How to distribute the Internet from a computer to the phone via USB, features for Android and iPhone

Smartphones not so long have entered our lives, but during this time it had time to literally capture it. Unfortunately, some possibilities of smart gadgets can be unlocked only in the presence of a speed Internet connection. And mobile operators are in no hurry to increase the stable and high-quality global web coverage, and the prices for traffic can bite. Therefore, the most reliable to connect your smartphone to the Internet through a personal computer.

How to attract buyers to the store: Top 25 methods for different types of outlets

High competition makes business owners come up with new promotions to attract Buyers in the store . In the article, consider not only the ideas of the audience of the audience in the traditional and online store, but also the principles of the preparation of the store to the population of buyers.

How to go into classmates if access is closed

In our current article, we will talk about how to go to classmates if access is closed. The social network can be blocked, for example, the authorities of the country (as it happens in Ukraine) or in connection with other factors. But, one way or another, we will tell how to get around any ban and access absolutely all sites on the network. Let's immediately, not postponing, move on to business.

Topiaria from coins: Master Class How to make a money tree - Site about needlework

The money tree is a very attractive and particularly popular type of a topiary share tree can be different: floral bills grow on one, and on the other - coins. And that and other options are good, the matter is performed. Nevertheless, Topiaria from coins look more convincing, and somehow more associated with the theme of wealth and financial plans.

The most delicious recipe for home dumplings from the Chestmarket

It would seem that not to make a preparation of such a simple semi-finished product like dumplings home, the recipe for this dish is quite simple, but requires compliance with a number of recommendations. As a rule, fresh dough and minced meals are taken as the basis. The most commonly used mixed mince, consisting of pork and beef, but you can work with fish, chicken minced.

Is it possible to bring down a temperature of 38-39.5 without drugs and how to do it?

After reading the instructions for drugs that can help at a temperature of 38-38.5-39-39.5, it is possible to note the fact that the perforal agents are very negatively reflected in the state of the gastric and intestine mucosa, and the use of rectal candles is limited by inflammatory pathologies of the rectum. But people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant women, for whom drugs seem to have a poison for the baby, nursing mothers are also high temperatures, and you need to fight with it in some way. Yes, and the little children do not really want to be a chemical agent, because X organism is more sensitive to negative effect than adult.

How to convert Word to PDF: 4 simple ways

With the problem of incompatibility of documents with the extension * .doc and * .docx facing all PC users working in a text editor. Special difficulties with the opening of files occur when sending data when the sender does not know which version of Microsoft Word is used by the recipient. To avoid misunderstandings, transmit objects in * .pdf format. Documents with such an extension will definitely open on the PC. Find out how to convert Word in PDF in various ways.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome - Activation

Internet technologies are not in place and today the generation is currently visible on the market. HTML5 is gradually closed by the leading reproducer of the content, but Adobe has time to 2020. Today we will talk about how to turn on the flash player in Google Chrome Also in the process of narration, consider an effective way to achieve the desired one.

Android does not send (not loaded) MMS - settings of various operators

If MMS messages do not open on Android or not sent, the first thing you want to check the APN point settings. The configuration sends the operator when the phone is first turned on with a new SIM card. However, the settings can fly or turn out incorrect after SIM card change.

Furniture do it yourself at home, step-by-step master classes

The range of products offered by the modern furniture industry is striking the imagination, however the cost of most models is quite high, and the quality does not always correspond to it. Many craftsmen find a way out of position, making furniture with their own hands at home, from all materials available to each. Original products please the whole family not only convenience, but also a unique design, which in all parameters organically fits into the interior of the room.

Skirt-tutu do it yourself: (how to sew a skirt), skirt "Tutu" for a girl on an elastic band

I think all the moms of the world will agree, there is nothing charming in the world than the baby in the skirt tutu. By the way, the skirt tutu or how it is also called a package is a real find. After all, with its help you can make almost any suit for the girl for the new year, the birthday or matinee in the kindergarten, etc. In general, it does not matter on the eve of which holiday you decided to make the skirt tutu with your own hands, the main thing is that with the help of our selection of master classes you will probably easily cope with this task.

Sorting center Lviv 140960 - where it is on the map

After making a purchase abroad, many recipients track the movement of their goods. It can be replaced that any package passes several intermediate items, which are called sorting centers. They are needed to distribute shipments by region. Usually sorting takes 1-3 days. However, sometimes status remains unchanged several weeks. As a result, buyers begin to think that postal employees lost the parcel. Today we consider the causes of long-lasting mail processing in sorting centers and learn the address of Lviv Asz with the index 140960.

