - especially those who are predisposed. Homemade phytotherapy products, in contrast to pharmacy drugs, do not pass clinical trials, and therefore their effects are both basic and side - unpredictable.

Mixes and medicines

Folk medicine knows many homemade recipes from cough based on products that are usually attributed to the healing properties. For example, for example, honey, onions, garlic, ginger, black radish, aloe are believed to have a beneficial effect on respiratory organs. From these products prepare mixtures for intake. Widespread, for example, such a drug like honey with aloe juice or black radish.

Medicinal products

The fastest way to get rid of cough is the reception of drugs. They are diverse in composition, mechanism of action, indications (dry or wet cough), formations of release. The potent pharmaceuticals are permissible to apply only for the prescription of the therapist. For independent treatments, you can use syrups and tablets with soft expectorant and musolitic (thinning wet) by action.


This dosage form is very popular both in the treatment of adults and in pediatrics. Syrups have a pleasant taste, and children will be eagerly accepted. In the composition of the tools may be natural, and chemical components. With an uncomplicated cough against the backdrop of a cold, it is better to give preference to plant syrup. Their natural composition guarantees the minimum of side effects, and the active substances of medicinal plants provide a pronounced expectorant and musolitic effect.

In contrast to folk phytotherapeutic agents, pharmacy syrups are made on the basis of standardized plant extracts. This means that the dosage of the components is strictly adjusted, and the effect is predictable.

Vegetable syrups are single and multicomponent. The first contains only one extract and help either during dry, or with a wet cough. The second are produced from several types of medicinal plants. Due to the multicomponent composition, an integrated effect is achieved: such funds are often universal, they can be used in both types of cough.


The means from cough in the form of tablets are usually applied, as a rule, for adults only. Usually they contain chemical components with bronchhalytic, mercolytic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect.

Drugs from cough

With the "cold" cough in adults and especially in children it is important to choose a working, but at the same time safe means with a minimum number of side effects. Home methods can help, but their therapeutic effect is not proven. To get rid of cough quickly, it is better to take drugs, among which the leading positions on the ratio of efficiency and safety occupy plant syrups with multicomponent composition.

** The material is not a public offer. The price is given to familiarize and relevant for November 2020.

All information related to health and medicine is presented solely for informational purposes and is not a reason for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Any, even a minor cold or ARS can proceed with such an adverse symptom like a cough. A similar reaction of the body is natural when an inflammatory process occurs in the mucousa of the upper respiratory tract.

After all, it is the cough that is an indicator that the body persistently tries to evacuate the mucus and causative agents of the disease. It is dry or wet, it all depends on the amount of sputum, which accumulates in the respiratory tract. About how to cure cough quickly and without harm to the body, we suggest you find out right now.

How to quickly cure cough folk remedies?

To combat cough, there are a number of procedures and folk remedies that allow treatment at home. Naturally, if the process is launched, you should not deal with self-medication, but consult a doctor.

In the case when the cold is easy and cough has just begun, you can safely resort to folk remedies that our grandmothers have treated our mothers.

The most effective folk recipes

Milk and medical

One of the most popular and pleasant drinks from cough is milk with honey. In order for the effect is obvious, you need a glass of warm milk from 1 tsp. Honey drink directly before bedtime. This medicine will not only reduce cough, but will allow you to sleep well.

How to cure cough folk remedies quickly

Milk and a tincture of propolis

People who do not suffer allergic reactions on beekeeping products can try to drink milk with propolis, which is indispensable with an attached cough. This beautiful folk remedy has been known for a very long time. On the floor of a glass of milk, 2-3 drops of the water tincture of propolis will be required. Means should be taken before bedtime. The propolis tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy, but also easy to do it yourself.

Black radish juice

It is also a good assistant in the treatment of cough. You can add some sugar in squeezing juice and take 1 tsp. 4-5 times a day. And it is possible to take the juice of radish with honey, while there is no need to rub the rootpode and squeeze the juice from it. You just need to cut the upper part, where the tail, take out the white flesh, is about the third part, and to pour a little honey to the recess. A few hours later, when the radish stops juice, you can dial it into a spoon with honey and give the patient.

How to cure cough at home


To quickly cure cough, you can use viburnum berries. For this, several spoons of berries will need to be pulled out with a small amount of sugar. As soon as the desire to cough or notes discomfort in the throat, it is necessary to take 1 tsp. Carrier viburnum. This proven tool helps in a few days to cope even with a strong cough.