How to connect the keyboard and mouse to the tablet

Modern plates - multifunctional devices. Many use them for work, replacing bulky laptops. Thanks to the large screen, it is also more convenient to play on them than on the smartphone. But for full-fledged operation, many lack of familiar controls. Let's deal with how to connect the keyboard and mouse to the tablet.

Adjusting plastic windows "Winter-Summer" with their own hands

Modern double-glazed windows provide a comfortable indoor microclimate. However, they also need periodic adjustments. Thus, it is possible to configure the degree of pressed the canvas to the frame, depending on the season, which few people know about. It is not difficult to do it with your own hands using a hex key, screwdriver or manually depending on the type of locking devices.

How to Reduce Distance Between Lines in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016

The distance between the rows or the line interval is one of the most sought-after text settings. Different types of documents require different distances between lines. Therefore, users often encounter need to increase or decrease the distance between rows in Word. In this material we will tell about how this is done on the example of Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How to hide friends in VK from the phone: the only right way

Vkontakte is a social network that enjoys the greatest popularity in our country and in a number of states of the former CIS. The functionality of the site is rich, but sometimes users do not know how to do something, especially in the telephone version. Today we just affect one of these moments. You will learn how to hide friends in VC from the phone.

How to make and install a ringtone (ringtone) on any iPhone without a computer right on the device?

Adding your own ringtones in the iPhone is not easy task. In the latest operating systems, Apple has disappeared at all for the possible addition of custom melodies. However, in this instruction, we will tell you how to correct this misunderstanding, adding absolutely to any current iPhone melody that can be used as a ringtone to an incoming call. Moreover, without the use of the computer.

Etmoiditis, symptoms and treatment of etmoiditis, diagnosis and diagnosis of disease

Etmoidite is called one of the forms of sinusitis, which is manifested in inflammation of the cells of the lattice maze. The diagnosis of etmoiditis is not so much common than the sinusitis, but it flows with the same unpleasant symptoms. Etmoitis rarely acts as an independent disease, and often accompanies inflammation of other apparent sinuses of the nose (for example, hymichell or frontal). The disease occurs in different forms, each of which has its own signs and features. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of etmoiditis are the topic of our new article.

Crafts on Valentines Day (62 ideas for children).

Good day, today we will make crafts for Valentine's Day - cute pieces of paper with hearts - love symbols. On the day of all the lovers, it is customary to admit to love the closest and make presents-souvenirs with their own hands - from paper and other rented material. In this article, I will show you that paper valenets do not have to be in the form of cards with congratulations. You will learn that a variety of children's crafts and applications can be arranged in a heart-style - just on Valentines day. This article will also help to find ideas for valentines crafts from paper to all the leaders of children's creativity in kindergarten, school, in children's development centers.

Google Account and Her features - SMS-man blog

No one needs to talk about Google, as well as about its services and opportunities. check in Google Account Opens a lot of opportunities, both in front of an ordinary user and in front of organizations. But sometimes there is a need for registration. Another account Google For work purposes or for personal. How to do it and how to get Account confirmation Google During registration we will examine below.

What is uin when paying for state duty: where to get and can I come up with yourself

Starting March 31, 2014, in payment orders for the transfer of funds to the state budget, it is necessary to indicate the UIN code. Uin abbreviation is decrypted as a unique charge identifier. Win is needed to properly determine the appointment of any payment to the state budget. Through the use of this identifier, the listed funds go to the necessary budgetary body.

Secret Takes: How to Store Greens

There are people who can not live a day without fresh greens, however, it is not always possible to present on the table. Therefore, it is harvested by the future. Understanding how to store greenery properly, you can not doubt that it will be every day an excellent addition to meals. One of the methods to avoid the loss of useful qualities is to preserve it in the cold. How to store greens in the refrigerator? There are several techniques to make it easy.

How to call an ambulance in Rostov-on-Don in 2021: Single number 112 Hospital Cost from home and mobile MTS Beeline Tele 2 MegaFon Direct 103 Polyclinic

The right to receive emergency medical care is provided to all citizens of the Russian Federation, regardless of the region of their registration and place of calling the emergency brigade. Call an ambulance in Rostov-on-Don is available both from home and from a mobile phone using a three-digit number.

How to transfer the "My Documents" folder in Windows 7 to another disk?

Default folder My documents in Windows 7 As in previous versions is stored on the system disk. But it is not always convenient and not as safe as possible. Since in case fly operating system or any failure will happen, then we risk losing important data.

How to find a function definition area?

For the first time, schoolchildren get acquainted with the term function on algebra in grade 7, and with every quarter, with each new topic, this concept is revealed from the new parties. And, of course, tasks are complicated. Now we will give the definition by keywords and will find the area of ​​determining the function of a given formula and graphics.

Instructions for use bisoprolol, composition, form of release, analogues, indications, contraindications

Bisoprolol is a representative of a group of beta-adrenobloclars. It has antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic and anti-infanal effect. It is used as a symptomatic agent, mainly in the form of monotherapy. Appointed adults.

How to hang a carpet on the wall?

Until recently, the floor was decorated with carpets and the walls of the room. But recently the fashion for them somewhat faded, although in some cases such products are still relevant. Why hang carpets on the wall? He is preferred as an oriental style adherents. In addition, such products absorb the noise, protect the walls from the cold and simply make the room cozy. Modern models differ significantly from the models used by our grandmothers, both in color and materials. Now in fashion geometric shapes and patterns, and wool successfully replace various synthetic materials. But regardless of the material, the product needs to be correctly taken careful so that it does not lose its appearance. If decorative textiles are incorrectly located on the wall, wrinkles, folds, holes can be formed on it, and it will quickly deteriorate. How to hang a carpet on the wall? There are several ways to secure the carpet on the wall. We will look at them in this article.

Metabolic changes in myocardial: what it is

The human heart consists of various departments, each of which is responsible for a specific function. Pathologically processes can begin in any part of the organ, and most of them violate the structure and activity of myocardium. Many do not understand what is a similar disorder, others are familiar with such a state. Usually pathologies indicate the presence of heart disease, which proceeds chronically and is at the initial stage of development. Metabolic changes in myocardium are a common illness, which may occur in a person of any age, even a child. To identify such a disorder is able to electrocardiogram (ECG).

"How to grow a baby happy" (Jean iceclock) - 17 answers to Babyblog

I read the book Jeancert with a banal name How to grow happy baby - what hundreds on bookshelves. I read on the recommendation of one of the girls with the BB. And I want to say - this book led me to delight! Very easy, interesting, but opening very important truths. My respect to the author. Recomend for everybody! I would even say more - be sure to read. 200 pages for a fascinated reader - to open.

When a child begins to sit: Dates, independent samples and parents

How many months does the child begins to sit? There is an opinion that it happens about 6 months. In half a year old, the age of infants can tighten, holding the hands of mom, and sit down. It may seem that Kroch wants to sit down. In fact, he is well developed grabbing reflex. He grabs my mother's fingers and attracts to him, like all that falls into his hands. This desire is in no way connected with the desire of the baby to sit down. However, adults are often confused by this innate baby ability and immediately try to sit down. In this case Do not rush . Children begin to sit when they mature to this skill physiologically.

How to get rid of cough: methods and methods of cough treatment at home

Cough is different: wet and dry, acute and chronic, infectious and allergic ... But, what would be its causes and character, almost in all cases it becomes a source of discomfort. And let the cough - not a disease, but only a symptom, nevertheless you can and you need to fight. But what are the means to use to not harm yourself?

How to delete purchases from the App Store: Tips and Instructions -

When solving the question, how to remove purchases from the App Store, users have a variety of reasons to do this. A clear justification why this procedure is necessary, in principle there is no. But it can be said that it causes at least serious inconvenience during operation. Also, some users believe that these information is not for other people's eyes, so just in case they remove them. If a person firmly decided to remove purchases from the App Store on the iPhone, then it can be puzzled by the fact that not all instructions are suitable. The fact is that the essence of the procedure varies depending on the iPhone version.

The leather bracelet with your own hands for beginners: how to make a bracelet from the skin with your own hands for beginners?

Today there are many different types of leather bracelets. There are models for men, female, unisex. Some decorations are fastened with the button, others are tightened to the lace. Colored beads are used as decoration, beads, pieces of different types and color of the skin are selected. Finishing elements can be woven into the bracelet or attached after.