Fighting a cough with inhalations

An old and well-known method is inhalations over boiled potatoes. Just boil potatoes in the peel and break it a bit. Then, covered with a towel head, you need to breathe above a saucepan of 10-15 minutes. After such a procedure, however, as after all inhalations, it is undesirable for 2 hours to go outside.

How to cure cough at home fast

Inhalation on medicinal herbs. In this case, you can use the grass of sage, eucalyptus, mint, hunter, vocabulary, altei, plantain. To do this, pick up herbs into the container, pour 1.5 glasses of water and bring to a boil so that herbs began to give their volatile media. Breathing over a capacity of 5-20 minutes. Conduct the procedure 1-2 times a day for 5 days.

The simplest and most effective method is inhalation over a container with hot water, which is added soda and iodine. The soda plays the role of a softening agent and helps to ignite the sputum, and the iodine copes with bacteria. After 1 procedure, you can see improvement.

Additional methods of cough treatment

All famous mustard pieces are also well helped to fight coughing. Children need to be applied through cotton fabric so as not to burn the skin. Keep from 10 to 30 minutes, and then wrapped and drinking milk with honey.

How to quickly cure cough

Excellent folk remedies are considered to be the trituration of the chest with a goose or barzuccia fat, pine or cedar oil. After rubbing, you need warmly wondering to penetrate carefully.

It is important to remember to quickly get rid of cough, it is desirable to apply folk remedies in the complex. For example, during the day, juice from radish and teas, and on the night of inhalation and rubbing.

It is very important to drink a lot of warm liquid and not go out into the cold air. At home, it will still be perfectly perfectly helped to fight the illness and a chamber that have an expectorant and antimicrobial effect.

Cough is a reflex, and not an independent disease. The reaction to the outer stimulus in the form of a bacterium or infection, which is brought with themselves. What happens when the cough begins with a high temperature, chills and snot? We start all possible and impossible ways to get rid of it, and from the disease itself, which led to cough. But often do not know how to do it correctly, tightening or aggravating treatment. What cough is and whether it is worth it to be treated at all, tell me in this article.

Why cough arises

If you describe the cough as a mechanical process, then these are attempts to get rid of infections and bacteria, dust, foreign bodies, sputum. In fact, this is the mechanism of self-defense and self-defense. In rare cases, cough is an independent disease and requires immediate treatment. It is more often attached by the symptom of the existing disease or its complication. Specialists do not recommend stopping it, because it helps the body to be cleaned, but it is possible to alleviate the body and eliminate the source (in the nose, in the throat, in the nasopharynk, bronchi and tracheal). If the reflex is suppressed, the sputum will go deeper into the lungs, which is why inflammatory processes and serious complications may arise.

Cough receptors are available not only along the respiratory tract, in the nasopharynx, trachers, bronchi and pleura. They are even in ear canals, in the stomach and diaphragm, the shallower bag, so sometimes the reflex is triggered when you brush the ears with cotton wands.