Seal on the thigh after vaccination at the child: reasons what to do

In the last 20 years, infiltrates and abscesses after injections represent a relevant problem in medicine. This is explained by the changed reactivity of the body in modern people. The local response after the administration of the vaccine in the form of infiltrate and abscess is registered in 15-25% of cases. Young mothers care if the seal is dangerous after vaccination for a child?

Chocolate Cake Decoration at Home: Photo, Video, How To Decorate Cake Chocolate

DIA decorations made of chocolate for cakes, cakes, cookies and other domestic pastries - aerobatics of the confectioner. Of course, you can not be caught and decorating with chocolate cake as your grandmothers did it - just melt the tile with cream, and then deceive this liquid weighing the top and sides of the pastry age. But you can try and make decoration from chocolate just unearthly beauty, similar to the most real masterpieces.

How did the use of iron workers affect the appearance of surplus?

According to the Russian rules, both writing options are faithful. Indeed, it is possible to write both pony and separately, and it depends on the structure of the proposal and on the context, which uses adjectives inappropriate / proper. We will examine in what cases the writing of these adjectives will be a fusion, and in which separate.

How to install VATSAP (WhatsApp) on the phone - step by step instructions

WhatsApp is a popular mobile messenger for Android and iOS operating systems. Its use is completely free. The program allows you to exchange instant messages and files, perform audio and video calls using the Internet. Let's talk in more detail how to install it on your smartphone.

How to transfer money from phone to phone

Transferring money from a mobile phone balance - a very convenient method to replenish the phone account near a person, pay for the service or return debt. Communication operators make this service as easy and accessible to their users, providing the opportunity to transfer money not only within the network, but also on the balance of subscribers of other mobile companies

How to quickly cook (bake) a coat in the microwave + photo and video

The correct preparation of coarse beds in the microwave will allow you to preserve all the beneficial substances and vitamins. In this case, this method of cooking will be simpler and fast than when we cook or bang a vegetable in the oven. If you want to make a vinaigrette or any other salad and you need to cook or bake a cooler faster - use the microwave and our recommendations.

How to make a link to a person on Facebook in post or comments

On the social network Facebook, you can make posts and write comments to already attached posts. If you need to refer to a particular person or a group of people, then Facebook functionality assumes the installation of the reference to this person, based only on his name.

How to renovate old furniture at home: ideas, photos

When there is a desire to change the atmosphere of the house at a minimum of costs, the Master has a question how to restore the old furniture at home. With a certain level of skills, the presence of time and interesting ideas can be fulfilled in 2-3 days. The main thing is to follow the sequence of recommendations.

How to play Russian lotto on the ruler's ticket

Once the Russian Lotto missing from the counters came into force, and now Purchase tickets You can both in the usual version, on paper and in electronic. However, many still do not know how to play Russian lotto on a ticket. Therefore, they are not solved to acquire their first winning card. Therefore, from becoming from becoming a lottery, where to buy cherished tickets, and both in acquired danchers Russian lotto. celebrate numbers.

Gifts do it yourself - 74 photos of the ideas of original homemade gifts

Waiting for the holiday, we always experience a lot of pleasant emotions and begin to prepare for a solemn event in advance. Especially nice, cook for your native gifts. But for this it is not necessary to go shopping, much more pleasant will be presented to the gift what is done with your own hands.

How to choose champagne to the new year 2021: tips and reviews

No new year do without sparkling. To get pleasure from him, find out how to choose champagne correctly, and our advice and reviews will help you. The store presents a huge selection of products from different manufacturers, the price begins from 150 and rubles and sometimes reaches several thousand. If not to attach importance and buy the first bottle, you can run into counterfeit, and the meeting of 2021 will be corrupted.

How to make a massage (orthopedic) rug for children with your own hands + photo

Currently, parents are more often faced with such a problem as flatfoot in children. In this case, the doctors recommend buying orthopedic shoes to buy babies, as well as regularly make a foot massage. Today we will look at how to make various options for massage (orthopedic) rug for children.


Pregnancy planning - This solution to both spouses to conceive and give birth to a child in conditions of physical and psychological readiness, with a responsible approach to all stages of the future parenthood. If psychological readiness for the conception of a child comes down to the desire to become parents, then physical readiness depends on the state of the health of future dads and mothers. Pregnancy planning is called in Programmer preparation ( Pregnant, Gravel - Pregnant ) or precipice preparation ( In English Conception - Conception ).

Electric car with your own hands with an asynchronous engine Motor for electric vehicle Motor wheel

Пока гибридные авто являются диковинкой не только в нашей стране, но и в ряде других, поэтому их пытаются собирать особо одаренные умельцы. И не только… Компания Poulsen Hybrid также предложила свое решение по превращению обычного авто в гибридное, добившись экономии бензина почти на 20%. Сделать это предлагают при помощи Power Assist System – набора . состоящего из двух электрических дисковидных двигателей постоянного тока. Их нужно установить, используя специальные переходники, на задние колеса. В багажник автомобиля помещается дополнительный аккумулятор и два контроллера. Заряжается батарея от розетки бытовой сети. Специалисты компании утверждают, что небольшие моторы, мощность которых 7 л.с. на протяжении 50 км могут помогать основному бензиновому двигателю ехать на электротяге, экономя топливо.

Pillar with crochet: Relief, convex and concave, detailed diagrams with video

With the help of the hook and yarn, you can connect original things, from the caps to the dress, sweatshirts. To create unique products, it is important to master the knitting skills, the main patterns, weaving methods, learn to read the schemes. One of the important and popular items is a column with crochet. Its undoubted advantage - to create things will need less time, since such a column is higher than the classic, and the product fit faster. Using the SSN (abbreviated name of the element), you can create amazing patterns that you make a unique thing.

Dandy: The meaning of the word, where the right hand of John the Baptist, Spiridon trimifuntsky and h. Tatiana, what is called left hand, punishing the hand of God

Older Slavonic is different ambiguity when one word can have several meaning . No exception I. name Dandy, very often found in the liturgical texts of the Russian Orthodox Churches .

Homemade shortbread - 7 simple and tasty sweet baking recipes

Remember the indispensable aroma of a luxurious fresh sand cookie, which literally melts in the mouth. Incredibly delicious crumbly baking with simple cooking technology. Today it has become available absolutely to everyone, and there were times when the prerogatives to eat the sand dessert was only in very secured persons. For the first time, the shortbread cookies appeared a few centuries ago in the east, then moved to Europe, where it became very popular. However, it was mostly possible to afford it from all citizens. Fortunately, over time, this situation has changed, and the sand dessert has become a publicly available product.

What to do at home, if the nails look?

If the state of the nails deteriorates, it means that there is no longer enough in the body. This is usually happening in winter and at the beginning of spring. Are there methods for the prevention of this phenomenon? How to accumulate Vitamins and the rest useful for nail substances so that they are enough for the whole unfavorable period? How much is such a pleasure and what to do at home, if the nails go?

How to add to Telegram on Nick: how to find a user and write a contact

Messengers were created in order for using them users could communicate with each other - to negotiate meetings, solve work issues, exchange information. However, in order to do this, you need to figure out how to add your friend or a colleague in a telegraph over Nick to start communication. Make it will not be difficult if you understand how the application works, and familiarize yourself with the basic functions that it performs.

How to salute red fish at home

ВAriant is economical - we buy a whole fish, usually the cost of trout or salmon in an undetected format is an order of magnitude cheaper than fillet or steaks. At the same time, it is not necessary to despair - 6-7 kilograms of red fish are easily utilized, turning into a pair of sampling bags (ridge, tail, head, fins - everything is perfectly stored in the freezer and is used as needed), blanks for steaks (part before the tail - For the frying at home is ideal), fillets (and here the field for fantasies is limitless - pies, mousses, mince). Severed fish (or buying in the store), it is worth choosing the most beautiful piece of fillet - smooth, neat, high. Do not pay attention to the grumbling of saleswomen who do not want to cut the fish, offering you a piece of middle a carcass. Let be swarming, your task is to get the perfect piece of clippings.

Determining the location of the phone on IMEI at home, if it is turned off

No one is insured against the loss of the smartphone. The mobile phone can be buried on the street or accidentally forget guests. In such a situation, some people forget about the device and buy a new one, and others go to the police. Actual question for many - is it possible to find the phone according to IMEI independently without the help of law enforcement agencies?

Top Washing Machines 2021: Buyer Guide and Independent Top 11

Without a washing machine, there is no house today. At the same time, there are few people who can choose them, and this is not an easy thing. Now I will share with you wisdom and practical experience, and at the same time I will offer my personal rating of the 11 best washing machines. Go!

Sample writing notes

Inside one enterprise, information between the structural divisions is transmitted using information and reference documents. Among them is worth highlighting a memorandum. Through it, they appeal to higher management with various messages or with requests to make a decision on important issues. Standard note, though internal document, but has its own rules for compiling depending on work situations and goals.