Causes of cough

  • Rubble. Any degree, with viscous detachable or transparent mucous meters. There is a disease due to the fact that the mucus either stands in the nasopharynk or flows along the back wall, from which the upper respiratory tract is annoyed. It is enough to start immediate treatment of a cold. The washing with salt solutions, a solution of furaticiline, a solution for flushing Doltin, Phalidex or isofra, with the appearance of highlights with signs of pus, immunomodulating droplets Derinate, vegetable drops Pinsol based on eucalyptus oils, mints, pines.
  • Viral infection. It develops equally and requires exclusively symptomatic treatment. The main feature is not treated with antibiotics. Accompanied by a runny nose, echoing mucous membranes, sore throat. If you do not have time to do not start treatment in time, the virus "descends" to the lower floors and goes to bronchi as a complication, causing bronchitis, acute bronchitis, pneumonia. Cough in this case will be wet, with exhausting wet.
  • Pneumonia. It is developing either as a complication of a non-selected and poorly transferred cold, or, as an independent disease of viral nature. Pneneviation is often accompanied by high temperature, weakness and shortness of breath, fever. In this case, the cough may not appear immediately. So, if the symptoms of conventional colds do not disappear after 3-5 days, the temperature is kept, there is a painful cough or it just begins to appear with exhausting sputum, it's time to contact a specialist for antibiotics.
  • Reception of drugs. Some of the high blood pressure drugs are able to provoke cough like a side effect. It happens often, but not everyone.
  • Smoking. Long smoking and exposure to the body of chemical poisonous compounds of tobacco smoke lead to obstructive pulmonary disease when coughing acquires a chronic form. The result of the disease becomes an irreversible reduction in air flow in the respiratory tract. Fabrics suffer constant irritation, as a result, chronic inflammation of the tissues appears.
  • Allergy. Asthma. Between these concepts you can put a sign of equality, because the allergic cough is akin to the light form of asthma. In this case, the respiratory tract is experiencing an immune response to the stimulus. Often, allergic cough suffer from people experiencing pollinosis in spring and autumn. But it can also represent a real threat when it is a consequence of the allergic edema of the quinque. In this situation, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Asthma is a chronic somatic disease having a similar allergic mechanism when swelling and bronchospasm occurs. Asthmatic cough is characterized by a whistling wheezing, a difficult breathing and a constant feeling of concreteness and squeezing in his chest and shortness of breath. Bronchial obstruction is reversible in part or completely, spontaneously or influenced by treatment.
  • Serious lung pathology. They speak for themselves. Any violation of the integrity of this organ, such as a tumor, can lead to cough. With the appearance of a suspicious long-lasting cough, it is important to undergo a complete medical examination and take measures as soon as possible.

How to choose a cough medicine

To properly choose a cough medicine, it is important for the beginning to understand its nature. Selection of drugs is carried out taking into account the following circumstances:

  1. cough type - productive / dry
  2. the presence / lack of sputum;
  3. Cause of cough - ENT disease, allergy etc.

Treatment of dry cough

What is a dry cough? It is also called unproductive. It is characterized by a significant complexity of wetting, its scarce quantity or no absence during cough. At this stage, treatment will be aimed at making coughing to productive and promote the discharge and disorder of sputum. An important point is to not suppress the reflex, otherwise the thick and viscous sputum, which could not get out of the lungs and the bronchi will cause serious complications.

How to treat: Preparations Synecode, Linkas, Herbion Syrup, Dr. MOM syrup.

Get rid of dry cough and make it a productive help the nebulizer for inhalations with medicines. Such a procedure is very effective in the treatment of dry cough. The effect of drugs introduced into the body with the help of the device will begin faster and the drug will fall exactly in the hearth. Basically, the nebulizer will fit: saline, joint use of saline and medicinal solutions (Berodual, bulvikort - on the recommendation of a specialist)

Treatment of cough with wet

If the cough was initially with a sputum or dry changed to productive, it is important to sneak the sputum to facilitate and speed up its elimination. Such drugs are aimed at the early removal of sputum, removal of the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract.

At this stage, we need expectorant, bronchodic agents.

  • Acetylcysteine ​​- this substance effectively dilutes the mucous secret, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Acetylcystein-based drugs are most often used to treat dry cough, not more than 7 days. How to treat: ACC, Fluimucil, Vix Active
  • Ambroxol is an effective substance that is used in the treatment of dry cough. Than to treat: Lazolvan, Ambroben, Ambroxol, Flavmed.
  • Carbocysteine ​​- Means with it improve the elasticity of a viscous secret, accelerates its deadline, translate dry cough into wet. How to treat: Liebeksin; Fluditec; Bronchobos; Fluiforth.
  • Bromgexine - in addition to diluting the sputum of action, has a weak secret effect effect. Than treat: bromgexine; Bronchosan; Solvin.

Treatment of allergic cough

With an allergic response, the cough is characterized by a spasmic character, dryness and productivity. Sometimes it breaks down on "Lai", can be with a small amount of sputum. It occurs at contact with the allergen, with its long-term exposure, in the slophing state can grow into asthma. Such a cough can be protracted and introduce a person in error, provoking useless drug treatment. It is important to understand the nature of the cough and start treatment in time. Antihistamines are suitable for eliminating allergic cough: Erius, Zirtek, Zetrin, Telfast.

How to quickly cure cough at home

Folk recipes and "Babushkina" Tips can also have a significant support to delivered cough. To get rid of the leader quickly at home, it is important to comply with several rules: not to apply all means and immediately in the hope of rapidly getting rid of the ailment, know the measure and possible individual reactions.

Be healthy!

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