How to make a paper cat - a scheme and patterns for manufacture

Paper creativity is called real art. Everyone can master it. Of course, the work initially may seem complex. To become a professional in this area, start with simple crafts. Today we will tell how to make a cat out of paper. The most interesting options with schemes and photos you will see below.

4 ways to turn off the password when entering Windows 10 Microsoft account

Good afternoon friends. Recently, Windows 10 programmers have made a password or IDU code to the operating system when entering the system. This password user prescribes during the system reinstallation. If earlier it was enough to enter a login, now you need to register in Microsoft.

"Not much" or "a little" ✔️ How to spell the word correctly or separately, spelling rule and examples

To understand what rule should be applied, it is necessary to first determine which part of the speech is a little or not much. To do this, it is necessary to disassemble the proposal in the composition and ask from the main word the question to the dependent.

Briefly about how to change age in "YouTube"

There are many people who consider Youtube their hobbies, and some even full-fledged work for which they pay well. It can even be called a paradise, but not everything is so calm. After all, on the above site, there is a fairly big competition and not everyone will spend time on your video when there is a similar and more advanced - this stimulates new people to create something that has never been shown, or what stands out from their other atmosphere .

In three streams: we treat rhinestone by folk remedies

There is an old joke: if the runny nose is treated, it will pass over the week, and if not, for seven days. In fact, if not treated, then the runny nose can become chronic, and you will walk with the laid nose not only in the winter, but also in the summer. Yes, and sinusitis - the disease is serious, so it is better to strip. You should not start a wet case on samonek, and it is better to choose one of the proven folk agents.

Cunling technique: How to master the "Long language of love"

Many imagine the perfect sex as follows: he and she merge in a passionate kiss, in the gusts tear off their clothes and indulge in hot (but to the speed of consideration). And here you will not argue, sometimes this option passes with a bang, but in permanent relationships or at least in serious novels, something more is required than impulsive lust. And here, before men, the question arises - how to please a lady without special tents?

Urgent summer, what is the reasons for the introduction of the decree, the abolition of the protected years

The serfdom existed in Russia for several centuries. The process of reinforcement itself passed gradually - it was not some kind of event, in a single moment turned the course of history to another channel: the challenge of the peasants went slowly. At first, they agreed with landowners on temporary work for some months or years, after which they could, returning the elderly (the property allocated for their personal needs landlord) and paying the enonal amount, to leave either in free swimming, or go to another landowner - at his own discretion. Then such a free transition was limited by the introduction of Yurian Day. And after explicit signs of consolidation appeared: even if there is a sum that the landowner demanded as a payment for her accommodation on his land, the peasant could no longer just leave his employer, which turned into such an essence, in the slave owner.

Instruction folding paper boat do it yourself

Hello again!! In touch as always with you Tatyana Kashicin !! Remember the great Russian poet A. S. Pushkin with his famous words: The wind is walking on the sea, and the boat cares. He runs himself in the waves, on raised sails. And at least the sea from us far, but now the spring streams are expected soon. And what are the first associations do you have with streams and defones?! Of course, the launch of paper boats.

What is the ODG: Decoding, Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for 2020 - Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

The term ODG firmly took its place in Russian in the 90s. The word HPG is still used not only in police reports, but also in the media.

Caries treatment at home - folk remedies against caries

Treat the teeth from the dentist is scary, and their services are too expensive - these are the main arguments of those who practice the treatment of caries of teeth at home. There are sage, garlic, propolis, camphor, sandpaper and even prayers. EdartSmile editor has figured out what else is being treated at home, whether such therapy is effective and to which consequences it can lead.

How to remove advertising that get out everywhere - step by step instructions

Most of us spend on the Internet a significant part of their time. It may be to work or view interesting pages and films. However, the number of obsessive, constantly popping, advertising begins to annoy strongly. You can get rid of it in several ways - configuring a browser, installing a special utility.

How to beautifully make up nails at home: lessons with photos and video

It is impossible to save on your beauty. Therefore, departing for the next bubble with varnish, rectify to its purchase seriously. We do not encourage you to overpay for the well-known brand, because there are a lot of good money in the budget category. However, it is accurate to refuse to buy cosmetics in transitions, dubious stores and on trays in the middle of the street. The likelihood that very low quality varnish is huge, is huge.